Living a Passionate Life

Top 5 Signs You Are Living Your Passion

Living a Passionate Life

Doing What You Love to Do

One of the most important things in life is to live your passion, and if you are a parent, one of your primary responsibilities is to help your children discover their passions and help them live it too.  I have written about this topic in many different ways and you will find those thoughts in the following 3 popular articles on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga:

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In the articles above I spoke about the importance of doing what you love and how to figure out what you love to do, but today I want to approach this interesting topic from a different angle.  Today I am going to give you 5 signs that indicate that you are indeed now doing what you love to do and living your passion.  More than anything, these signs will help you better understand how life can be when you are living from your heart.

Living a Passionate Life

5 Signs That You Are Living Your Passion

1. Days Are Too Short:

If you are living your passion it is highly likely that you have a lot of things you want to do regarding it.  This is primarily because you will want to excel and this generally involves giving a great deal of your time and energy to it.  For example, if you are an athlete, you will want to train, practice, rest, recover, study and do all the rest of what goes into becoming excellent in the sport of your choosing.  It is quite likely you would not refuse having a extra few hours in the day to do even more.

This is the one of the reasons why those who are following their passion wake up early easily, they usually can’t wait to get the day started and the work begun.  In other words, they are living an inspired life with a great deal of efficiency as well.

2. Doing Becomes Primary, Results Secondary:

This is the essential teaching of Krishna and the Bhagawat Gita.  Do what needs to be done, without concern for results and rewards.  In my view, this is facilitated greatly if what you are doing is what you love to do, is what you were born to do.

For example, a writer might simply love creating stories, editing his work and weaving together a good book.  Don’t get me wrong, getting on the New York Times best seller list will certainly be icing on the cake, but it won’t be the dominating factor in the creation of the book.  So the more you find yourself simply enjoying the work and less you are focused on the results, the more likely it is that you are living your dream.

3. Greater Detachment and Freedom:

Doing what you love to do is the ultimate road to freedom.  You simply do not care what others have to say or think, or how well others are doing or not doing, you are just happy to be doing what you do.  You will find yourself independent and complete.  Furthermore, you will tend to lose interest in things that are petty, frivolous or just a waste of time.

I used this very concept when I created the following test to determine how spiritually fit you are.  You can take that test here and it will give you more insight into the ways of your ego, as well as assessing if you are following your heart or not, Test to Determine Your Spiritual Growth.

4. Ok With Death:

One of the greatest fears people have, I think, is not living the life they felt they were meant to live.  In other words, not reaching and fulfilling their potential.  To reach your potential, it is paramount that you do what you love to do.  There is hardly any other way.

The more you have compromised on this, the more likely it is that you fear dying, but the more fully you have lived life, the more you are ok with death.  I think when you have “sung your song”, you are ok to leave the stage, no problem.  You left it all out there, so no problem.  But, if you somehow feel you have cheated yourself of your life, then you will likely not head towards your death gracefully. 

So the more aligned your life has been with your real loves and passions, the more fully you would have lived, and the more ready you would be to say goodbye with a smile, when the time comes.  Here is a nice article exploring this ideas further, How to Life Your Own Life.

5. More Miracles Happen:

I have a growing feeling that life rewards those who show courage and follow their heart.  She will support you as long as you go with her flow and the way she speaks to you about the flow, is through your heart.

So if you are doing what your heart says, you are going with life and are in sync with the plans that she has for you.  So put your trust in this and see what happens.  This is not at all easy to do and I am not asking you to abandon your responsibilities and make wacky decisions.  What I am suggesting though is to be less afraid for your security, align yourself more with your passion, slowly perhaps, and then see where life takes you.  You too might soon find that life will not let you down. 

In face, you might actually find yourself quite rich, important and famous, even though you did not pursue these things, and are actually not very attached to them either.

Summary of Signs that You are Living Your Passion:

I have outlined only a few observances of what a passionate life looks like.  I am certain there are many more signs and consequences of living from your heart and I welcome your thoughts and input on this subject.  I am sure many of you have succeeded in aligning your life with what you love to do and this has probably had a discernible affect on your life, so please do share with us what you have found to be these changes.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

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