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If you have been on the fence with regard to integrating yoga into your life, let me provide some motivational fuel to help you kick start your program.  One of the largest studies on the benefits of yoga for cancer patients was conducted at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and below I would like to highlight some of the incredible benefits that cancer patients received from incorporating yoga into their treatment plan.

If yoga can help even those suffering from such a difficult condition like cancer, then it can certainly do wonders for you as well.

Therapy Helpful as Cancer

Cancer Patients Benefits from Yoga Therapy:

1. Yoga Helping Patients with Insomnia and Sleep Disruptions:

In the Rochester study, about 8 out of 10 cancer survivors reported significant sleep impairment that affected their lives before the study. Half of the patients were assigned to yoga classes twice a week for one month. By the end of the trial, 31 percent of yoga patients no longer had the sleep disruptions, twice the recovery rate of patients who didn’t take classes.

2. Yoga Providing Patients More Energy:

Yoga practitioners also reported a 42 percent reduction in fatigue, compared with a 12 percent reduction for the control group. Yoga users decreased the use of sleep medication by 21 percent, while the control group actually increased reliance on sleeping drugs by 5 percent.

3. Yoga Helping Cancer Patients with Mental Clarity and Chronic Fatigue:

The yoga study released by the cancer group is one of more than 4,500 reports showcased at this year’s meeting of 30,000 oncologists. Doctors have been especially interested in yoga’s muscle-toning stretches and meditative breathing, which practitioners say clears the mental fog of chemotherapy and the chronic fatigue that plagues some survivors for years. 

In addition, the studies are showing that cancer patients are getting a great positive mental and emotional boost from doing regular yoga practice, and doctors say that this positivity is a significant factor in the success of any treatment program.

So if you are suffering from any disease or ailment, or are looking to stay healthy and fit, the evidence of the benefits of yoga is overwhelming and should not be ignored.  Start a daily program and soon you too will be singing the praises of this wonderful science and enjoying a long, healthy and happy life.

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