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A recent Personal Development article I wrote, 10 Keys for Turning Ideas Into Reality, was very well received by the readers of Mastery of Meditation and also, by the public at large.  It literally caught fire on StumbleUpon and has been viewed more that 4,000 times in just the last day or so.  Many of my friends who don’t necessarily practice yoga and meditation (yet ), enjoyed this article quite a bit and requested that I provide more of my thoughts in this arena of self improvement, self-help and manifestation.

I certainly do plan to write more on such topics, as the mission here is to help you reach your highest potential and developing the right skills, thinking and attitudes will certainly go a long way in making that goal possible.  But, what I would like to do first, is just put together a summary of what I feel are the best personal development articles that are already available on Mastery of Meditation for you.  I know due to the sheer size of this blog now, it is sometimes hard to find the exact stuff you are looking for (read Tips To Navigating This Site for more help on that), so perhaps this quick list will help point you in the right direction.

Personal Development

10 Best Personal Development Articles:

Here is that quick list of what you have chosen to be the 10 most popular Personal Development articles so far.  I have given a very brief summary of each article as well.

1. The True Purpose of Relationships

This timeless article has been a favorite of the readers since it’s publication.  It goes into the only real reason for relationships to exist and explains what the true value in them.  Includes a story.

2. Stop the Madness of Self-Discipline

An article that tends to surprise most.  It is about discovering and living your real passion in life.  It is about how to achieve your destiny.  Includes a story as well.

3. The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire

If you are interested in manifesting your desires, then this article is your best friend.  It goes into what you need to do in order to get life to help you manifest your true desires.

4. The Secret on How to Become An Early Riser

Another article about passion, with key questions to help you discover your true purpose and career.

5. 10 Keys for Turning Ideas Into Reality

An article that will provide you with all the necessary tools to get busy creating your life, instead of just dreaming about it.  The inspiration for this post.

6. The Secret of Compassion

This is one of my favorite articles and it will give you a view of life that should open up your heart and mind.  Keep tissues handy .

7. 4 Vital Keys for Developing Mastery in Anything

A radical, but necessary approach on how to develop mastery of any subject or skill.

8. 5 Key Principles of Living a Good Life

These are the 5 principles which guide my life.  I found over time that these 5 principles cover all the key aspects for me to live at my highest potential.  I hope you find them just as useful.

9. 10 Thing You Should Do Everyday for a Happy Life

Combine this article with the 5 key principles and you have some great guidelines for living a happy, healthy and holy life.

10. Money Money Money Mantra and The Path of Enlightenment

The real value of money is discussed.  What is the key resource that money can buy and which is a necessity for spiritual growth?  This article delves into that.  Includes a story.


So above you have a good sample of the personal development and self improvement articles that are available already on Mastery of Meditation.  You can of course use the category listing in the left sidebar to look for those articles on various topics which are of interest to you (i.e. Wealth & Prosperity, Sex & Tantra, etc.).  To those who are enjoying the personal development articles, be on the lookout as there are a lot more of them to come.


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