Self Healing Dangers and Tips

4 Self Healing Dangers and Tips

Holistic Health and Self Healing

How to Practice Self Healing

Self healing has become much more prevalent with the mountains of medical and alternative healing information now available on the good old world wide web.  If you have some symptoms, call Dr. Google and give it a spin.  Millions of websites with thousands of cures and treatments will pop up, to help you self diagnose and self treat your issue.

I am not against self healing at all.  In fact the charm of the alternative healing modalities, such as Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, lies in their ability to empower you to heal yourself and live a healthy life, and I am a fan of these alternative sciences.  What I am worried about though, is that with all the information out there, you can end up misusing the treatments or therapies and end up making thing worse instead of better.

Self Healing Dangers and Tips

For this article I would really appreciate the input of all of you who have practiced self healing.  What have you learned, how was your experience and what advice can you offer others?  I will give my views below, but sharing your experiences can be quite useful to those who are new to this area and potentially at risk of making newbie mistakes.

Dangers and Tips for Self Healing:

Below I would like to list 4 tips to help you approach self healing wisely and safely.  This is applicable to everyone who turns to Dr. Google for timely advise and help.

Self Healing Tip #1: Don’t Freak Out – Relax

If you are visiting forums, websites, blogs and chat rooms discussing your symptoms, you are going to run into some really scary diagnosis of what your symptoms might mean.  99% of the time you don’t have these rare and life threatening conditions, so don’t freak yourself out.

The worst thing you can do if you are looking to heal, is stress yourself out.  The best and first thing you need to do is relax.  I have written about this is the article, The Key To Natural Healing.  So don’t start imagining you have an incurable brain tumor.  If you are someone who gets anxious quickly and starts to worry about every small symptom you have, then internet diagnosis can become quite a stressful to do.

To help you deal with this anxious aspect of your being, use the following treatments I detailed in the article Anxiety and Depression – 4 Effective Treatments.  Specially follow, Dr. Amen’s 5 question technique to dismiss negative and anxiety causing thoughts and feelings.

Self Healing Tip #2: Don’t Overdo or Mix Treatments

You will find all sorts of advise on how to treat your issue.  From various Ayurvedic Herbs, to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medicines, to Homeopathic Pills, various diets, etc, etc.  Two things you should keep in mind with how best to approach these treatments.

A. Go Slow:

With any self treatment you have decided to undertake, don’t overdose yourself, hoping for rapid results and furthermore, I suggest starting with half the recommended dose to make sure it does not make you sicker or worse.

B. Don’t Mix:

Again, in the hope for results don’t start mixing all the pills and herbs together.  If you are an internet self healing junkie you will end up with a medicine cabinet full of all sorts of vitamins and healing herbs.  If your morning regiment includes popping 10 different pills, you are probably going a little overboard.  Natural and Holistic healing is designed to work with the body and works slowly over time.  So give a single treatment some time and don’t go crazy trying all the things that Dr. Google just prescribed .

Self Healing Tip #3: Find a Holistic Health Professional

I know it is so tempting to self diagnose and administer self healing programs, but if you can find a competent holistic healing professional there is nothing like it.  Let the doctor or healer do their job in helping your find the right treatment for your issues.  I know this can take time, energy and money to do, but if you can find a great holistic doctor, that could turn your entire health around.

Self Healing Tip #4: Use Trustworthy Websites

This one can be a little tricky to determine, but in this case you can trust Dr. Google’s results a little bit.  Dr. Google will give you results from pages it trusts most first.  Although this does not necessarily imply the treatments will work, it does mean that the source is an authority page for that condition or for medical conditions in general.

Dr. Google indicates a page’s authority via a mechanism called Page Rank (PR) and the higher the page rank the more Dr. Google trusts it.  If a site has a page rank above 3 it is generally quite good, but this is just a generalization.  To see the page rank for any page you can download a browser Page Rank Toolbar plugin, which will then show you the page rank for any page you visit in your toolbar area or in the footer section.  For example you can check and will find it is a PR5 .

To further determine trust, check the comments and feedback sections of the website.  Real testimonials can help you determine how well the product has been working for others, but of course fraud is possible there.

Finally, if the page you are on is trying to do a hard sell of some product and that is just about all they are doing, is should raise a red flag for you.  In this case I suggest invoking Dr. Google again and doing some research regarding the product the website it trying to prescribe to you.  If they are scammers, it is quite possible others have written about them already and pointed that out.

Summary of Self Healing Tips

One of the best things you can do for health and healing in general is have a consistent yoga/fitness and meditation practice.  Soon I will put together another article on the amazing feedback I have been getting regarding the health benefits people are enjoying from doing the free online yoga and meditation programs on the website.  In addition, eat a healthy balanced diet and you will put Dr. Google out of a job pretty soon .

Here is a survey we ran some time ago about what types of Alternative Healing other found to work for them, you might benefit from this information as well.  You will find the results and analysis of this survey here – Best Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing Treatments.

Again, I have shared a few tips above and I am sure many of you have had experience with self healing, so please do share your wisdom with the rest of us so we all can benefits as well.  Here’s to your health.

PS: The survey from yesterday, How Enlightened Do You Think You Are? had some technical difficulties, so I have taken it offline for now to fix it up, in case you are looking for that article.  I was really looking forward to running that survey too .

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15 replies
  1. Val
    Val says:

    Hi Anmol,
    These are good tips. I really agree with the one about not mixing too many techniques. Some people scatter and try so many things once that nothing has a chance to work. And yes, relaxation is key.

  2. Meditation Beginner
    Meditation Beginner says:

    I can second that one shouldn’t mix different techniques. I healed smaller injuries succesfully and it was a great feeling. Knowing that I’m the one in charge with my body! :D

  3. Hina
    Hina says:

    I am a reiki and pranic healer since 2007 and it has helped me in situations where medical science could not.However i have observed that all good pranic and reiki healers advice to get diagnosis from a good doc first to rule out every possibility.
    I am also against self diagnosis because it is often misleading and dangerous from treatment point of view.I have allways gone to the doc first and then started my healing treatment in parallel to the medical treatment.However i do self healing regularly and i am not obsessed with the idea of selfhealing only.
    I would also like to mention that there are some mental blockages and disorders which are better cured by physical therapies and my major problems of depression,fear and miscommunication have only be resolved by Yoga.Thanks to this wonderful site.

    • Subhra Biswas
      Subhra Biswas says:

      I am a patient of somatoform disorder. Can I cure with guided meditation from YouTube? 3 years taking medicine but it doesn’t work. Please tell me 😭

  4. Denenna
    Denenna says:

    Sugo has put together a musical relaxation collection so that even if we can’t get away to that island, we’ll be able to close our eyes and pretend we’re there when we need it. Their RELAXATION archive features musical soundscapes composed specifically for stress reduction, massage, sleep support, yoga and meditation.
    Worldy artists such as Stevan Pasero, Kim Robertson, Carlos Reyes and Lisa Spector add an air of professionalism and expertise, which are not often utilized in relaxation collections.

  5. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:


    Khichari and Ghee fast….yes can be done with low fat curds instead of Ghee if you like.

    However, just to highlight the properties of Ghee….
    Ghee increases the digestive fire and thus improves the absorption and assimilation. It also lubricates and makes the body more flexible. It nourishes tissues, strengthens the brain and nervous system and improves memory. The medicinal properties of herbs are better transported within the body if they are taken\mixed with Ghee. Also good for Pitta and Vata pacification.
    (Ofcourse people with high cholesterol etc should be careful how much Ghee they consume)

    In the world of oils Ghee is god :))

    All the best,

  6. Dalsukh
    Dalsukh says:

    I am nearing 80. I amd doing yoga from my childhood. Afterwards, i did yoga from the age of 32. I have aways believed that yoga is preventive rather than curative. self treatment , as a rule is not recommended even for a qualified medical doctor. whenever he is ill, he has to take treatment form other professionals. Inspit of hectic life, i have not succumbed to any serious geriatric disease. Thanks to Yoga for a good genera health. I have sensations of tightness on my feet and mild swelling on my feet with mild numness in my legs. this is for the last 5 years. It is not pain, it is just tightness. Etiology is not known. I wonder if you can suggest a detaed routing practice. I have gone through almost all your website and practicing few of the Asanas and prnayam. Thanks. I have suggested your yoga site to almost 100 persons , my forum friends. thanks.

  7. Dalsukh
    Dalsukh says:

    Khichari-fast. you have suggested khichari and ghee for 5 days. As i understand ghee is suggested when Sankhprakshalan is done to recoat the intestine.It is not given for nutritional reason. So In khichari fast one can take khichari and curd. Probably this will have proper nutritional value. Pease suggest.I want to try khichari fast for my abdomina disorder.

  8. Deb
    Deb says:

    What a helpful article Anmol. I have gotten into problems myself with trying to self-diagnose and self-treat. While I believe that I know myself better than anyone else, I lack the objectivity that comes from a source outside myself. I thank you for your link to the anxiety and depression helps as well. They will be printed out and glued into the front facepage of my journal to keep me from thinking errors.


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