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The most important aspect of yoga and meditation is TO DO IT .  Unless you get down to real practice, you are not going to enjoy the great many benefits that these profound sciences bestow.  One of the popular articles on the website is the Golden Rule to Stop Excuses and Start Meditation, which says don’t try to be perfect, instead if you can do something even at 70% just go ahead and start it.  Once you begin, things will start to take care of themselves.

When it comes to doing yoga, although one should try to do the poses and exercises as precisely as possible, to me, physical alignment is less important that your energetic alignment.  So if you do the poses a little off here and there, it is not the end of the world.  Each of us is different and each of our bodies is also different.  Some of us are more flexible or stronger than others, some of us are slimmer, some of us taller, older, etc, etc.  This leads to differences in how we do our yoga as well.  So what I want to do, is publish pictures of real people doing real yoga.  And that is all of you .

Yoga Pictures

There are lots of videos and illustrations of teachers and masters doing yoga and that is good of course, as then you can see how to do it correctly.  But, I also thought it would be inspiring and fun to see real people doing yoga in their own way as well.  So you will see that not everyone does the poses so perfectly and not everyone necessarily has perfect yoga abs and ripped muscles – or maybe you all do .

So here is your chance to be in the spotlight .  Don’t be shy.  Go ahead and send me digital photos of you or people you know (and agree to have their photos published here) doing yoga or meditation.  Any poses are fine and the way you do it is just fine.

Send your photos to and I will put them together and publish them on the blog.  If you have a website or yoga center and you would like that mentioned along with your picture, that is no problem either.  Just give me that information as well, and I will include it with your picture(s) so you can get some link love as well.

If you are looking for yoga illustrations of course you will find plenty in the following 2 online e-books.

Free Online Hatha Yoga Illustrations

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises

Please do participate, I think it will be fun.  Thank-you.

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  1. jazzd
    jazzd says:

    Hey Anmol excellent post but I have a favor to ask: Recently I had a serious humerus fracture of my right arm which required surgery. I wanted to ask you can you post any simple healing meditations for bone and radial nerve because of my arm i can’t make simple posititons such as leaning on the side so i can’t make Hatha Yoga pose for nerve strength.I finded on your website Doei Ashtapad Jap meditation- can I modify it so I hold gyan mudra with right arm near chest where arm is immobilized. Thank You in advance. :D:)


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