Survey Results – Are We Entering the Age of Enlightenment?

Age of Enlightenment?

Survey Results – How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?

So last week I ran the most interesting survey which asked, "How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?"  I clarified that by enlightenment experiences I was asking about those glimpses of Ultimate Reality that readers have had.  Experiences or awakenings that reveal the underlying Truth which remains hidden behind the over active ego-centric mind.  So are we about the move into the Age of Enlightenment?  Let’s take a look at the results and also discuss the value of such mystical experiences.

Before jumping ahead to the numbers though, I wanted to request those that answered in the positive to share their experience(s) with us, as I think that will be really fascinating to read and also, will be a great source of insight and inspiration to many.  If you are interested you can read about such experiences I have had, which are archived under the following category: Spiritual Enlightenment Experiences

Results – How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?

Value Count Percent %
Many 12 27.91%
None Yet 12 27.91%
Few 10 23.26%
One 6 13.95%
All The Time 3 6.98%

Analysis of Age of Enlightenment Survey Results:

From the results we see that more than 70% of those that participated have had a glimpse of Reality beyond the ordinary mind.  Here are some of my thoughts on these numbers.

1. Evidence that there is more to Reality:

The numbers above, granted are only from those who took part in the survey, still should give the skeptics some food for thought with regard to whether or not there is more to Reality than meets the eye.  Not only do they show that many readers have caught glimpses of the "Transcendent", but almost 60% have had such experiences more than once.

2. Value of Enlightenment Experiences:

There is nothing much you can do with enlightenment experiences.  You cannot bottle them up and sell them, nor can you store them in memory and recreate them at will, so what is the value of these experiences?  I think they are a source of inspiration, rejuvenation and guidance.  It is like taking a dip in the infinite and then reflecting the attributes on joy, love, peace, silence, unity, etc which such experiences tend to soak us with.

3. Danger of Enlightenment Experiences:

Quite simply the danger of such experiences is trying to chase and repeat them.  These experiences tend to be quite incredible, so it is natural for the pleasure oriented mind to crave these great experience again and again.  This of course does nothing more than make us increasingly attached to the experiences, thus creating all the problems that go along with attachment and craving.  Worse, trying to recreate such experiences can push us into the use of chemicals and drugs, which eventually prove to be detrimental to the body and mind.

4. How to Have Enlightenment Experiences:

Although there is no formula for how to have these sort of experiences, I have shared some of my tips in the article, 3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment.  To these three, which are napping, taking long walks in nature and reading enlightened masters, I would like to add one more.  If you can, go meet an enlightened master.  Their very presence and energy and often be a catalyst to raise your consciousness to another level.


So have we entered the Age of Enlightenment?  I would like to think that there is certainly more awareness now about meditation, yoga and other spiritual sciences, and that the collective human consciousness is evolving and move deeper towards the One Source.

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10 replies
  1. Holistic Practitioner
    Holistic Practitioner says:

    Yes! I definitely agree! That’s what the whole 2012 thing is about. Our intuitive abilities appear to increasing as we get closer to this date. I’ve even heard (from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program) that calcification (too much bad calcium in our diets) can inhibit our pineal gland and make Enlightenment experiences harder to achieve naturally. I’ve had many experiences myself and as I detox my body and raise my personal vibration rate, I seem to be getting more of these experiences. Again great Post! Mind Body Spirit

  2. Junior
    Junior says:

    It is really interesting to think we may be entering a new “age”. I hope for all of us this tough time will bring us closer and make us think about what really matters most. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes the survey results are very encouraging. Will be continuing to run these on Mastery of Meditation as they are both, fun and insightful.

    Great to see your website, taking shape so nicely :-D.


  4. LIsa Moore
    LIsa Moore says:


    Interesting results from your surveys. It is good to see that people are benefiting from the lessons you so freely provide and that it is enriching their lives. Unfortunately, I missed out on the surveys or you would have had another positive result in each category.

    Keep up the good work on your great site.


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