Vast Benefits of Meditation Confirmed by Survey

Benefits of Meditation

Survey Results: How Beneficial Has Meditation Been to Your Life

The confirmation of the terrific benefits of meditation keep pouring in.  A few weeks ago, in the article Brain Health Benefits of Meditation, I discussed recent empirical research that showed the positive affects of meditation on brain health and stress reduction, and I have also written about my views of how beneficial meditation is in the article Top 10 Profound Benefits of Meditation.  But more real life evidence now comes in the form of our recent survey results which simply asked, "How Much Has Meditation Helped You In Your Life?"

Before the results, one small request.  I am currently running an interesting survey on "How Many Enlightenment Experiences Have You Had?".  If you have not done so already, please take a moment and give your input there – Thanks. 

So here are the emphatic results regarding how important and beneficial meditators feel meditation is in their lives.  The choices were are follows…

  • Not Helped at All
  • Helped a Little
  • Helped a Lot
  • Transformed My Life



Meditation Has… Count Percent %
Transformed My Life 12 50.00%
Helped a Lot 11 45.83%
Helped a Little 1 4.17%


Analysis of Survey Results

Not a single person responded that meditation has not helped at all, and only 1 person said that meditation helped only a little, 45% found meditation to be very beneficial and 50% said that meditation had "Transformed Their Lives!".  I cannot think of too many things that can have such an impact to our lives and I find the results very motivating and inspiring.

One of the important missions for Mastery of Meditation is to make sure that everyone can learn meditation for free.  This way any financial considerations can be removed as obstacles from your path to spiritual evolution.  The rest though is mostly up to you.  Here are a series of articles and free online courses for you to explore, so that you too can start or strengthen your meditation practice and reap the vast benefits of this wonderful science…

Learn to Meditate | Beginner’s Meditation Class

Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book 

Top 5 Mistakes in Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

The Golden Rule to Stop Excuses & Start Meditation Now

Essential Meditation Tips & Tools

How Much Time Should You Practice Meditation For Daily

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  1. finding inner peace
    finding inner peace says:

    meditation is such an amazing thing there is nothing like it in the world. Meditation will help you in so many, ways you can find what everyone is looking for and that is finding inner peace. Inner peace is such a great thing everyone needs to experience it.

  2. Caprice Hooker
    Caprice Hooker says:


    In one of your recent websites you had a link to and it listed 100 reasons to meditate. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find that link but can’t do so. I went on the website to try and find the article but could not do so. Could you provide that link again? The title of the article was 100 reasons to meditate.



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