Inducing Altered States Naturally

3 Tips for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness

Inducing Altered States Naturally

Higher Consciousness

From time to time I share my experiences of altered states of consciousness and encounters with higher consciousness, as I hope these are a source of inspiration and insight for you.  More often than not, such shifts in consciousness occur late at night and my experiences from yesterday, which are detailed below, were no exception.

For those who wonder if married life obstructs one’s spiritual growth, they should take heart from these accounts of altered states of consciousness as I am like Al Bundy, married with children .  In fact, last evening I cuddled up with my two boys to help put them to sleep before retiring and getting some alone time to spend with my thoughts and Higher Consciousness.

Inducing Altered States Naturally

As I have expressed previously in the articles, Interpreting Spiritual Dreams and Enlightenment Experiences and Experience of Higher Consciousness and Divine Bliss, nighttime is a ripe opportunity for breaking through one’s ordinary dualistic mind and inviting God Consciousness in.  So whenever I head to bed, I adopt a meditative state of mind.

One of the fascinating things about these higher states of consciousness and enlightenment experiences, is that although the feelings they produce can be similar, such as bliss, divine grace, love, etc., they are still always very unique experiences. 

For example, last night as the shift in consciousness began, it was like I was being given a tour of celestial marvels.  I was shown incredible nebulae and massive star/gas formations which were beautiful beyond belief.  The light and formations were so stunning that their beauty brought forth unparalleled bliss.  Bliss, that after a while, was almost unbearable to the body.

Along with this cosmic tour, there were episodes of Divine grace, which is foolish to try to describe with words.  And experiences of vibratory energy, specially in the inner ears.

Tips for Inducing Altered States of Consciousness

It is very difficult to pinpoint the reasons why these altered states take place when they do.  If such states do interest you and you would like to explore them in your own life, I would give the following advise as starters…

1. Ask How You Spend Your Energy:

Start with that question.  See how you spend the energy you are given.  Do you simply waste it away or are you putting it to good use?  If you are wasting your time and energy, then it is wise to start making modifications to your life in order to better gather and use your energy.  Perhaps enlightenment is simply a reward for doing this.

2. Stay Aware, Especially During Quiet Moments:

Being busy all day and collapsing into bed at night, is not conducive to self study and self realization.  You need to make some space in your life and in your mind.  Nighttime, when the hustle and bustle of the day is over, the mind is more quiet and you can be alone, is a good opportunity for practicing such self awareness.

In addition, other times when you are done with your work, sitting quietly somewhere or taking a walk in nature, are good opportunities for fostering awareness and experiencing breakthroughs and higher states of consciousness.

In fact, here are 50 Tips for When You Can Practice Mindfulness Meditation.

3. Meditate:

Meditation is the great art of awareness and mindfulness.  It is what can transform you and your life.  If you are interested in Divine Consciousness and inducing Altered States of Consciousness, then meditation is a must.  It is what you were eventually born to do anyway, so why delay.  Start now.

Some meditation resources for you…

Free Learn How to Meditate | Beginner’s Meditation Class

Learn How to Meditate Course

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5 replies
  1. blessed
    blessed says:

    I will go into yoga nidra, be fully alert, and open my eyes. Everything is brighter. Beautiful. Magical. Amazing. I have no one to talk to who can relate to what I’m experiencing. I feel energy radiating through my hands and feet. Out the crown of my head. With my eyes open and moving in this state I can talk to others. I’m typing to now. Does this happen to you?

  2. Karen Koontz
    Karen Koontz says:

    Hi Anmol: I’ve been there — but for just seconds or moments — I want to learn how to STAY THERE! (tee-hee)…

  3. Hypnosis Training
    Hypnosis Training says:

    We go in and out of various states of consciousness all day long. I think the key is finding the state that want to be in and learn to lengthen and deepen the experience. Hypnosis and meditation techniques share very similar methods that work towards this end with the only difference being the intent of what is being focused on. The key to success is becoming aware and accepting that ultimately we do have the power to control our state.


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