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Buddha Meditation Video

One of the meditations that readers have really enjoyed is Kundalini Yoga’s Smiling Buddha Meditation for Happiness and Joy.  In this article I will provide an overview of this technique, but more importantly I will present a video demonstration of how to do this wonderful meditation.  This is one of those unique meditations which requires you to smile throughout the practice and has as it’s main goal happiness.  Often used to uplift people who are suffering, this is one of those fun meditations to do.

As you will see in the video below, I quite enjoyed myself while making this video and needless to say it put me in quite a happy and joyous mood.  I hope it does the same for you.

Buddha Meditation

The original article with all the details regarding this techniques is Smiling Buddha Meditation for Happiness.

This video will become part of the Free Meditation Videos Collection here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  It will also become part of the mutli-media Guided Meditation Techniques E-book, which has chapters that include videos for different meditations.  Other Yoga Meditations for which you will also find videos include: Sat Kriya – Tantric Technique to Raise Sexual Energy, Wealth and Prosperity Meditation TechniqueMeditation for Relaxation, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and many others will be coming online shortly.

Smiling Buddha Meditation Details:

The video below will go over the various components used in this meditation, including Maha Gyan Mudra, Shambhavi Mudra, the mantra used and of course the all important smiling technique upon which this meditation is based.  Below are some details as to what the video contains.

Happy Buddha Meditation Technique Video Contents:

  • The video gives a brief overview of one of the Smiling Buddha Meditation.
  • It gives a step-by-step demonstration of the yoga mudras and mantra used for this meditation.
  • It guides you through practicing the technique.
  • It discusses the benefits of this meditation, along with other details about the technique.

Happy Buddha Yoga Meditation Video


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6 replies
  1. Loghin Mihai
    Loghin Mihai says:

    You’re actually applying “The Secret” in here. And U’re doing it right (using the “Observer” – the Anja, to collapse the wave function – Reality). Not like in the movie :)
    But you forgot a key component for this to work : it’s not enough to just think at happy thoughts. One needs to actually feel the sensation of being happy. Even if it is self induced. Thoughts are not strong enough for visible results like feelings do. Therefore, for the “happiness” to appear, you have to feel like it has already happened, and you’re just thanking the Universe for the condition.
    So… try to feel that you’ve already accomplished your goal. THEN use the Anja to collapse the wave function.

    As for the ones that don’t understand what “collapsing the wave function” means:
    Reality… does not exist in terms of future tense. Not like we’re used to. The past has happened. The present is here. But the future… is NOT fixed, it’s dynamic.There is no actual second in front of us. That’s because WE create it.
    If one feels in a certain way, and keeps the sensation inside, he WILL remain in that situation. For example, if you are lonely and u’re very sad about it, and you keep thinking about it and let this burden consume most of the thoughts, be sure U will continue to be lonely.
    Collapsing the wave function means to attract in U’r life things that you feel. Collapsing means materializing thoughts and feelings. If U feel happy, and bathe in this feeling, it will hardly leave you. Same goes for ANYTHING. It’s not about happiness in here, but for any thing/situation.

    So… meditate to get into the right state of body and mind, feel what you desire, and materialize your thoughts…


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