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Be Free – Live Now

by Guest Author Anita Olivacce

Where are you?

Right now, where are you? 

Where is your attention focused?

On what happened yesterday, a few years ago perhaps? Or maybe on something that may happen next

There is no tomorrow and there are no “years”. 

There is only Now. 

This moment right now. 

Life is happening right now. Within us and all around us. We are Life and unless our attention is fully focused here and now, we miss it.

live free

We miss out on the beauty, the greatest treasure, the preciousness of this moment happening right now in front of us. 

Gone in the blink of an eye.

Too busy lost in thought. Pulled back and forth from “past” to “future”. All just mental concepts. 

There is no past and there is no future. 

There is nowhere to get to and nothing to “do”. We are where we need to be. All is perfect. 

Life unfolds so beautifully and naturally when we are fully present right now. Fully engaged in the ever unfolding miracle that is Life. True power and freedom exist in the Now. The power to create, to fully participate in one’s conscious evolution, to be a co-creator. Aware and awake. Here and now. 

If there is something that you’ve always wanted to do. Something that’s been burning deep within you but you’ve been putting off. Or other “things” have got in the way, or you just “don’t have the time” or the list goes on and on. Just excuses. 

Take a few deep breaths. 

Let it all go. 

Bring your awareness into this moment. 





What do you see?

What can you hear?

Become present to what is actually happening right here and right now. Be fully in the body. 

How do you feel?

Become aware of everything. 

Everything is alive!

All exists now.

A peace and a letting go emerges; a deep relaxation comes as we ease into this moment. And there is only ever “this moment”. The One eternal Now.

If there is something that you’ve always wanted to do…do it Now. 

Live Life! 

Have no regrets!

Dive in!

It’s yours for the taking. 

This is a collaborative process. The Universe is living through each and every one of us. We all have a unique, perfect and beautiful “role” to play in the grander scheme of things. 

We’re not living life..but Life is living us. Allow yourself to be moved, to dance, to let go, to be free. Be held and supported by Life. 

Every desire, every passion, every creation is but a creative impulse, desire, passion, yearning of the Universe for greater expansion and expression…through us. That’s how AMAZING and IMPORTANT we are. That’s how amazing and important every single being is. 

So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do…do it now. 

Trust. Surrender.

You only have this moment. 

You are this moment. 

Don’t let it pass you by.

Whatever you want to do… 

Do it now. 

Live Life Now!

About Anita Olivacce

Anita is a messenger of Love and Light only here to be and experience. She is a Reiki practitioner who is deeply passionate about health, fitness, living life to the fullest and the evolution of consciousness. Anita is currently training as a Meditation Teacher with Anmol Mehta’s Meditation Teacher Training Program and also as a Ui Mentor with the Ui Group.

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