Key to Successful Weight Loss

Key to Successful Weight Loss – Your Testimonials

Testimonials on Free Weight Loss Yoga Video

Key to Successful Weight Loss 

As you all are aware there are plenty of free yoga exercise videos and free guided meditation videos available on Mastery of Meditation.  Unfortunately, some of you have had difficulty viewing these videos from my website, which (fortunately :-) we were able to resolve by sending you to my account, where all the videos are also uploaded.

So if you are having any trouble viewing the videos from, feel free to head over to my channel on to view them directly from there.  My channel info on YouTube is…


Also, I have changed the technology I am going to use for uploading videos on Mastery of Meditation, so hopefully that will also help with the new videos that I am planning to upload here in the near future.

Key to Successful Weight Loss

The videos on YouTube are all very highly rated and I get plenty of feedback on them there.  Especially popular on YouTube is the Healthy Weight Loss Yoga Exercise Video and here are some fun comments and feedback this video has received that I would like to share with you. 

Feedback on Healthy Weight Loss Video from YouTube Readers:

lol I tried that last bit and couldn’t do it because I busted out laughing when he tried it. Its hilarious, but it works when you can stop giggling from it. :3 Awesome vid sir!

I am simply lovin’ it!
peace and wisdom!

Thankss sooo muchhh! We realllly enjoyeedd itt! God bless ya too!

There are plenty of other similar comments there and the reason I am sharing these with you is to give you the secret of sticking to a weight loss program.  Enjoyment!

The readers above found the video to be great fun and I am sure that makes it much easier to practice the set on a regular basis.  I know many of you are enrolled in the Free Online Yoga & Meditation Weight Loss Program and I hope the program is working out well for you.  The hardest part about such programs and tying to loose weight, is that you need to stick with it over a period of time.  To help accomplish that, I think picking routines and exercises you enjoy will be very helpful.

This also applies to all of you who are enrolled in the other Free Online Yoga and Meditation Classes, or have your own spiritual practice, the most important part is doing it regularlyAs Yogi Bhajan says, “Keep up and you will be kept up!”.  I can’t emphasize that enough, and finding the meditation techniques and yoga exercises that suit you, will really make this task easier.

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  1. Mavis Annorh
    Mavis Annorh says:

    how long does the kundalini awakening last. The symptoms are very bothersome. I am always tired no matter how much sleep i get. How long does one have to go through this madness. The tired feeling are not the only symptoms I have though. How many years does one have to suffer. So far i am not really sure how many years it has been, because I don’t know when it exactly started, But for the last three years I have been going through the kundalini awakening.


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