Benefits of Yoga | Yoga Weight Loss, Depression, Migraines, Smoking & Other Stories

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Meditation & Pranayama

Not convinced that yoga and meditation will transform your life?  Don’t believe me, hear it from others who have committed to the free online yoga and meditation classes and are reaping the enormous benefits of these wonderful spiritual sciences. 

The testimonials below are some of the feedback I receive about how yoga and meditation are helping others with a wide range of issues and conditions.  Stories about losing weight, curing headaches, quitting smoking, increasing joy, peace, flexibility, concentration, energy… the list goes on and on.  Also, let me point out that the testimonials below are from readers of all ages and all different levels of expertise.

Benefits of Yoga

There are two important point though, I want to stress, before jumping into the testimonials. 

1. Consistent Practice:

First, is that although some of the benefits below were achieved in just a few days of practice, my experience tells me that generally a long-term, consistent practice is the key to reaping the benefits of yoga or meditation. 

2. Don’t Overdo Yoga:

Second, is that you DO NOT need to do crazy, pretzel-like, plastic man type of yoga or do marathon yoga sessions to enjoy these benefits.  Yoga is not to be approached like an olympic sport.  In fact, excessively twisting and over stretching your body, can lead to injuries and be counterproductive.  Yoga is to be done without over straining and in your practice you should endevour to walk the middle path, having it be neither too easy, but certainly make sure it is not too hard.  Here are Important Beginner’s Guide for Doing Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga – Your Real Life Stories:

Yoga Helps Promote More Peace & Joy

I live in a small town in India. I am meditating for the past few years. I wished to add Yoga to my routine. It took me few hours to read the instructions and watch videos from Pranayama e-book. One day 1 I did all the 9 Pranayama exercises 1-2 minutes each. The result: I felt surrounded by peace, beauty and joy. I woke up with high energy levels next morning. The instructions are precise and wonderful. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

Dear Anmol, I have done 4th day of #105 today, including SCK (Sodarshan Chakra Kriya) and the spinal warm ups. I feel revitalised, happy and serene, as if I have found a long lost friend.  I am grateful to the Almighty and to you for handing me this treasure trove and making life purposeful.

Yoga to Help Cure Headaches & Migraines

Hi Anmol, Thanks so much for the advise. I’ve been doing some of the exercises posted on your site and it’s amazing. I haven’t suffered from migraines in the last few days.

Yoga Benefits for Concentration, Energy & More

I’ve been doing Yoga since 4 months now.. feels great. Keeps me fresh all day; more concentrated at my work…

Hi Anmol,
I finished the second day of this course. I really enjoy doing the exercises. I feel energetic.

Yoga & Meditation to Quit Smoking & Break Addictions

Wow….yes. I quit smoking 3 years ago, after struggling with it for such a long time. I had quit many times, even for more than a year once, but always slipped back into the old habit. Nothing worked, and I thought I was doomed to a life of filth and disease. Then I started a yoga routine and a daily sitting practice, and without even trying, I just stopped smoking. I just didn’t like it anymore, now that I had an understanding of how good my body could feel again. I haven’t smoked since, and I often try to explain how I quit to others who are struggling with little luck. So, to see it mapped out like this is very exciting for me. thank- you.

Yoga & Meditation to Cure Depression


I suffer every winter from SAD (Winter Depression).  I came across this article (Depression and Anxiety Cures) and needless to say, it lifted me very quickly from a very dark place after a short practice.

Although I try to practice Ashtanga short forms for 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week, there are days where the SAD takes over and I experience very low energy and a negative outlook on life.

The Pranayama practice, along with the ANT information, lifted me out of that deep dark pit today and brought me back to that centered place I normally experience during the warm sunny days of summer.  I plan to maintain the Pranayama practice from now on as a part of keeping a positive outlook on life and for breath hold dive training.

Thank you for providing the tools necessary to overcome what has become an ever increasing challenge each year for me.

Yoga for Weight Loss:

Hello……..  I have 100 k.g weight in the age of 21. I’m worry about my health. Once a day find your site and follow its useful tips. And now i lost 30 k.g weight. very nice for me……….. (yoga weight loss program)

Benefits of Yoga Summary:

There were of course many other emails and comments as well regarding the benefits readers have been experiencing.  The most important reason for this article is to inspire and encourage you in your own personal practice, so that you too can use these fantastic sciences to transform your lives.

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6 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Matija,

    You should practice slow and steady yoga and also follow a Anti-Vata Ayurvedic diet. Don’t overdo the diet though, just use it in moderation.

    For pranayama, you should practice Anuloma Viloma Pranayama and Sheetali Pranayama.


  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Kiersten,

    Yes there are now innumerable reports of people having lost weight with yoga. I have also seen this with many close family, friends and students.

    You can search the Diet & Weight Loss Category for yoga sets and other tools for weight loss.


  3. Matija
    Matija says:

    Hi,my name is Matija!
    And I have a problem,I have ultrafast metabolism,which means that I’m slim,and I read on one web site that is possible to gain weight with some Pranayama exercises.So please ,if you can tell me what kind of exercises should I do!
    …And thank you for creating this web site…

  4. Kiersten54
    Kiersten54 says:

    Thanks for this post, My sister does yoga too she used to be 180lbs but now she is around 130lbs. Does yoga really work with loosing weight?


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