True Success Stories

True Success Stories of the Enormous Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Summary:  Hear from readers and students how their daily meditation and Kundalini Yoga practice has worked to heal and uplift them.  In this series, I will share these inspiring personal stories of success with you.

Although you will find ample evidence of the health and other benefits of daily meditation and Kundalini Yoga practice from readers throughout the comment sections on Mastery of Meditation, I do get a steady supply of emails as well validating this.  In this series I would like to share with you some of these personal stories of success with meditation & yoga, to inspire and motivate you with your own spiritual practice.

True Success Stories

In addition, I think these personal testimonials will also add to your knowledge as to which Kundalini Yoga sets and which meditations are working to improve which ailments, diseases and health conditions.  There is no doubt that a regular meditation and yoga practice works to optimize your health and wellbeing.  Tired of hearing me say that… well hear it now from others who have also embraced and benefited from this practice :-).

Recently, I received the following email for Kalyan, who first came across Kundalini Yoga here on Mastery of Meditation and began a daily practice of her own.  Read below her personal account of how meditation and Kundalini Yoga worked to help her overcome her health issues and elevate the quality of her everyday life.  Thank you Kalyan for sharing this personal account with us.

Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation – Kalyan’s Story

I had been a silent visitor on your site for a few months. I came to know about  ‘Kundalini Yoga’ via your site for the first time.  It has done some pretty amazing things for me which I will corroborate with my personal account.

I first seriously tried meditation about two years ago. I started getting up early at around 4:00 AM and started meditating and then after only a few months I developed serious knee problems. The knees got swelled up permanently. I could no longer pursue meditation since only after a few minutes the knee would start hurting pretty bad making it impossible to sit any longer. I could climb or get down the stairs only with great difficulty. I tried conventional yoga postures for knee which aggravated the situation.

After I started Kundalini Yoga, slowly the knees started feeling better and better as the core got strengthened until it felt completely normal one day.  My knees are healed – completely ! Most of the knee problems arise in the pelvis. Since the set of exercises like ‘morning wake-up series‘ target the pelvis directly it has the potential to heal most ‘bad knees’ if done seriously with perseverance.

I have a trim waist now. I have more emotional balance, my digestions are better, my heart beats slower and there is a sense of balance and well being which never leaves me during day or night – all as a result of only an hour of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

So, thanks a lot Anmol, you had been a life saver through the dissemination of your knowledge via your website. I hope you did not mind telling you my personal stories at length.

Hope you receive true blessing and guidance from God and may He be your benefactor and protector for the rest of your life.

Thanks – Kalyan.

Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation – Summary

The Kundalini Yoga Morning Wake-up Series is really a very simple set, which is also suitable for the beginner yoga student.  It does not take much time to do and let me tell you, I constantly get feedback about how well and quickly this yoga set works to promote health and wellbeing.  Here is an email from Gary (from yesterday) who is a student of mine in the Gentle Yoga & Guided Meditation Class,

“I liked the morning set and breathing and yoga set of exercises. It gave me an excellent day yesterday.”

I will make sure that the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and meditation is made available to you, you just need to start your practice and reap the benefits.  Here are the articles and videos you need to begin your journey to optimum health and wellbeing…

Kundalini Yoga Morning Wake-up Series

Breath of Fire Yoga Breathing Exercise

Online Yoga Video of Breath of Fire Yoga Pranayama

In addition, here is the link for the Online Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Classes.

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  1. Seattle Doula
    Seattle Doula says:

    Yoga & Meditation is the one of the best one to do if you want to relax. this not only for relaxation but also it helps us to become healthier and fit.

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Bhanu,

    Yes, that is actually a very good system to follow, morning and evening. You can use the free online yoga and meditation classes to help you design such a program. If you need help let me know.


  3. Lauren Tom
    Lauren Tom says:

    I would just like to add another form of meditation from Deepak Chopra, a leader in the world of personal well-being. He is in a biofeedback program that aims to alleviate everyday stress called Healing Rhythms.

    It uses three biofeedback sensors that attach to your fingertips and connects to your home computer. You practice the interactive exercises while the biofeedback sensors pick up signals from your own body’s physiology to monitor your physical and emotional responses. The changes are fed back in real-time, on the screen in the form of beautiful, transformational images or as graphs that you can save to track your progress.

    The Healing Rhythms program promotes health and wellness, and is really effective at helping to keep peace of mind and a personal sense of well-being. It’s worth checking out!


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