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Best Alternative Medicine & Holistic Healing Treatments

Best Alternative Medicine Practices

Best Holistic Healing Treatments

Here are the results of the recent survey, Which Type of Alternate Medicine is the Best?  I would interpret these results in a different way than what might first come to mind.  I would, of course, look positively towards the alternative therapies which received the highest responses, but for the ones that did not get high marks, I would not necessarily consider that a negative.  After all this is a Yoga & Meditation website, so it draws readers with those interests.

Best Alternative Medicine & Holistic Healing

Having said that, what this survey definitely indicates is that Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Herablism and Reiki are certainly valid treatment options to help you cure your diseases and secure good, vibrant health.  The results indicate that these holistic approaches have been successfully used to improve health by many of our readers.  Below the results, I list three important aspects of alternative medicine, which lay the foundation for healing to take place.

Please note that since more than one answer was allowed per participant, the percentages reflect the ratio to the number of participants, and not the ratio to the number of answers (thus they don’t total 100%)



Best Alternative Medicine Practice
Value Count Percent %
Yoga Therapy 36 67.92%
Ayurveda 24 45.28%
Homeopathy 17 32.08%
Herbalism 15 28.30%
Reiki – Energy Healing 15 28.30%
Acupuncture 12 22.64%
Other 10 18.87%
Chiropractic 8 15.09%
Naturopathy 8 15.09%
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 7 13.21%
Hypnosis 6 11.32%
Biofeedback 2 3.77%

Three Important Aspects of Holistic Medicine and Health

I have written about this important topic of natural healing in several articles before on the website, such as the Key to Natural Healing, and I would like to expand on this today.  Below are three important aspects of holistic and self healing, embracing which, will go a long way in helping you cure your diseases and improve your health.

1. Relaxation is Key to Healing:

During one interview of the popular holistic doctor, Dr. Deepak Chopra, he was asked what was the first thing for a patient to do when it came to improving his health using alternative medicine.  And Dr. Chopra said, relax.  The first thing he would do is help a patient relax and be at ease.  Then, from there, treatments and therapies can follow.

This is really a very important point, as being relaxed sets the stage for the body to begin healing itself, while stress is the condition that creates more physical turmoil and unwellness.  I know this is not necessarily easy to do when dealing with difficult conditions and problems, but I would say this should be the early focus during any healing process, alternative or otherwise.

2. Nothing is Incurable:

Don’t believe the notion that your condition has no cure.  The body has a blue print of perfect health and it is going to strive to get back there.  You have to believe that it can cure itself, and you have work with it towards this goal.  There are plenty of examples of diseases and conditions resolving themselves, when apparently they were “incurable”.

3. Alternative Medicine Works With the Body:

As I alluded to above, the body knows how to heal itself.  Your job is to help it do this.  This is a very central idea of alternative medicine, that it is helping the body make itself better.  The body has evolved over millions of years and has enormous inherent intelligence.  It is important for the treatment to be cognizant of this innate healing capacity and work in such as way as to not obstruct this process, but to help it instead.

Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda:

For those looking to apply Yoga Therapy to help heal themselves, here are some free online yoga classes to get you going: Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes.  For those looking for more information on Ayurveda, here is a good article for you to learn more: Introduction to Ayurveda.

Be Well & Prosper .

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