Yoga to Stay Young

The Best Anti Aging Yoga Exercise | Yoga Poses for November

Yoga to Stay Young

Yoga Pose for Longevity


Yoga, in general, is great for staying young and retarding the aging process, but from all the yoga exercises and poses, if you had to choose one and give it the title, of Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercise, it would be Bow Pose.  And not just the regular version of Bow Pose, but the Kundalini Yoga version of this exercise, which requires you to rock back and forth while holding Bow Pose.

There are yoga teachers today, that are in their sixties and say they feel much better than they did when they were in their twenties, with the difference being the consistent practice of yoga!!  There are also, of course, many accounts of yogis living well past a hundred, and reports and videos of aged yogis being as fit as a fiddle.  See the following article for an amazing story of a 91 year old yoga teacher and how yoga can help you stay young and fit: Senior Yoga | Great Simple Yoga Exercises.

Yoga to Stay Young

So how long do you have to do Rocking Bow Pose for in order to extract maximum anti-aging benefits from it?  Any amount will help, but if you can develop it to 11 minutes a day, that would be extra ordinary for your health and longevity.

So for the month of November, lets start to roll back the hands of time and regain the vigor of our youth by practicing this wonderful exercise.  Please note the rock and roll version of Bow Pose is not easy to do.  So first make sure you can do Bow Pose easily before trying this variation.  Also, stretching and warming up before doing this exercise is highly recommended.

For those new to the Yoga Asana for the Month series, please check out the following post for all the asanas we have been doing so far:  September Yoga Exercises for Nerves of Steel.

This technique comes from the following 2 free online e-books here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  These are the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-book and the Hatha Yoga Poses Galleries.

Bow Pose for Eternal Youth
Bow Pose Illustration

How to Practice Anti-Aging Bow Pose Variation:

Simply come into normal bow pose and then begin to rock and forth on your stomach.  Inhale as you rock forward and exhale back.  You can also do Breath of Fire while rocking back and forth.  This pose is going to massage all your important digestive organs and give them a much needed tune-up.  For full detail on how to practice this pose, read Kundalini Yoga Bow Pose for Eternal Youth.

For more anti-aging yoga, be sure to check out the Fountain of Youth Yoga Set and the Ultimate Health and Wellness Yoga Program.

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