Best Morning Meditation and It’s Secret Power

Wonderful Morning Meditation Technique

Best Morning Meditation Technique

As you must have heard many times already, the best time to meditate is during the early morning hours, but you may often wonder what is the best morning meditation to practice during this auspicious time?  In the article and video below we will explore a wonderful morning meditation, that has a wide range of profound benefits.

Before we jump into the technique though here is a quick list of reasons for practicing morning meditation:

Why Morning is Best for Meditating:

Mind is Calm and Uncluttered:

As the day has just begun the mind is relatively unburdened with all the worries and problems of the day. This facilitates “emptying” the mind and discovering the peace and joy within.

Air is Fresh and Pure:

The early morning air is fresh and full of energy and prana (life force). It helps energize your subtle body and charges your mind.

Light is Right:

Dawn is a wonderful time which expresses the newness of the day and the endless possibilities that each day brings. In addition the light from the sun during this time is also subtle and mystical.

Morning is Quiet:

Early morning is a time before the sounds of the day have taken over the atmosphere. Generally there are a few birds chirping, but as most of the world is still asleep, there is great quietude and peace at this time, making for a perfect atmosphere for meditation.

Early Morning is Spiritual:

A combination of the above and the freshness of the morning makes this time particularly spiritual and therefore very conducive to promoting a meditative mind.

Music of Life Meditation Technique:

So now that we have established just how good it is to meditate in the early hours of the day, lets explore a meditation that is perfect for practicing at this time. This meditation is Music of Life Meditation, also called Sound Awareness Meditation. It is a perfect meditation to do in the early morning hours as it is a quiet time of the day and the silence outside, promotes tremendous silence within.

How to do Morning Meditation:

You will find an in-depth discussion on how to do this meditation in the video below. In addition, the following article goes over this meditation is detail – Sound Awareness Meditation Technique.

Benefits of Morning Meditation:

  • Bestows Peace and Tranquility
  • Helps Develop Detached Awareness and The Witnessing Consciousness
  • Reveals the True Singular Nature of Reality
  • Builds Concentration and Mental Focus
  • Promotes Health and Healing
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Makes Your Ready for the Day Ahead

Duration for Morning Meditation:

To get the maximum benefit from this meditation, you should build up to practicing it for 20 minutes. If you are new to meditation, start with 5 minutes and then once comfortable with that duration, increase it to 10 minutes and go from there.

You should also practice consistently in order for your mastery to develop and not be impatient with regard to achieving results and goals. Everything will come in its own time, just do your part and practice well.

Secret Power of Sound Awareness Meditation:

In this video I will also discuss the real power of this meditation and how to go about unleashing that.

Tip for Practicing Morning Meditation:

This meditation is particularly interesting to do when it is raining, so be sure to explore it if such as opportunity arises.

Best Morning Meditation Video

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