Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation Techniques – The Top 3

Summary:  There are many different types of meditation practices to open, heal and balance the chakras, but of these, the three most practiced chakra meditation techniques are discussed in this article.  While all three are effective, one stands out, as it is the safest approach to use.

The seven chakra model of Kundalini Yoga is a very complete model to represent a human being in all their dimensions and complexities.  In the article Kundalini Yoga Seven Chakra System Overview, I have given an introduction to this system, with some useful details for understanding the chakras and their functioning.  In this article I will explore the top 3 Chakra Meditation techniques for optimizing this system.

Essentially, charkas can be thought of as multi-dimensional energy vortexes that reign over various regions of the body and brain.  Each chakra, thus being responsible for the health of the organs, glands and systems of the particular region where it is located, and also responsible for certain emotional states and mental characteristics.  The way therefore of healing and rejuvenation the body and also, of optimizing oneself psychologically and mentally, is by opening, healing and balancing the chakras.

The opening, healing and balancing of chakras is called chakra meditation.  There are many different techniques with which to perform chakra meditation and I would like to present the best of these to you below.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation Technique #1:   

Chakra Meditation via Mantras:  More specifically, chakra meditation via the use of Bij Mantras.  With each chakra is associated a Bij Mantra or seed sound, and by chanting this sound the particular chakra can be opened and balanced.  The seed sounds for each chakra are as follows.

Mooladhara: Root chakra meditation sound:  LANG (LAM)

Swadhistana: Sex chakra meditation sound:  VANG (VAM)

Manipura: Navel chakra meditaiton sound:  RANG (RAM)

Anahata: Heart chakra meditation sound:  YANG (YAM)

Vishuddhi: Throat chakra meditation sound:  HANG (HAM)

Ajna: Third Eye chakra meditation sound:  ONG (OM)

Sahasrara: Crown chakra meditation sound:  Silence

In this chakra meditation technique the bij mantra above is chanted either out loud or mentally, while awareness is brought to the region of the chakra one is attempting to open.  This technique should be used with caution as it is a very direct approach and can lead to imbalances if chakras are prematurely opened, before the body is ready to handle the influx of energy in that region.

An example of this chakra meditation technique is the Ajna Chakra Opening, Balancing and Healing Technique.

Chakra Meditation Technique #2:

Chakra Meditation via Visualization: With each chakra is also associated a particular Deity, animal, shape and color.  There are also more detailed associations but, for our purpose here these will suffice.  Chakra meditation via visualization is again the act of bringing awareness to the location of a particular chakra and then visualizing the associated item for that chakra.

I will provide here the colors associated with each chakra and for this meditation you can visualize a ball of light of that particular color emanating or spinning at the appropriate location.

Root chakra meditation color:  Red

Sex chakra meditation color:  Orange

Navel chakra meditation color:  Yellow

Heart chakra meditation color:  Green

Throat chakra meditation color:  Blue

Third eye chakra meditation color:  Indigo

Crown chakra meditation color:  Violet

Again, as with the bij mantra chakra meditation technique, this is also a direct method of opening a chakra and should be used cautiously for the same reason.

Chakra Meditation Technique #3:

Chakra Meditation via Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (Sets):  This is the use of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas  and Chakra Yoga Breathing Exercises (pranayama) to open, heal and balance various chakras.  I have gone into considerable detail of this technique in Kundalini Yoga – Yoga of Energy & Awareness and of the 3 techniques detailed here, this one is the safest. 

The reason for this being the safest chakra meditation technique is because this technique does not directly look to open a chakra, instead it looks to prepare the body, at all levels, to handle greater flow of energy.  This technique is focused on clearing away blockages in the energy pathways (nadis), thus allowing for the increased flow of energy to the various regions of the body.  This greater flow of energy not only helps heal, rejuvenate and strength the glands, organs and systems of that particular region, but it also helps to activate and balance the chakra governing that area.

An example of this chakra meditation technique is the Heart Chakra Opening, Balancing and Healing Kundalini Yoga Kriya.  You can also find many more Kundalini Yoga Kriyas in the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas E-Book and you can find more Chakra Yoga Breathing Exercises in the Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) E-Book.  Dive in, explore these profound techniques and achieve your highest potential!

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8 replies
  1. Cammy
    Cammy says:

    In the third exercise here, you give a link to an article on more details of the #3 chakra meditation. But the linking article does not tell you details of a #3 most safe way to meditate for the chakras.
    What technique is the safest way to meditate for the chakras?

  2. meditation sound
    meditation sound says:

    Wow! great article. Thanks for the tips. They are indeed helpful to beginners who are practicing meditation.

  3. Casey
    Casey says:

    During my second SM meditation, I found that immediately after I had an intense awareness of my chakras. As such I experimented with feeling them each individually, to see how healthy and open they were, and how much healing each required. I found that some were larger and smaller, and some filled partially with darkness and others more pure. The ones most damaged were the first, third, and fifth, the last of which wasn’t even open.
    Perhaps foolishly and prematurely, I focused on channeling energy from the two healthiest and most energetic (fourth and seventh) to the damaged chakras to burst them open and heal them.
    This was a bad idea.
    My body began shaking as I did it, and though I was able to clean out some of the darkness that lied inside the chakras, I was left terrified, paranoid, and neurotic to a very deep degree when I finished because of all the demons released at once into my system.
    The next day I was the most depressed I had been in years, and the day after that, profoundly physically ill. After about a week, though, this illness cleared away and I was left with noticeably refined awareness, fewer hateful subconscious habits, and an overall healthier perspective. I should add that this purging was in conjunction with SCK, practiced all the way through.

    Opening and purging the chakras through direct focus can be ultimately beneficial, but while it’s happening it’s not very fun. I was driven to what felt like drug-addled neuroticism and stress. Use caution with these direct methods, and if you do use them, take it very, very slowly. Don’t underestimate the amount of painful debris in your system. Simply opening the flood gates of your past hurts can lead to some very unpleasant experiences.
    Use caution.
    Thank you.


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