Kids Meditation

3 Easy Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos

Kids Meditation Techniques with Videos

Easy Meditation Videos

The popular article How to Raise Enlightened Children kicked off our kids yoga and meditation section, developing which is a key goal of Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  Towards that end I want to provide you some easy meditation techniques for kids and also some sample videos, which I hope will inspire and encourage your children to dive in and reap the enormous benefits of meditation practice.

I will extensively cover guidelines for kids yoga and meditation in another article, once I start to provide kids yoga poses and exercises, but in general I have found the following 3 rules to work best when introducing your children to these wonderful spiritual practices.  Keep it fun, keep it simple and keep it open.  The more they enjoy the practice the more they will embrace it.

Kids Meditation

Easy Meditation Techniques Good for Adults Too:

The following 3 meditation techniques are not just good for kids, believe me they are good for adults as well :-D.  Don’t be mislead by the fact that they are “easy”, they are still top notch techniques capable of rewarding you with all the benefits that meditation bestows.  The chief difference between a kid practicing these techniques and an adult, is generally the duration of the practice.  A child may just do 15 seconds to a few minutes, while an adult may practice these techniques for up to an hour or more.

Benefits of Meditation for Kids:

  • Helps kids build concentration and mental focus.
  • Helps develop creativity and power of imagination.
  • Helps children develop inner silence and calmness.
  • Effective for developing Brain Health and Mental Sharpness.
  • Builds self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Excellent for overall health and well-being.
  • Helps develop emotional balance and removes negative emotions.
  • Helps reduce stress.

3 Easy Kids Meditation Techniques:

I have found my son Shivum (four and a half now) naturally drawn to the following 3 types of simple meditation and I feel these 3 techniques are a good way to get kids introduced to meditation practice.  Below are the details of these 3 easy meditation techniques as well as video samples of Shivum demonstrating each one for you and your children.

The biggest reason for having Shivum do these meditation videos is because I have noticed time and again, that one of the best ways to inspire kids to try something is to show them other children who are doing it.  Children can start with as little as 15 seconds of meditation and build up from there to 5 minutes or more.

Best Way to Inspire & Teach Children to Meditate:

The number one way, I feel to inspire children to practice yoga and meditation is though example.  If you have a strong practice, your children will likely be keen on exploring what mommy and daddy are doing.  If you are new to yoga and meditation and would like to get started.  I suggest the following 2 free online courses for you…

Easy Kids Meditation Technique #1: OM Mantra Chanting

I have covered the “adult” version of this timeless meditation in the article, AUM Mantra Meditation to Open the Third Eye Chakra, but this meditation is definitely a favorite for children as well.   I often hear this chant reverberating in the house as both Shivum and now his little 2 year old brother, Taran, often seem to add it to their play spontaneously.

Keep the instructions easy for kids to understand.  Simply ask them to do the following…

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Place your hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb tip and index finger meeting with wrists resting on the knees) or have your hands folded in prayer pose.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take a deep breath and chant the sound AUM out loud for as long as you can.  Then take a deep breath again and repeat the chant.

Video of Kids Meditation Technique #1 – AUM Mantra Chant

Easy Kids Meditation Technique #2: Gayatri Mantra Chanting


In this technique, have the child pick out any prayer that he enjoys and then have him sing it aloud.  The mantra that Shivum is demonstrating in the video below is the most revered Vedic Mantra.  It is called the Gayatri Mantra and is often the vehicle of meditation practice.  I will put together a separate article with details about this mantra in the near future.

Easy Kids Meditation Technique #3: Breath Awareness

The formal practice of breath awareness meditation is the heart of Zen Buddhism.  It is called Zazen and I have detailed it in the following article, Zen Buddhism Meditation Technique – Zazen.  Modify it though for children as follows…

  1. Sit up straight.
  2. Place your hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb tip and index finger meeting with wrists resting on the knees).
  3. Close your eyes and try not to move at all.
  4. Just breathe normally and feel your breath as it goes in and our of your nose.  If you notice the child is too young and does not pick up on these instructions, just have them sit still without moving as best they can.

The video below demonstrates both the above techniques.

Gayatri Mantra & Breath Awareness Easy Kids Meditation Video 


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