The Yogic Mind

The Yogic Mind – The Perfected Mind

Summary:  In Kundalini Yoga the Yogic Mind, is called the fourth spiritual body, and for those of us drawn to meditation, this is the mind we look to have emerge and persist during our meditation practice and beyond.  This mind is also called the Neutral Mind and it’s development leads to enlightenment.

Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice

The Yogic Mind

This series is about insights that occur during advanced stages of Silent Mind Meditation.  These are insights that emerge due to direct perception of that which is taking place within the inner walls of the human mind.  The quote below are the notes put down after such meditation sessions.

The silent mind meditation technique employed belongs to the category of Jyana Yoga or advanced Zen Meditation and is closely related to the work of J. Krishnamurti.

Here is the quote that I noted after such a session of insight meditation:

The Yogic Mind – The Neutral Mind – Quote

There have been suggestions to just say no to struggle, to negate it, there have been suggestions to not-resist struggle etc.  The idea is really to do both simultaneously.  In other words, to neither indulge and also, to not resist.  Just observe, just let it go.

Just as the body first resists to being made to be still, so does the mind resists to not being catered to.   It puts forth what should be done and resists being simply observed.  This impulse to do, to be occupied, to try, is very deeply ingrained and will not easily fall away – or subside.  But we must have the relentless passion to not engage in it, so that it weakens and eventually dissolves.

This is true mastery, to be able to observe the Truth in action and this is worth praying for.

The Yogic Mind – The Neutral Mind – Analysis

The above is the greatest application of the Yogic Mind.  To be wielded as an instrument of keen observation.  The point that I think is very rare to grasp, and is only really understood by those who actually practice meditation seriously, is that we are talking here at the level of individual thoughts.

Most conversations regarding meditation simply speak to attitudes, such as being mindful, kind, calm, etc.  These attitudes are absolutely wonderful and emerge naturally as a result of your spiritual practice, but here we are indicating something much more precise, fundamental and “real time”.  Here, we are speaking of the human capacity to devour each thought completely, prior to the onset of the next thought.

By devour, I mean to comprehend completely.  Such digestion of thoughts requires fantastic observation, so that no aspect of any thought goes unnoticed.  When one comprehends thoughts in such a way, only then is there neither resistance nor indulgence taking place, there is simply insight flowing under the full light of awareness.  Any deviation from this observation is the return to the ordinary mind.

Mediation of this nature is illumination, is awakening.  This is intelligence at work.  If you have understood what has just been described, then you understand what is meant when one says, the beginning is the end.  The Alpha is the Omega.  This is Jyana Yoga and Vedanta, this is Insight Meditation. This mind is the Neutral Mind in action.  This is the Yogic Mind.

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7 replies
  1. Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia says:

    Time flies by during insight meditation. Much is revealed. Peace and a calm mind is a byproduct of this meditation.

  2. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I have always had a problem clearing my mind, in reading your articles and practicing them I have not problems…
    Thank you again for your wonderful site.

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Jay,

    Thanks for your comments and sharing your thoughts. Yes, meditation is the key to opening the doorway to what lies beyond that which is ordinarily encountered as reality.

    If you are feeling something, I call it the invitation from beyond, to start your journey back to the source. Embrace this invite and jump in, it’s the ultimate adventure.

    Let me know if you need any guidance.

    All Good Wishes,

  4. Jay, writer
    Jay, writer says:

    I must admit that I’m no meditation enthusiast. The only times I try to meditate is when I need to clear my mind and just be alone with my thoughts for a few minutes. What you are suggesting here or what the Yogic mind suggests is something far deeper than I could comprehend. But reading the quote above makes me feel that there is more to discover in the art of meditation.


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