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Free Downloadable Meditation Music for Relaxation

Free Meditation Music

Relaxation Meditation Music

Meditation music can serve many different purposes, such as relaxation, enjoyment, healing, chakra activation, etc., but really good meditation music is the type that ultimately points you towards Infinity.  In fact, that is the mark of any really great art.  That it reminds you of Infinity and moves you that direction.  It inspires you to reach towards your Highest Nature.

Coming soon on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga is going to be another full section which will be devoted to meditation music.  This section will be a collection of downloadable meditation music MP3s and Videos and will of course be completely free, just like the other e-books, galleries and libraries we host here.  I am quite excited with this new dimension for the website, as I am a huge fan of good meditation music and am greatly inspired by it.

Relaxation Meditation Music

To kick off the Free Meditation Music Downloads section I am going to provide you with a really inspiration track today, which is not just good for relaxation, but is also great for inspiring you to reach for the Divine.  It was created by a great new friend I made this year, who is not just a highly charged spiritual person, but is also a terrific musical talent and artist, Shree Kamesh.  It is this combination, of spiritual orientation combined with musical genius, that allows Kamesh to create music that is profound and deeply moving.

Meditation Music with Mantras:

As one might expect, the science of spiritual and meditative music is quite rich and developed in India and is closely related to yogic thinking and philosophy.  There is music specifically made to activate the Chakras and affect Kundalini (Energy), and there are many tunes that are made just for the practice of yoga, prayer and certain meditations.  Honestly, creating music to simply help you relax is easy, but to create music that touches your soul and affects your vibratory level is something far greater.

You may already be familiar with Mantras (prayers) and the power they posses.  Mantras, of course, can be used for many different purposes, including relaxation, concentration, healing, meditation and more, and you will find the full collection that we host here on the following page: Free Online Mantra MP3 Downloads.  Now what happens when you take the most powerful mantra, the Gayatri Mantra and use the ancient spiritual musical knowledge to create a meditative musical piece?  You get something special, and that is what is being shared with you today for free.  The Gayatri Mantra in a particular Raga (tune) to be used to inspire and move you towards Infinity.  Now that’s what I call meditation music .

Gayatri Meditation Music for Relaxation Benefits:

  • Helps you relax and promotes inner peace and harmony.
  • Inspires you towards greatness and God.
  • Increases your vibratory level.
  • Promotes stress relief and self healing.
  • Activates your energetic centers and subtle energy channels.
  • Inspires you to meditate.

How to Relax Using Gayatri Meditation Music:

Follow the steps below to achieve deep relaxation using this track.

  • The track below is 5 minutes long, but if you would like to use it for deep relaxation I suggest setting it to repeat. 
  • Dim the lights in the room.
  • Lie in Corpse Pose (Best Yoga Relaxation Technique), then begin Simple Yogic Breathing.
  • Determine to relax completely and let go of all your worries and anxieties. 
  • Start the music and give your awareness to it completely.  Just let go and let the music penetrate you.  If anything comes up just be a Witnessing to it.  Let it come and let it go.
  • Feel the vibratory affect of the music and let the special sounds work their magic on your system.
  • Continue on in this way for as long as you like.

Of course, you can also add this piece to your meditation music playlist and listen to it whenever you like.  It is a great tune to help you feel calm, peaceful, inspired and loving.

Download Gayatri Meditation Music for Relaxation and More:

To download the Gayatri Meditation Music Track please RIGHT CLICK the link below and choose “Save As…” to save to your computer.

Please note this track is 9 Megabytes big, so please download to your computer to play it, please don’t play it directly from the website repeatedly, as that will devour my bandwidth quickly .  Thank you.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Free Gayatri Meditation Music for Relaxation MP3

Submit Your Meditation Music:

If you are a musician and would like to share some of your meditation, relaxing, healing, yoga or other spiritual music with the rest of us, it would be most appreciated.  Of course, you will get full credit for the music and I will help you promote your music and include links back to your website as well.

If you have music you would like to share, please email me at

Hope you enjoy this wonderful piece of music and stay tuned for the Free Downloadable Meditation Music Collection that is coming soon…

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    Thank you from the deepest of my heart for the interesting e- book you allowed me to free download. Its very interesting & there’s o much to learn still in this wrld. Wih you every happiness & harmony in your life. OM SHANTI! Wimala.

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    I downloaded some of the MP3 files herein and found to be good. Thank you for giving these pieces of music free.

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    thank you very much for sharing all the valuable info and meditation stuff for free!!! lots of love and peace to you!


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