Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer – Free MP3 Download of the Beautiful Wahey Guru Hymm

Prayer for Tranquility

Serenity Hymm Free MP3 Download

At the completion of my Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training program, my teacher Ravi Singh held a yoga camp which I attended with my wife.  The entire camp was great, but one evening stood out more than others.  The camp was held in a peaceful resort tucked away in the hills of upstate New York, and one lovely, quiet evening a few of us gathered around a campfire to enjoy some music and hymms.  

My wife volunteered to sing a serenity prayer, and a fellow yogi provided the music using a one string instrument (Ektara).  She sang for us all the Wahey Guru hymm, and the atmosphere it created was marvelously tranquil, prayerful and joyful.  This prayer uses the Wahey Guru mantra, which essentially means Ecstasy Beyond Words, and it is a key mantra in Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh faith.

Serenity Prayer

That was not the only occasion where this Wahey Guru prayer created a stir.  On another occasion, we were visiting the wonderful Ananada Ashram, also in upstate New York, and during the evening kritan (prayer singing), Trupti again recited this hymm and just like before, it captivated all the listeners and created an environment full of calmness, peace and love.  So I have got her to sing this wonderful hymm for you all as well, so that you too can enjoy the feelings of peace and tranquility this prayer creates.  Below you will find the link to download the MP3 for this prayer for free.  

Also, there are several meditations on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, which use the WaheyGuru (aka Wahay Guru, Wa Hey Guru) mantra, and this MP3 will also give you the right pronunciation for this important mantra.  The meditations that use this mantra are the most popular Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, explained in the article 3 Most Powerful Pranayamas and Kriyas as well as the Doei Ashtopad Japa, detailed in the article Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Healing and Psychic Powers

Please download the prayer to your computer and then enjoy.  To download the MP3, RIGHT click the link below choose “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” depending on your browser, and it save it to your computer.

Wahey Guru Prayer for Serenity MP3 Download

Serenity Prayer Free MP3 Download (Wahey Guru)


Again as a reminder, the Free Online Mantra MP3 and Videos Multimedia e-book is in the works and should be uploaded next week, so be on the lookout for that.  As part of that project, many important and powerful mantras, such as the Asto Ma Sat Gamaya, Shanti Mantra, Adi Mantra, SAT NAM mantra, etc, will be coming online as well.

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