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Free Yoga DVD for Beginners – Part 1

Free Yoga DVD

Beginner Yoga DVD for Download

Although there are many free yoga exercise videos on the website already, what I have not uploaded until now was a complete yoga dvd for you.  So I have created the following series of videos from a beginner’s yoga class dvd that I taught, and in this article I will post the first part of that dvd for you.  Over the course of the week I will post the rest of the dvd as well.  Of course, like all the other videos, this dvd is also free for you to download.

If you have not had the chance, I would certainly recommend attending a kundalini yoga class with a good teacher.  There is great energy in doing kundalini yoga with others and it is something worth experiencing.  In this following article, I have discussed some of the benefits of doing yoga in a group atmosphere – Top 5 Benefits of Group Yoga Practice.  So in this DVD, I want to give you a flavor for what a real live kundalini yoga class is like and also, of course you can use this video series to practice a complete class with me .

Yoga DVD

To reduce the length of the DVD online, I have removed the meditation section with which I always start a yoga class. To see how I structure my yoga classes, you can read the following article, and you will see that I follow this pattern in this dvd as well – Comprehensive Guide to Teaching a Yoga Class.  So this dvd picks up from where we start to tune in and begin our pranayamas and warm-ups.

Below are the techniques demonstrated in this part of the dvd.  I have provided links to articles that have full details on the techniques taught so you can learn more details about them if you like.

Free Beginner’s Yoga DVD – Part 1

Free Beginner’s Yoga DVD Contents and Techniques:

1. OM Mantra Starting Prayers:

The dvd begins with showing how to tune into Infinity at the start of your yoga session or class.  The essential goal here is get life to notice your requests for Protections, Guidance and Inspiration, and to invite Infinity to descend upon you.  As Zen master Suzuki points out, the biggest reason for us being unsuccessful and unhappy in our lives is because we have forgotten God (Zen Teaching on God and How to Get His Help).  So we start by remembering him.

In this DVD, we use the OM Mantra (OM Mantra Meditation Video for Kundalini Yoga Class) to tune in, and another effective mantra which is also commonly used in Kundalini Yoga to tune in is Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.  You will find detail of that technique in the following article:  Inviting God Consciousness In – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

2. Breath of Fire with Surya Mudra:

The next part of the yoga dvd, right after the long deep breathing and starting mantras, is doing the potent Breath of Fire with Surya Mudra applied.  This combination really helps stoke your energy and gets your entire system vitalized and pumping.  I like to start my yoga with such energizing breathing exercises, as it gets you ready for the yoga that is to come.

This DVD also has instructions for Yoga Gyan Mudra and Yoga Drona Mudra.

Here are the 2 articles that details the Breath of Fire and Yoga Mudras:

Breath of Fire – Powerful Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise

Yoga Mudras – Free Illustrated How to Guide

3. Moola Bandha (Root Lock) and Maha Bandha (Triple Lock):

The dvd then goes on to teaching you how to apply the great yogic locks or bandhas.  Root lock is used extensively in the video as is Triple lock.  These bandhas really help direct and channel your energy and their use helps to extract maximum benefit from the yoga exercises as well.  So they are important to integrate into your yoga practice.

For further reading, here are 2 articles which detail the locks and discuss their value.

Tantric Yoga Exercise Video to Channel Sexual Energy | Triple Lock

5 Simple Yoga Tips to Elevate Your Practice

4. Butterfly Pose for Stretching and Flexibility:

Now that the energy level has been raised by the pranayama work, the dvd moves ahead to the yoga warm-up exercises.  Again, I generally like to start with Butterfly Pose, as this stretches the groin area and helps one sit cross-legged more easily.  As many exercises are done sitting down, doing this stretch early in the class, helps make them easier.

Here are the details of this fundamental yoga exercise.

Best Yoga Asana for Meditation

5. Small Rest Period:

Since Butterfly Pose is also done with vigorous Breath of Fire and we end with the locks, this is a good time to take a small break and allow the body to do some assimilation work, and that is what the dvd then demonstrates.  During such breaks I teach some of the important philosophy of yoga and meditation, particularly about remaining as pure awareness, remaining in the now and remaining a witnessing consciousness.

Here is nice article on this aspect of Yoga and Vedic thought:

Best Jnana Yoga Mantra Meditation – Witnessing Consciousness

Free Beginner’s Yoga DVD Summary

So you can see that in the 10-12 of yoga demonstrated on this dvd, a great many interesting and important techniques are learned and practiced.  Beyond that though, what I want to accomplish with making this dvd available for download is to give you a real feel for what a live kundalini yoga class is like.  This way you can see how to manage your intensity and how a kundalini yoga session flows.  Generally, in a group environment you will tend to push yourself a little more, as you will be able to feed off the energy of the teacher and other students, so keep that in mind if you have a home practice.

In the next few parts of this series I will continue to break down the dvd for you in a similar fashion.  By the end of this series you will have a complete yoga class dvd to download and practice with.  In the future I am planning to make more such complete yoga DVDs for you to learn and benefit from.

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