Testimonials from Online Yogis

Inspiring Yoga & Pranayama Testimonials from Online Yogis

Heath Benefits of Yoga Pranayama 

Heath Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Practice

In this article I would like to continue with the testimonials of success stories and benefits from the practice of yoga and pranayama.  Many of you are now participating in the free online yoga & meditation classes, and hopefully by sharing the feedback I receive, it will inspire you to Keep Going!

Some of these results are quite remarkable and I don’t want you to compare your progress to theirs.  Yoga is about you and you.  It is not a competition and each of us, being unique, is on our own trajectory to enlightenment.  So, read their testimonials and feel confident that the practice bestows vast benefits and that you are indeed using your time on this planet wisely by practicing these most profound sciences.

Testimonials from Online Yogis

Feedback Regarding Benefits of Yoga Breathing Exercises:

Shohreh, who recently discover her spiritual dimension writes,

The breathing techniques have transformed my lungs in just two days. I suffer from auto immune disease and have asthma. My journey in healing myself started eight months ago. For the first time in eight months I beat my husband (who is very athletic) in hiking. He could not catch up with me. The surprising thing is that I was not at all breathless. Believe it or not, I’m teaching a friend this coming Thursday your breathing exercises and Kundalini yoga. What can I say, I’m a very devoted student. This is amazing for someone who just discovered your site on 01/17/2008.

Here is another reader who has found the breathing exercises to be very beneficial,

I am on day 5 of your yoga breathing and excited to say I am noticing a difference in my breathing (COPD).

As I mentioned in the Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Breathing Exercises, pranayama is going to soon become an everyday part of people’s lives due to the enormous benefits it bestows, combined with how easy it is to learn and practice.  You will find ample techniques to learn and use in the following 2 e-books: Free Online Yoga Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) & Free Online Videos of Yoga Breathing Exercises.

Feedback Regarding Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Sets & Exercises:

Bendz writes,

I refer your site to my friend about this yoga. He practiced and his health (stomach) problem solved within a week. He is very much impressed about this yoga and practicing continuously.

Andrew writes,

I have been using the Ajna chakra and Anahata chakra, and Introductory sets on your site and both enjoying them and getting very pleasing results.

I want to mention briefly that the improvements to the digestive system are one of most common benefits I see when people take up Kundalini Yoga practice.  This is very good news, as according to Ayurveda, digestive problems account for the vast majority of diseases and having a strong, healthy digestive system can go a long way in helping us live long, healthy, happy lives.

So I hope these testimonials inspire you to continue your yoga and pranayama practice.  As I have often said, one of the hardest parts of such a practice is consistency, and knowing how much your body and mind appreciate and benefit from the work you are putting in, should encourage you to march on undeterred towards infinity. 

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