Healthy Ayurveda Diet

Healthy Ayurveda Diet To Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Ayurveda and Weight Loss

As Thursday’s topic is Health, today’s article deals with diet and weight loss from an Ayurvedic perspective.  In the article Introducing Ayurveda – Alternative Medicine for Self Healing the great holistic science of Self Healing and Healthy Living, Ayurveda, was introduced.  A key concept in Ayurveda is that of the 3 Doshas (humours): Vata, Pitta & Kapha.  A combination of these 3 bodily humours are responsible for the makeup of our human body.  This article is focused on the Kapha Dosha, which is responsible for fat and is the prevalent dosha in those who are overweight and obese.  Thus, from a Yogic and Ayurvedic point on view, in order to burn fat and lose weight one must reduce Kapha in the body. 

Healthy Ayurveda Diet

As a quick review the following 3 most important points about Ayurveda need to be remembered:

1. The qualities of Kapha Dosha are: Wet, Cold, Heavy, Dull, Soft, Sticky & Fixed

2. Ayurvedic healing is based on the following 2 principles

  • Like Increases Like
  • Opposites Decrease Each Other

3. There are many treatment methods in Ayurveda and of these we are focusing on Diet for weight loss in this article.  In future posts I will detail other Ayruvedic recommendations to reduce weight, burn fat and get fit.

So keeping the above in mind here are Ayurveda’s dietary recommendations for how to combat obesity, reduce fat and promote healthy weight loss.

General Diet Composition to Lose Weight & Burn Fat (Kapha Reduction) 

  • 30-40% of your diet should be whole grains.
  • 20-30% protein (from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources)
  • 40-50% mostly vegetables and some fruit.

Specific Dietary Recommendations to Lose Weight & Burn Fat (Kapha Reduction)

  • Since like increases like, the qualities of Kapha should be a guide to help you choose the right type of foods to eat.  So looking at it from that perspective one should reduce fatty foods, dairy, ice cream, meats (specially red meat) etc.
  • For drinks, stick to hot drinks instead of cold ones.  Again use Kapha qualities as a road map to help you choose.  Drink teas, hot water, instead of cold sodas and milk shakes.
  • Since opposites decrease each other, use more hot spices in your food.  Ginger, cinnamon, coriander and other hot spices will all work to help you reduce Kapha, which is the key to reducing weight.  The tastes you should shoot for in your diet are pungent, bitter and astringent.  Foods with these tastes are all anti-Kapha and will assist in burning fat.  The tastes you should generally avoid are sweet, sour and salty.
  • Similarly increase salads, beans, dry cereals and cooked grains in your diet.  Eating foods with Vata and Pitta qualities will increase those doshas in your body and will work against increasing Kapha.
  • Eat one big meal a day and make it either your lunch or your breakfast.
  • To avoid snacking, have a glass of hot lemonade made with honey.  This will help burn fat and keep away the hunger.


I hope what you begin to see with Ayurveda is that it gives you the knowledge and framework within which you can then customize the treatments you need using your intelligence.  That’s why I call Ayurveda the science of Self Healing.  Once you know the basic concepts, you can readily apply them to deal with any health situation that life throws at you.  Specifically for weight loss understand the qualities of Kapha Dosha and tailor your diet and life style to reduce it.  When you reduce Kapha you reduce fat.  From a dietary perspective, simply reduce intake of food with the same qualities and increase intake of food with opposite qualities. 

To help you further in your weight loss objectives you may wish to sign up for the Free Online Healthy Weight Loss Via Yoga, Breathing & Meditation Program – Course #104.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Mera weight bahut bad gaya hai so mai ek 15yr kai chidren hu mera ekdam sai wajan badgaya tha to mai kya karu… Pls tell. Me

  2. Natalie on acai slim weight loss
    Natalie on acai slim weight loss says:

    it’s not weight loss program for me. It should be fat-loss program. Try to search for acaiberry fruit. It contains cleansing elements that will remove unwanted wastes and fats from your body. Double it with a little exercise.

  3. diatebes test strips
    diatebes test strips says:

    Wow! Such a great and informative diet methods. This article maybe the steps of making life awareness. Thanks.

  4. Effective Diets Guru
    Effective Diets Guru says:

    Finally a weightless plan that promotes a varied diet and makes sense. I like cinnamon and hot spices in my food so this seems like a really good plan for me. The hot lemonade tip really works as well! Great post!

  5. sherley
    sherley says:

    100% agree with you article.

    this is very great articles,

    but did you know that one of the biggest problem for someone to success in weight loss is lack of self motivation.

    What is your opinion about this problem?

  6. John Burn Fat
    John Burn Fat says:

    Hey, this is quite unique approach in losing weight and burning fat. I never heard about Ayurveda before, thanks for writing this article. I like the hot lemonade tip to avoid snacking.

    Weight Loss For Women

  7. Monika
    Monika says:

    Hello, Can you please also post an article on how to gain weight with the help of right yoga/exercise and food especially for those having tough time to gain weight. Thanks in advance.

  8. Natural MedCare
    Natural MedCare says:

    Nice and simple explanation.I consider that diet pill still risky but Healthy A yurveda Diet is alluring for me.Thanks for letting me know.

  9. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Alex,

    Welcome to my world :-D. I too have a fast metabolism and struggle more to gain weight than to lose it. Believe me you have the better end of the deal.

    It is a complex topic actually what foods not to mix, and I will put together an article to cover that in the future.

    Please read the article on Introduction to Ayurveda. Your body type is most certainly Vata, so to keep vata from getting exacerbated, you food and lifestyle should include pitta & kapha components.

    So yes you should eat more heavily than normally recommended, but I would suggest a nice healthy lifestyle to go with that, so you convert extra calories into good energy and fitness.

    All Good Wishes,


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