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My Time at an Osho Retreat When My Body Disappeared

Osho Retreat Experiences:

There is a wonderful Osho (Bagwan Shree Rajneesh) retreat that takes place here in upstate New York, it is one that I have, unfortunately, only been able to attend once, but what an experience that was!  I am not a “sannyas”, meaning someone who has formally joined his organization, but I do find his books very inspiring and insightful.  In fact one of the first books I read was “The Alpha and the Omega”, which really propelled me onto this path of meditation and yoga.  After that I discovered Jiddu Krishnamurti’s “Network of Thought” and then there was no turning back — I had reached terminal velocity and was well past the point of no return.

An Osho retreat, if they are all like the one I attended, is really something out of this world and worth attending if you have the opportunity.  This retreat was held at a mystical Sufi Ashram up the mountains of upstate New York and they could not have picked a better location.  The ashram was surrounded by quiet hills and just being there created a sense of serenity and depth within.  We arrived and checked in on a Friday evening and soon after everyone had settled in, the party began.  The program was packed with Osho’s famous guided meditations.  There was Osho’s Dynamic Meditation, Osho’s Kundalini Meditation, Movement as Meditation, among others… and if you know anything about Osho’s meditations you know they involve a lot of music and lot of dancing.  Since I love both immensely, the whole weekend was like one huge celebration of energy and spirit.

Osho Retreat

Now, before you get the idea that the retreat was like hitting the local nightclub, let me warn you it was very demanding.  Osho’s meditations are physically challenging.  They are designed to break down deep rooted patterns and ignite one’s awareness.  The meditations use a great deal of breath and movement to force a catharsis of anything repressed, so that space is created within for meditation to occur.  During my time there and soon afterwards several astonishing experiences took place.  Of these here is one that was particularly interesting and insightful.

It was during the later part of Saturday evening’s meditation program.  We had just completed, what must have been hours of physical meditation and dance, and were viewing some of Osho’s video commentaries and getting some much needed rest.  I had found a comfortable floor chair and was cherishing this period of relaxation, when I was taken aback by what started to transpire.  My physical body began to disappear from my field of awareness.  At first some parts began to vanish, then shortly thereafter, the whole body was gone.  I was just a witness to what was transpiring.  The experience was not at all scary though, in fact it was quite pleasant and most of all very intriguing.  As I became more comfortable with this unusual state of consciousness I actually began to experiment with it.  I tried to mentally find my body, locate it in time and space, but it had completely disappeared from my field of awareness.  I was unable to rediscover it no matter what I tried.  I was no longer a physical creature in any shape or from.  I was just energy, just awareness.  Eventually, on its own accord the body returned, or better said I returned to my body.

This experience gave me deep insight into the nature of our reality and consciousness.  It also helped me understand first hand what Osho was trying to accomplish with his meditations.  His meditations always work to empty your mind and body, and then require you to remain vitally aware and wait for what life might bestow on you.  This is exactly how it happened.  The meditations purged me of all the junk I was holding within, and then unexpectedly, while just relaxing, consciousness shifted to a different dimension of being and awareness.  For those looking to try Osho’s meditations I will provide some of them on this website as well, but until then you can grab one his books, or better still, attend one of his retreats.  I mean, what can be so bad about dancing your butt off while at the same time, discovering what your True Nature really is.

For those in the Northeastern US who wish to attend this retreat you will want to keep an eye on Osho Padma Meditation Center in NY.  This is where I found out about the retreat, I believe the person running this center is Ma Satya Priya.  The retreat, by the way, is usually during Halloween weekend, which is just perfect as for once you get to take your masks off, instead of putting more on :-).  I might go again this year if they hold it.  The center also runs several weekly Osho Meditations, I have not attended those (as I am not in that vicinity), so if you wish to try it out, you can check out their schedule on the website.  Do let me know your feedback if you attend.  Other Osho websites you may want to explore are: Osho Home Page, Osho World Vision of Enlightenment and Friends of Osho.  Enjoy!

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  1. apelfzejyz@gmail.com
    apelfzejyz@gmail.com says:

    I simply had to thank you very much yet again. I am not sure what I would’ve used without these smart ideas shared by you on this topic. It had become an absolute terrifying crisis for me, nevertheless being able to see a expert fashion you managed that forced me to weep for contentment. Now i am happy for this support and as well , pray you recognize what an amazing job you were getting into training people today through the use of your website. I am certain you’ve never met any of us.

  2. Sophie Benshitta Maven
    Sophie Benshitta Maven says:

    I think certain high vibration individuals and certain activities cause a quickening of your vibration, and you can experience all kinds of out of body experiences, or body or body-parts disappearing. I don’t find it very valuable, it has entertainment value, but no consciousness value, it is caused by something other than your work on yourself.

    Of course I can be wrong. Being able to sustain a high vibration, empathy, curiosity, peace, etc. on the other hand is wonderful. .

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:


    Thank-you for your insights and contribution, your presence is most welcome here on Mastery of Meditation. I like your comment regarding the building of a map very much… very nicely put.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Matthew Pyrke
    Matthew Pyrke says:

    This phenomena has happened to me also Anmol. I find that to discuss such things with others brings them properly to consciousness and releases any potential fear. This is because of the validation for the quite cosmic and maybe unearthly experience.

    Observation of phenomena like this can help people overcome barriers to freedom, as well as bring about a refinement of the science of sadhana.

    I believe ‘sadhana’; to mean journey, if we reflect upon our journies together then we can create a map!!!

    Blessed be
    Tutikira; whom was enlightened by Sri Poonja across space and time, from beyond the grave.

  5. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Vern, Great to have your thoughts and feedback. Having the body disappear is certainly a most peculiar and intriguing experience. Another person I heard of who would have this experience is Gangaji (Advaita Vedanta Teacher). The method of looking in the mirror is actually a very valid technique in order to evoke this state. I am looking forward to read your meditation course book, and am equally intertested in how your retreat to the top of the mountain went. Will be stopping by your blog to find out… Cheers, Anmol

  6. Vern at Aim for Awesome
    Vern at Aim for Awesome says:

    Ah, finally I’ve found someone else that experienced something similar. I’ve read of only one other person – a monk from a long time ago that insisted he didn’t have a “head” – that had something similar.

    I was meditating (sitting) in my garage and looking into a mirror to meditate a couple times… and my head and parts of my body disappeared at times. It was pretty strange – but I didn’t let it affect me – labeling it neither good or bad, just watching was “is”. It was quite a thing. Nice blog – I’m reading a lot of your posts tonight, having just found it. I’m going to do a couple day meditation at the top of a mountain temple here in Thailand in the next day or so to see if all the jhana levels return – or any of them. Have a look at my blog – I offer a free 22-day meditation course e-book in the “Pages” section of my site that you might like. :) Vern


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