Prosperity & Infinite Energy Meditation Technique – Free Guided Meditation Book for Daily Practice – Ch 5

Wealth & Prosperity Meditation Technique

Free Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Mudras for Prosperity

Prosperity Meditation Guided Video

(From Free Online Meditation Videos, chapter 4 Prosperity Mudra Mantra Meditation Video)



Background of Prosperity Meditation Technique:

Prosperity & Infinite Energy

Recently I have received many requests to provide a meditation technique for prosperity and wealth.  The guided meditation technique in this article not only meets that requirement, but in fact does a great deal more for you as well.  My views on money on the path to enlightenment and views on how to choose and manifest your desires, can be read in the following 2 articles: Money Money Money Mantra and the Path to Enlightenment and The 4 Keys Laws to Manifest Desire if You Absolutely Must.  If you feel money and wealth are indeed needed by you at this time of your life, then by all means use this potent meditation technique to manifest them.

This powerful meditation technique utilizes many different components of Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Philosophy to work its magic.  It uses the power of mantra (sound/thought vibration), yoga mudras (hand positions to facilitate certain states of consciousness), pranayama (breath control techniques), in conjunction with yogic body techniques to fulfill its purpose.  Thus, this unique meditation can also be categorized as a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set) or a Yoga Breathing Exercise (pranayama).

Tools required for Prosperity Meditation Technique:

  • An alarm clock, stop watch or other time device.

Benefits of Prosperity Meditation Technique:

Primary Benefits: 

  • Attracts and brings to you prosperity, wealth and money.
  • Makes available to you the Energy of the Infinite.  Please use wisely.
  • Attracts and brings to you gifts and blessings.
  • Expands and strengthens your Pranic (energetic) body.
  • Expands and strengthens your nervous system.
  • Helps you overcome deep seated fears (including fear of death) and makes you courageous.
  • Builds the Naval Center and abdominal muscles.

Secondary Benefits: 

  • Opens, heals and rejuvenates the Manipura (Nabhi – Naval) Chakra.
  • Improves your digestive system.
  • Builds your willpower and strength of character.

Cautions for Practicing Prosperity Meditation Technique:

As mentioned above, this meditation technique utilizes breath control (pranayama) as part of its process.  It requires breath suspension after exhalation, which is one of the more difficult aspects of breath control.  Anytime you are going to practice breath suspension, especially after exhalation, you need to move forward gently and intelligently.  So Do Not Strain and build up the time for this meditation systematically.  In doing so you will avoid creating unnecessary problems for yourself and will gracefully gain mastery over this profound meditation technique.

Guided Prosperity Meditation Technique: 

Follow the step by step meditation instructions below to practice this technique.

  • Sit in a comfortable cross legged position.  You may also sit on a chair for this meditation.
  • Set your alarm or other time device for the appropriate time (start with 1 minute and build up to 11 minutes or more).
  • Elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back and in, like a soldier at attention.  This will align the spine with the back of your head.
  • Take 5 deep, slow breaths though the nose.  This will oxygenate your blood and relax you.
  • Place your LEFT hand in Yoga Gyan Mudra (your INDEX finger and Thumb tips are meeting, other 3 fingers are pointing straight)
  • Extend your left arm up at 60 degrees.  Your palm is facing in towards you and the arm should be straight.
  • Place your RIGHT hand in Yoga Surya Mudra (your RING finger and Thumb tips are meeting, other 3 finger are pointing straight)
  • Bend your right arm such that your right elbow is near your lower ribs, on the right side of your body, with your forearm making a small angle at your right elbow joint.  The right palm is also facing in (and will be about face level).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply, then EXHALE completely and hold your breath out.
  • With your breath held out pump your stomach at a moderate pace about 1 pump / second.  Pump your stomach means to pull in your abdominal muscles powerfully towards your spine.
  • With each pump silently THINK the sound HAR.
  • Once your have done as many pumps as you are comfortable doing, inhale deeply, then EXHALE and repeat the cycle again.  Continue for the duration of the meditation.

Hints & Tips for Prosperity Meditation Technique:

  • I repeat, start this meditation slowly and build up your time systematically.
  • When you start to feel stronger and more capable of holding your breath out for extended periods of time, challenge the sense of panic that comes upon you as a result of breath deprivation.  Staying calm through this period of panic will make you fearless.  DO NOT TRY THIS UNTIL YOU THINK YOU ARE READY FOR IT.
  • Try to keep the arms as indicated and don’t give up at the first sign of discomfort.  Again, don’t overdo it early in your practice, but as you progress let the mind and body know that you have the willpower and spirit to overcome their complaints.
  • This meditation is designed to give you a great deal of power, energy and wealth.  It is provided here with the understanding that you agree not to misuse any of these blessings and agree to use them to make progress on your spiritual journey and/or use them to help others in theirs.

This concludes the Prosperity & Energy Guided Meditation Technique.

(Added 08/30/2007) 

Here are some illustrations for the correct posture and yoga mudras (hand positions) for this meditation as I realize this meditation can be quite confusing.  Way over due I know :-P.

Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation

Right Hand Position  (Surya Mudra)

Left Hand Position (Gyan Mudra)

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  1. pronob
    pronob says:

    It is a lovely meditation by the looks of it and i do not doubt its power, however I do think the mudra demonstrated here is called prithvi (earth) mudra and not surya mudra as surya mudra is the same finger but the ring finger is folded instead and the thumb do not touch its tip. i would like to know what the practitioner thinks about this?

  2. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Dear Sir ,
    When we are doing this meditation should we be thinking anything in particular?
    I read a lot about emptying out the mind of thoughts but it is hard for me to stop my mind from having images and thoughts perhaps.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Dear Sir (or anyone else on this website)
    What does the word “har” mean ? if you don’t mind my asking? is it a sanskrit word? If so what might it mean?

  4. Edwina
    Edwina says:

    Hello Anmol,

    Thank you very much for this technique I want to tell you how this technique helped me. In my final year first semester in uni I cancelled one of my papers since I was going through a very bad breakup. Now I was supposed to write the exam in the afternoon and went to the exam officer to have the course removed from my course list. The acting exam officer sent me to the main exam officer who had been off campus for a year and had just returned. The main exam officer sent me back to the acting officer who asked me to write a letter and sign so I did that and left.

    So the following semester, one of the female professors asked to see me and showed me the provisional results which showed that the course had not been removed and that I had failed it. She told me the faculty had debated it during their meeting and unanimously decided to fail me. This meant I had to appeal it, appear before a committee which would then debate. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to graduate that semester. I had wanted to go see the exam officer but she advised me against it since it could get her in trouble. All this happened on a Thursday.

    Then on Friday, I heard that students could check their results with the department secretary so I decided to go see her and then tell the exam officer I saw my results with the secretary. I went to her office and she had left for the day so I had to wait till Monday.

    Then I remembered this technique and decided to practice it since I heard it helps remove obstacles. Now the intention was to have favor before the committee who would pass me. I did the practice at 3am Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    I went to see the secretary on Monday and she showed me my results which showed that the course had been removed. I argued that I had seen it as a fail and she assured me that she had the right results. Now I had to wait for the official results to find out before going to see the exam officer.

    When the official results came, I went to check with my supervisor and the course had been removed. Then I went to see the female professor with my result slip and she was amazed. She asked me who I had seen to have it removed (which means having a relative on faculty, paying a member of faculty or worse, sleeping with a member of faculty). I told her I had seen nobody and she advised that i cross-check with the exam officer.

    I went to the exam officer and he said he remembered my case and that the course was supposed to be a fail. He checked his records and the course had been removed. He then said I was lucky and shouldn’t cancel a course like that again and sent me on my merry way.

    Thank you. Now my company is chasing a consultancy contract that will put an extra $3,000.00 or more in my pocket and I am going to try this technique for it. Will post the result with that one.

  5. Pour ash
    Pour ash says:

    Hi Anmolji,
    Thanks for sharing the infinite wealth & prosperity mantra. I have been doing kapalbhati since last 5 to 6 years on a regular basis. What I would like to know is the breathing technique in this method is as same as kapalbhati. Because when I saw your video I thought it to be same as kapalbhati, but still I thought to confirm with the expert like you.

  6. Paula
    Paula says:

    Has anyone had financial success with this? I am looking to find work while I go to school part time and I need to find an apartment as well in Toronto, which is expensive but also not many vacancies so I need something affordable.

    I’ve done subagh in the past and some others but wonder what else I can do. Prosperity has always been an issue for me

  7. Painter
    Painter says:

    Hi Anmol !!!!
    Amazing information on your site, thank you.
    I do surya namaskar first followed by crow pose and then I do the ab exercises. After this I do the breathing exercise for clearing chakras followed by Kapalbhaati and then do the prosperity meditation. Is this an appropriate routine to follow? Does it matter what I do first?
    Can I do this after 2 hours of breakfast? Can I breakdown the exercises, doing the meditation and the pranayama in the morning and the exercise in the afternoon or evening? Would really appreciate your help. Thank you……

  8. Nancee Bernieri
    Nancee Bernieri says:

    I have been information very intriguing, your a great writer. Can I contact you or someone else with your website if I have any additional issues? This is an excellent post. I have a similar blog myself so I will keep coming back to read more.

  9. Marisela Duxbury
    Marisela Duxbury says:

    I have seen some crappy posts but this one really impresses me. Good work. Regularly I do not make posts on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really acted me to do so. Really awesome post.

  10. Leandro Phlieger
    Leandro Phlieger says:

    Wow, just the information that I’ve been asking other bloggers about without getting any answers! Thank You for the great blog! I found your post very intriguing, your a great author. I’ll make sure to bookmark your website and come back in the future. great work, have a great day!


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