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Welcome to the ultimate meditation techniques guide.  This guide is the culmination of 25+ years of passionate practice, research and study into the great Art of Meditation.  Below you will find a list of the best meditations from across the globe, step-by-step details of how to effectively practice these techniques, as well as a listing of the primary benefits of each of these profound meditation techniques. 

One of the most important aspects of meditation is to choose the technique which is right for you.  There are literally thousands of different meditation techniques, and finding the one that resonates best with you and is geared towards the goals you are trying to achieve is essential.  This guide is designed specifically to help you in that process, by presenting you with the most time-tested meditation techniques and detailing each of these great meditations.

The Ultimate Guide

Before I jump ahead though, I would like mention that the ultimate purpose of any meditation technique is Enlightenment or Self-Realization.  That is the final destination.  It is just that along the way to this highest pinnacle, meditation bestows a bevy of wonderful “side” benefits and these benefits can vary depending on which meditation technique you choose to do.  I have gone into these additional benefits of meditation in several articles and you can read about them here:  Top 10 Profound Benefits of Meditation, Side Benefits of Silent Mind Meditation Program, Brain Health Benefits of Meditation.

Below you will find details on which are the best meditation techniques to do, in order to obtain certain results.  As most of you know, the Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-book, has step-by-step instructions and free videos on all the meditation techniques offered here on Mastery of Meditation, so in the summary below I have given a brief description and video of the mediation technique, but provided a link to the chapter in the E-book where you can get all the fine details.  In addition, this will be an ongoing guide which I will constantly update with new and useful meditation techniques for you.

Meditation Technique #1:  Zen Meditation Technique – Zazen

Goal:  Awareness, Detachment, Peace

Zen Meditation Technique is the undisputed heavyweight in the world of meditation.  It is very likely the most widely practiced meditation technique and is perhaps even the face of meditation.  The silent Buddha, sitting cross-legged, eyes slightly open, in this world but yet beyond, immersed in a Singularity (or Void) is Zazen.

Zazen is essentially silent, seated meditation and excellent for a wide range of benefits.  If you don’t know which meditation technique to try, this should be your default choice.  Zazen will help you develop your ability to remain in the moment, mindful of that which is taking place, and free you from the entanglements of ego-centric, dualistic thoughts.  It will most certainly help you develop a calm disposition and give you the strength to withstand stressful or upsetting events.  In time, this meditation technique will make you wise, give you access to spontaneous joy and help you develop into a compassionate, loving human being.

You will find more details on Zazen in the article, Zen Meditation Technique.  Here is a step-by-step instruction video on how to practice this meditation technique.

Meditation Technique #2:  Concentration Meditation Technique – Trataka

Goal:  Concentration, Mental Focus

One common myth about meditation is that it is the same as concentration.  Really it is not.  Concentration is a stepping stone for meditation, but mediation is far more than concentration.  In practicing meditation though, one of the clear benefits is a tremendous increase in your powers of concentration and mental focus.  Many people are rightly interested in developing this skill, and to do so there is no better meditation technique than Trataka or Candle Flame Gazing. 

In this meditation, you will focus your attention, in a darkened room, on a candle flame and then concentrate on the after image that it leaves behind when you close your eyes.  The technique is simple, yet very effective.  Along with developing your power of concentration, this meditation technique will also help calm your mind down and give you inner peace and stillness. 

You can read details about this technique in the following article:  Concentration Meditation Technique – Trataka.

Meditation Technique #3:  So Hum Mantra Meditation Technique

Goal:  Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

Mantra meditation technique is a big part of the philosophy of meditation that comes from the Eastern faiths.  It is a technique that has been used for centuries in India, and forms the foundation of many systems of meditation.  This meditation method has many variations, some of which can be used to deliver the benefits of Zazen and Trataka mentioned above.  The particular mantra meditation technique I want to provide here though, is excellent for any healing of the heart that needs to occur.

If you are suffering from hate, bitterness, loneliness, anger, depression and other negative emotions, then So Hum Mantra Meditation Technique is a great tonic to use.  In this meditation, you will use the So-Hum mantra silently to pacify the mind and connect with your divine nature.  It will help heal the wounds of the heart and make you feel an indivisible part of the whole.

Meditation Technique #4:  AUM Mantra Meditation Technique

Goal:  Psychic Powers, Intuition

As I mentioned above, mantra meditation techniques have many different variations and applications, and AUM Mantra Meditation Technique is an example of just that.  AUM Mantra Meditation technique is part of the science of Kundalini Yoga and it’s specific purpose is to activate the Third Eye Chakra.  

In this meditation, you chant the sound AUM, while concentration on the Third Eye region.  The sound AUM is considered the seed sound for this center and chanting it serves to stimulate the energy flow though this region.  The Third Eye is the seat of intuition, and opening the Third Eye unleashes psychic and mental powers. 

To get more details about this meditation technique, read the following article:  AUM Mantra Meditation Technique.  Also, here is a step-by-step video demonstration of AUM Mantra Meditation Technique…

Meditation Technique #5:  Silent Mind Mediation Technique

Goal:  Intelligence, Enlightenment, Awareness

This is the meditation technique I practice and although the thinking behind it is not new, for the most part it is a system of my own making.  If you are looking to sharpen awareness, hone intelligence and dramatically improve brain function, then this meditation technique is for you.  It is designed to help the mind realize that it is the root cause of suffering and thus, still itself.  It is the highest form of insight meditation and I have practiced this technique for over 20 years now.  Obviously, I find it the best suited for those interested in enlightenment, like me.

The entire Silent Mind Meditation Program is designed to help you learn and develop this technique, but you are also welcome to just practice this technique itself and you can get details about it in the following chapter:  The Silent Mind Meditation Technique.

Meditation Technique #6: Smiling Buddha Meditation Technique

Goal:  Happiness, Confidence

This meditation technique comes from the profound school of Kundalini Yoga and was reputed to be one that Lord Buddha was prescribed in order to help him recover from a long stretch of meditation and fasting.

After all life is meant to be a journey full of happiness and joy.  It is one where we are supposed to enjoy the great abundance of beauty and love that exists in nature and within ourselves.  This meditation will help you do just that.  The meditation technique is also great for boosting your confidence along with your spirit.

Here is the link to the details for this wonderful meditation.  Enjoy!

Smiling Buddha Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Happiness


Meditation Technique #7: Corpse Pose Yoga Meditation Technique 

Goal:  Health, Healing & Relaxation

For creating the optimum environment for self healing to take place, there is simply no better meditation technique than Yoga Corpse Pose.  This meditation puts the entire system at ease and gives the body the space it needs to heal itself.   Miraculous healing, spiritual healing, natural healing and other such healing phenomenon, are known to occur in this state of relaxed awareness.

This meditation technique is also a yoga pose and is excellent for promoting peace and well-being.  It is a practice that should be embraced everyday in order to reduce stress and encourage tranquility.

Here is the link to the details for this wonderful meditation.

Corpse Pose Yoga Meditation Technique

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