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Benefits of Yoga Your Stories

It is always inspiring and enlightening to learn about how certain meditation and yoga programs are helping others.  For this reason, from time to time, I share with you all some of the feedback I get from others who are benefiting from the yoga and meditation techniques available here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.

Recently, I received the following feedback from various online yogis, which I find very inspiring and worth sharing with you all…

Susana writes how yoga has helped her improve her body, back, strength, awareness and gardening :-).

Anmol, Starting yoga has had some huge implications.  My body now knows how to stretch and how to utilize strength.  So gardening which used to be backbreaking is now an absolute pleasure.  A full body awareness has occurred.  So standing in front of the stove and cooking, awareness notices that I am not standing correctly but am buckled onto one knee with my hip jutting.  Immediate correction. Body feels strong and resilient.

Veronica writes about weight loss, having a slimmer waist and losing belly fat.

I came across the section "online exercises for Weight Loss" about 5 months ago and I started practicing them fairly regularly (just the exercises, without the breathing or the visualization), and I started noticing a slight difference in my body from the first week, but now that time has passed, I have seen even more results (particularly on my waist and midsection).

Margarita writes how yoga is helping with her flexibility, happiness and mood in just a few days.  Also, she makes an interesting point which I fully agree with.  When you start a yoga and meditation practice, others will often notice the changes in you before you do.  Your job is to just keep going.

I already do everyday the exercises you show on the net and I really feel so much better and my body became so flexible, even from the second day. You can imagine my progress in some months!! God!!! Even my family noticed the change in my behavior. I can say that I really love Yoga!! Why was I wasting my time before??!!

Michelle writes how Yoga has helped her with more energy, concentration and focus.

Ive been doing Yoga since 4 months now.. feels great. Keeps me fresh all day & more concentrated at my work.

Anonymous writes how the Weight Loss Yoga Exercises, actually helped here with more peace of mind, reduced anxiety and stress.

I am recent beginner of yoga and though I entered the class with the objective of losing weight, it has completely transformed into being something entirely different. I didn’t even think seriously that a series of movements can have any impact on my anxiety. Now I do yoga as something that is definitely more effective on my peace of mind than on my body.

Nidhi writes about feeling better and lighter, in just 2 days.

I have started ur course 101 for past 2 days and it has really helped me in opening the nostril and reducing the heaviness in my head, nose and eyes.

Jonathan writes how the meditation is helping him manage and reduce stress.

Thank you sooo much for these videos. I was very skeptical about meditation but once i began practicing more and more it became a little more natural feeling. I serve at a local restaurant so stress come everyday. Its great to come home and have a great healthy way to unwind. Thanks alot.

You will find a lot of other feedback in the comments section throughout the website.  If you have any feedback for me, I would love to hear it and share it with others to inspire them onwards.

If you are looking for where to start a Yoga or Meditation program, so you too can benefit from these wonderful spiritual sciences, the following links to the free online classes will help guide you.  Also, please remember that although a few practitioners above reported very rapid gains from their practice, the key to reaping the benefits of yoga and meditation is consistency.

Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

Beginner’s Meditation Class

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class

Website Update:

PS: I have added illustration to the Sat Kriya – Tantic Technique for Raising Sexual Energy for those who were requesting that.

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