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Student Testimonial for Online Meditation School and Certification Program:

Dave Writes:

The course was everything I hoped it would be and more. Your depth of knowledge and teaching skills are excellent and all instruction was presented in a easy to understand way. I regret I have no suggestions at this time, because you have an excellent program.

(Update: New website with more testimonials for program can be found here: Meditation Teacher Training and Certification Program).

One of the most satisfying aspect of creating and running Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, is the success that the Online Meditation School and Teacher’s Certification Program are having.  The vision for creating a meditation center and university was always there, but that is was going to be realized online through this website and blog, was certainly unanticipated and a pleasant surprise .

online meditation

To date the school has certified meditation teachers from every corner of the world.  There are graduates from the United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, England, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, South Africa, Dubai and Turkey, and students are currently enrolled from a variety of other countries spanning the entire globe as well

To see a full list of graduates and find a certified teacher near you to learn meditation from, you can visit the Online Certified Meditation Teachers and Centers Directory.  As the school continues to expand rapidly, this directory is also updated constantly.

The best part of the Mastery of Meditation School is that it helps to spread the wisdom of meditation and enlightenment, which I feel is the key to humanity’s future and well-being.  The more teachers there are, the more the wisdom is spread and the greater the affect on the collective human consciousness.  To be a channel for facilitating these teachings is something I will always be grateful to the Universe for.

Recently I noticed that a lot of billionaires were having a lot of get-togethers around the globe.  What were they always discussing?  How they could help their fellow man.  So what are they realizing?  They are realizing that one of the most important things to do in life is to be of service to others.  Us meditation teachers have realized that already , and also realize that the most important service is guiding others to the Truth of Divinity, Self-Realization, Peace and Joy.

I would like to congratulate all the latest graduates from the Mastery of Meditation School, and welcome you all as fellow Certified Teachers.  For others who are interested in joining this online course and working towards your certification, you will find information and testimonials in the links below…






Highlights of Meditation School and Program:

Although you can get all the details for the school and program in the links above, I wanted to highlight just a few points here for you as well.

How the Online Course Works:

  1. Digital and Online Content: The entire program is in digital format and comes with 16 online videos and a 370 page Meditation Training E-manual.
  2. Full Support: It is an 8 week, home study program, will full support from your truly .
  3. Certification and Links: Upon completion, you have to pass a take home exam, after which you get a certificate, letter or recommendation, directory listing and valuable high Page Rank links for your meditation website or center.
  4. Tuition:  I have really kept the cost of the course very low and been yelled at by others for that .  You can sign up for as little as $47 for the entire program, or pay the full price of $97 to get all the listings and links.

What the Meditation Course and Program Teach You:

  1. Gentle Yoga for Meditation.
  2. Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises) for Meditation.
  3. Fundamentals of Meditation.
  4. Fundamentals of Enlightened Living.
  5. Basic Meditation Techniques.
  6. Advanced Meditation Techniques.
  7. How to Teach a Meditation Class.
  8. How to Set-up a Meditation Business and Website.


Online Meditation School Student Testimonials:

I know I said the best part of the Mastery of Meditation School was helping to spread the light, but a close second are the wonderful testimonials and positive feedback I constantly receive for the school and program .  Every student so far has given me great positive feedback and here is a small sample of these…

Anastacia from Greece, whose exam I am currently grading , writes:




I feel this program is a gift to the world and I’ve mentioned it to many friends. Through my site I believe my students and other youngsters interested in my musical program would benefit from everything you have to say. I already used the breathing techniques with them and some mantras. I see excellent results especially with ADD youngsters.



(Don’t worry Anastacia, you are well on your way to passing ).


Morgana from Canada Writes:


My feedback: Wow – the beginning of an amazing journey. Since the day I committed to working through the program daily – amazing! I had tried on my own in the past years to teach myself to meditate – but almost every single time I fell asleep and I really didn’t get very far. However, with your guidance and teaching I pushed beyond and learning to meditate has been a life changing experience.

The course is well organized, insightful, and easy to understand. The various techniques for meditation provide a solid foundation, encourage students to explore each technique to find what works best for them, and then take that further.

You will find more testimonials in the info and registration pages below.  Hope you choose to enroll in the program and join us in becoming a meditation teacher.




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  1. John Pattrick
    John Pattrick says:

    Great opportunity for those who want to make career in the meditation as mediation teacher. Meditation is the best option to choose as the career and best way to help the people by the meditation like by help him to live life stress free,always motivated, inspirated.

  2. shobha
    shobha says:

    Spreading knowledge free is like lighting another candle without loosing light of the first. Thanks. Rabb Tera Rakha.


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