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The title for this post should actually read, #1 Tool for the Development of Psychic Powers period.  In other words, not only is samyama the key to the development of clairvoyance, the basic ability used by psychic readers, psychic mediums, intuitives, clairvoyants, etc, it is also the key to the acquisition of any psychic ability.  Samyama is a term that comes from Sage Patanjali’s famous Yoga Sutras and there he describes in detail which psychic abilities (yoga siddhis) can be attained via the practice of samyama.  Before I go ahead and explain samyama and how to use it to develop psychic powers though, I would first like to iterate an important point I also made in part 1 of this series.

In part 1, 4 Free Online Psychic & Clairvoyant Development Tools, I indicated that the acquisition of psychic powers as a primary goal in life, servers as nothing more than a distraction from the work you are actually here to do, which is Self Realization.  So be warned that attachment to psychic powers and their use for ego enhancement or other material gain, just means more bondage to the world of duality and delusion.  Please note that this does not mean that psychic powers in and of themselves are bad or negative, it just means that attachment to them or exclusive pursuit of them, is not the purpose of life and can easily turn into another obstacle for you.  I have gone over this is more detail in the following article as well – The Right Way to Acquire Psychic Powers.

Patanjali’s Samyama

Patanjali’s Samyama Explained:

In Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, samyama is described as the concurrent practice of the finals 3 aspects of Raja Yoga.  For more details on Raja Yoga and the 8 Limbs of Yoga, please read Introduction to the Universal Principles of Yoga.  Samyama, thus is the simultaneous application of Dharana, Dhayana & Samadhi, towards an object of attention.

Individually, these three states mean the following.  Dharana meaning concentration, Dhayana meaning meditation and Samadhi meaning non-dual absorption.  So samyama is the practice of these 3 actions together.

With regard to the development of psychic energy and specific psychic powers, samyama is the practice of these 3 actions directed towards a particular object.  The object of samyama then determines the powers acquired, as that object then reveals it’s secrets to the practitioner or mastery is gained over the realm which that object rules over.  For the purpose of this series, I will detail the objects for samyama specifically useful to psychic readers, clairvoyants, spiritual mediums, etc.  And in the future, if there is interest, I will detail how to practice samyama for other paranormal powers.

Before I go into where to place your attention for developing or enhancing clairvoyance, I want to first give you a nice way to understand samyama better, as that is the key to psychic development in the first place.

Understanding Samyama Practice:

For astute readers, the Zen Story – Beauty & the Art of Meditation, is giving an example of what samyama is.  In that story Zen monk Tara performs samyama on the tree.  She concentrates on it (dharana), gives her continuous unbroken attention to it (dhayana) and finally hears the story from the tree itself, when she merges with it (samadhi).  So this is one way to practice samyama.  You can also do so with a flower.  

Concentrate on the flower, allow your mind to be fully involved with the flower at all levels first.  Then let this concentration deepen to where other thoughts are no longer interfering with your attention towards the flower, and finally lose yourself to the actuality of the flower completely.

My early experience with samyama, came during walking meditation.  I would attend to the act of walking with complete awareness.  Such awareness, led me through the stages of dhayana, dharana and finally samadhi, and I suggest this technique for you as well to experiment with it you like.  One final note I will make, is that when you enter a state of oneness (samadhi) with the object, it is not like a normal state of mind.  You will know.  It will be quite amazing, full of bliss, outside the realm of your ordinary senses and certainly a paranormal experience for sure.

Psychic Development with Samyama:

Now getting back to psychic development with samyama.  In part 1, I indicated the use of the AUM Mantra Meditation for the development of psychic abilities, and stated that the next 3 would come from Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  So here are techniques number 2-4, all of which use the practice of samyama for the development of clairvoyant powers.

Techniques 2-3 both deal with samyama on light.  This is primarily because the power of clairvoyance (or clear seeing), deals with the element of light and the astral eye (Third Eye, Ajna Chakra).  Technique #4 is more advanced.

Technique #2 for Clairvoyance & Psychic Development:

Samyama on the light at the crown of the head (sahasrara chakra) leads to visions of masters and psychic adepts.  This practice will also lead to the development of clairvoyance and can be practiced by psychics looking to enhance their overall ability to see past the ordinary and can be useful to psychic mediums as well.  For more information on the chakra system, and sahasrara chakra please read – Kundalini Seven Chakra System.

Technique #3 for Clairvoyance & Psychic Development:

Very similar to technique #2, and also dealing with the element of light is the practice of samyama on the light within.  Here again, Sage Patanjali points out that oneness with this light, will bestow to the adept the power of knowing that which is hidden, subtle or remote.  The light within is often experienced during meditation and kundalini awakening.  You can read more about that in the article: Kundalini Awakening Sysmtoms.

Technique #4 for Clairvoyance & Psychic Development:

The final object for samyama dealing with the development of psychic ability, is more complicated than the above 2, which simply deal with the element of light.  In this sutra, Sage Patanjali indicates that samyama on the inter-relationship between the power of perception, the purpose of the sense organs and the ego, bestows the necessary mastery.

Here not only is the power of clairvoyance gained, but in having mastery over the manifested world, the power of movement at the speed of thoughts and the ability to function without the sense organs is also achieved.

Tools for Psychic Readers & Clairvoyants Summary:

Before I end this series, I wanted to point out one more technique which is highly reputed for bestowing psychic powers, and, for those familiar with this website, that is of course, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya – The Most Powerful Pranayama.  Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, like Psychic Development Technique #4 above, is known for bestowing a wide range of psychic abilities, so it is not just limited to clairvoyance and those interested in psychic readings and other psychic services.

Finally, I would like to end this series with a reminder about the place of psychic powers in the grand scheme of things.  They, like all other material acquisitions, can lead to ego attachments, which are the downfall of anyone seeking Self Realization.  So if you are a psychic practitioner, a healer, reader, clairvoyant, etc, please keep this in mind, and remember that the true purpose of life, and the real end to suffering, comes only with God Realization.

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  1. Harsha
    Harsha says:

    hi Anmol,…..this is really fascinating, but can you just be more detailed, on the object of meditation., and would also request about the other powerful yogas, for other paranormal powers…..

  2. Casey
    Casey says:

    That said, I have been reading through the sutras and have been unable to find any mention of freedom from sleep. Anmol, do you know of any such psychic power that one no longer requires sleep? All of the powers are interesting but I can’t see many being actually that useful for enlightenment (with respect to the attachments that would rise as a consequence) other than a diminished or extinguished need for sleep, leaving more time for practice.

  3. Casey
    Casey says:

    I will make a point to post the various ways to acquire the siddhis on this post at some point in the future. I probably won’t dissect it as Anmol did but simply post the meaning, as I did in the above comment.

    Anmol, if you would rather me be silent regarding the sutras and leave that up to you to divulge (or the readers themselves to discover) I can do that too.

  4. Casey
    Casey says:


    From Patanjali’s sutras:
    “By the practice of the threefold discipline [samyama described by Anmol] on various kinds of strength (physical, mental, moral, psychic and spiritual) one grows to be as strong as, say, an elephant.”

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    how do you do samyama on the strength of an elephant or other animal? what do i exactly have to concentration on? a image of an animal ? or to see in my mind a movie with the animal unleashing its strength?


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