Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation Underway | 70% Say Yes

Spiritual Transformation Survey Results

Our latest spirituality survey gives us a reason for optimism and hope.  The survey asked which direction were we heading spiritually speaking.  Was a spiritual transformation for the better taking place?  Or were we going backwards?  Quite simply, the survey asked if you felt we were getting more or less spiritual.   The answer was a pretty resounding YES.  70% of you felt that we were indeed becoming more spiritual, while 30% felt that we were actually transforming for the worse.  Below is pie graph reflecting these results.

Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation Graph:

According to Kundalini Yoga (and many other spiritual schools), we are heading towards a shift in consciousness and a new era is going to dawn upon us starting in the year 2012.  The essence of this change is that it is a lifting of human consciousness.  Furthermore, those who raise their level of spiritual vibration to align with this new age, are going to find it easier to make the transition, while the age will prove to be difficult for those who remain rooted in lower level thoughts, emotions and pursuits.  More on this as we move closer to 2012.

I would like to thank all of you who participate in the surveys here on Master of Meditation, Yoga & Zen.  It is great to get you input and thoughts on these interesting questions of our time.

For those looking to transform spiritually you are welcome to take the online classes offered here, or embrace some of the meditation and yoga techniques avaiable via the free e-books and videos.  Here are 2 handy links for you…

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  1. ed
    ed says:


    it’s not surprising that you mentioned the internet. the Mayan Katun Prophecies clearly states that the current katun we are in involves the recording of all knowledge:

    Katun 4-Ahau (1993 to 2012): There will be scarcities of corn and squash during this katun and this will lead to great mortality. This was the katun during which the settlement of Chichen Itza occurred, when the man-god Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) arrived. It is the katun of remembering and recording knowledge.

    after the katun above we then go into the next one which states:

    Katun 2-Ahau (2012 to 2032): For half of the katun there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This katun brings the end of the “word of God.” It is a time of uniting for a cause.

    the katun brings the “end of the word of God” which I take to be the fulfillment of the word of God and a time for uniting for a cause which I interpret to be the unification of global consciousness or spirituality if you will.

  2. Chris Cade | Inspiring 1 Million People
    Chris Cade | Inspiring 1 Million People says:

    I don’t mean to be a dream-smasher… but I don’t find it particularly surprising that a majority of people who frequent a spirituality website feel that the world is becoming more spiritual.

    That said, I do feel that the world is becoming more spiritual! :)

    In more tangible terms, the internet is facilitating the rapid dissemination of information, and therefore ultimately affecting change at a much faster rate than ever before.

    Let’s just say, hypothetically a great spiritual leader was reborn. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, whoever.

    If it were the year 0 AD, it might take decades for the word to travel. If it were the year 2009, then almost every citizen on earth would know within 24 hours, and the majority within a matter of a few hours if not minutes.

    The ability to share our common wisdom at an exponentially increasing rate, and to commune with likeminded individuals worldwide regardless of location, class, or any other traditionally segregating factors, is just amazing.

  3. shanthipriya
    shanthipriya says:

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