AUM Meditation

AUM Meditation Video for Rapidly Opening Third Eye Chakra

AUM Meditation Video for Activating Ajna Chakra Point

Meditation Video #1 – AUM Meditation Method

AUM (OM) meditation technique is the first meditation video of our Instructional Meditation Video Series for Daily Meditation Practice. This particular meditation method, serves two important purposes. 

First, chanting the AUM sound is a chakra meditation technique, as the seed sound for the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra Point) is the sound AUM, and chanting the seed sound helps open and activate the related chakra point. Thus, the AUM meditation helps open this important chakra point, and you can read all the details regarding this in the article AUM Mantra Meditation for Opening Third Eye Chakra for Psychic Powers.

Second, the AUM meditation is also considered a yoga pranayama (breathing exercise), as it requires you to develop your lung capacity and respiratory system.

AUM Meditation

Please note that for more details you can refer to the Opening Third Eye Chakra article referenced above, and here is a brief overview of what the meditation video covers.

AUM Meditation Video Contents:

  • Overview of the Third Eye Chakra Point (Ajna chakra).
  • Benefits of opening Ajna Chakra.
  • Right posture for practicing AUM meditation.
  • Instructions for the 2 mudras (Gyna Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra required for AUM Meditation).
  • Demonstration of AUM Meditation.

Master it, enjoy it and benefit from it.

Free AUM Meditation Video for Third Eye Activation



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15 replies
  1. Raymond
    Raymond says:

    Hey anmol Mehta I was wondering does it actually matter if you say OM or AUM because on the video it says AUM but the video actually display an introduction about the third eye OM MEDITATION

    Mastery of meditation

  2. Zinn Da
    Zinn Da says:

    The AUM is a Social Meditation that combines movement, role playing and vocal expression.

    AUM stands for awareness, understanding and meditation. It is one of the basic and most powerful techniques used at the Humaniversity.

    By participating in the AUM you can experience a deep sense of aliveness, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again!

  3. Rohit
    Rohit says:

    Our rishis had invented these techniques from nature and gifted everybody for free and never charged except love and devotion… in this era some idiots are selling that ancient science…. please open up a grossery shop for earning….. can you imagine Lord Buddha selling meditation in market… hehehehe

  4. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi, is it good to start with this meditation without even experiencing a meditation for the first time? Is there a bad effect to me?

  5. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Jose,

    Oh no, I have been cloned :-). Have not been to Panama my friend, but I hope whoever you saw was busy practicing yoga and meditation :-).

    All Good Wishes,

  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Ray,

    Glad to have you stop by. I am enjoying your blog too, love the picture in your blog header, its awesome.

    Interesting thoughts with regard to language. Certainly language is a massive influence on the reality we perceive and meditation can be described as looking at that “which is” (the thing), without the “word”. So it tells it’s story to us, as opposed to us imposing our view on it. Just another twist to your interesting questions about the influence of language on perception and reality. Very interesting stuff for sure. Thanks for contributing.


  7. Ray Burton
    Ray Burton says:

    Thanks for this! I just found your site after seeing you in mybloglog box. I’m looking forward to looking through everything you have here.

    Here is an interesting thought…

    When we have internal dialogue..we think in the language we have learned at birth (english for me). What if we did not learn a particular language? Do we then think? Would we rely more on instincts?

    Would growing up and thinking in a differant language effect our lives because our thoughts would be differant?

    Just some thoughts! :-)


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