Silent Mind Meditation Program Introduction: Chapter 1

Silent Mind (SM) Meditation Program
Mastering the Art of Meditation
Knocking on Heaven’s Door 

Chapter 1
Silent Mind Mediation Program Introduction 

Welcome to the Silent Mind (SM) Meditation Program. The ultimate goal of SM Meditation is to still the mind of thoughts. For those new to meditation there are many reasons for doing this, the core of which is so that we can encounter pure Reality for what it is without any interference or corruption from the movement and projection of thoughts. This merits some expansion and investigation, as the depth of this understanding will serve as a strong motivating factor in helping us with our program.

Silent Mind

If it was the case that the current internal state of our mind/body system lent itself to spontaneous joy, deep compassion and profound wisdom there would be no need for any Meditation program, but the reality is that that is not the case. We are, at best, in some degree of discontent. This state is the consequence of the constant inward struggle to achieve, where the achievements themselves only produce fleeting happiness. Furthermore, the relentless struggle both creates and emphasizes an egocentric reality, which absorbs our awareness, creates the illusion of a separate existence and keeps us ignorant of the true nature of things- which is that we are an indivisible part of a oneness that is blissful and eternal. Seeing this Truth brings with it the realization that we are already fulfilled and complete and ends the cycle of struggle and misery. SM Meditation is designed to make this happen. To free awareness from the abstract reality of endless egocentric thoughts and merge it with the infinite reality of the whole.

Unfortunately, no matter what you have been told or read, this is not a trivial task. The mind is subtle and thoughts are elusive and swift. Adding to the difficulty is that the habit of thinking and struggling runs deep and strong and will not be easily extinguished. Fortunately though, as humans, we have the potential to master the necessary art and summon the needed energy to enable us to still the mind and break free of this wearisome and unfruitful pattern. SM Meditation will guide you in doing this. The program will work to increase your energy and help you to develop the art of acute observation, which results in freeing awareness from the entrapments of the ordinary, self-indulgent mind. The 12-week program that follows, will work on your many dimensions and attributes to make this possible.

SM Meditation builds to progressively more advanced stages and challenges, which in turn require a strong foundation to work off of. Thus it is recommended that you participate in the entire program sequentially and systematically as designed. Even if you are an advanced practitioner it is still advised that you go through the early stages as many of the concepts and practices may be new to you and not having mastered them could hinder your progress later.  You have my very best wishes in this journey of yours.

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4 replies
  1. Rodayna Chebli
    Rodayna Chebli says:

    I would like to start the program.
    First question: is it free?
    2nd question: I don’t see where to click to start. I can see only the program description and details.
    Thank you

  2. Mohan Rao
    Mohan Rao says:

    Dear Mr Anmol Jee…
    Can you tell me is it preferable to start the SM meditation by reading your books without proper initiation/blessing from the Guru. If no issue, can you bless me and guide me how to start SM meditation.

    Mohan Rao P

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Dan,

    My hope is that by the 12th week, you will have developed an understanding of the Silent Mind Meditation technique and would continue that practice now, if it suits you, on your own.

    By this time you would also have established a daily yoga and meditation practice, and nothing is more beneficial than that.



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