SM Meditation Program Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice: Chapter 3

Phase 1

Chapter 3
SM Meditation Program Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice

You are now ready to begin the program.  It is worth reiterating the advice, that of paramount importance is to dive into the actual work that this program prescribes and to be consistent and regular with your daily practice.  The program itself is designed to build your character and resolve, thus the more you do the daily work the easier it gets to establish consistency.  This also means that the first 4 weeks are very critical as they are the time when you are most vulnerable to your weaknesses.  Keeping this in mind, make a firm resolution and start.

SM Meditation

The table below [Table 2] is a summary of Phase 1. The details are presented in the chapters on the respective topics that follow.  In weeks 1 through 4 you will be doing the Yoga for Meditation set.  This will take 40 minutes to do, after which you will do the basic meditation for that week for 20 minutes.  It is best not to have eaten a heavy meal for at least 1-2 hours before doing your daily practice and to wear loose comfortable clothing for both the Yoga and meditation sessions.  Also, don’t overdo the exercises, especially if you find any of them causing you pain or excessive discomfort.  Use common sense and walk the middle path, not being lazy and at the same time not being a fanatic and risking injury.  The importance of confidence and honesty will be central themes for the emotional and psychological dimensions respectively for this phase.

Physical (40 minutes) Emotional Psychological Basic Meditation (20 minutes)
Week 1 Yoga for Meditation Confidence Honesty Breath
Week 2 Body
Week 3 Sound
Week 4 3rd Eye

Table 2

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  1. Abhinanda Rudra
    Abhinanda Rudra says:

    Hi Anmol, thanks a tonne for the detailed information that you have provided in your website.
    I had been doing the silent mind meditation as per the instruction since quite sometime and it has given me immense results. I can feel the positive energy flowing through me.
    I just needed one small clarification…while I am meditating and almost about to plunge deep, I am feeling a jolt…somewhat like a knock inside my head, which is throwing me back to the state of consciousness. This, sometimes is becoming quite irritating as this sudden jolt seems to be holding me back from going deep into the state.. I wanted to know why is this happening? Is it normal? Am I going wrong somewhere?

  2. BrianW
    BrianW says:

    This website is amazing and very helpful. A lot of much needed information that is easy to find. I plan on donating soon, because Anmol deserves it!


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