SM Meditation Program: Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice for Phase 3: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

SM Meditation Program: Daily Yoga & Mediation Practice for Phase 3

You are now into the final four weeks (Phase 3) of the Silent Mind Meditation program.  By now, your body should have become accustomed to being kept still and you should have started to see an increase in your level of energy and powers of concentration.  In addition you should have started to challenge the ordinary, dualistic, mental reality with the SM meditations of phase 2.  The program, for the last 2 months, has been building your confidence, along with, hopefully, awakening in you a relentless demand for the Truth.  In phase 3 you will start to focus more on the SM mediations.  Here four more powerful SM meditations will be introduced, each to be practiced for 1 week after doing the Yoga for Awareness set.  The qualities that will be discussed and which you will work to enhance are sensitivity and non-attachment.  The importance of these 2 qualities cannot be overstated.  The table below [Table 4] summarizes the work to be done in this phase.  Keep it up.

  Physical (20 mins) Emotional Psychological Meditation (40 mins)
Week 1 Yoga for Awareness Sensitivity Non-attachment Concept
Week 2 Time
Week 3 Hope
Week 4 Asleep

Table 4

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