SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Energy (Kundalini): Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Yoga for Energy (Kundalini) 

1.     Left Nostril Breathing [As described in Chapter 9: SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Energy] for 5 minutes… 

2.     Yoga Jogging:

a.      Description:  Have the tips of your thumb and middle finger meeting, the other fingers point straight up.  Your arms are out to the side with the elbow bent at 90 degrees with your palms facing forward and jog in place.  Try to bring your knees up high and keep your elbows at shoulder height.

b.      Breath: BOF

c.      Duration:  5 minutes

d.      Benefits:  BOF will enhance the benefits of this exercise many fold.  The exercise will get your heart pumping and distribute nutrients to all parts of your body.  It will also get the muscles warmed up which makes them less susceptible to injury.

e.      Notes:  If you find it hard to maintain BOF switch to LDB as required.  If you find it hard to jog the entire time, walk in place.  

3.      Butterfly Stretch [Appendix 1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #5] for 1 minute 

4.      Hamstring Stretch [Appendix1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #6] for 1 minute 

5.      Split Stretch [Appendix1 : Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #14] for 1 minute 

6.      Spinal Twist [Appendix 1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #15] for 1 minute 

7.      Relax in Shav Asan [Appendix 1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #2] for 1 minute 

8.     Single Leg Rotations: (Chkra Padasana)

a.      Description:  Lie on your back in Shav Asan.  Now raise your right leg up to about 45 degrees and keeping it straight rotate it in a big circle clockwise.  Make the circle as big as you can without touching the floor.  Do 10 rotations in 1 direction and then without resting rotate the same leg in the other direction (counter-clockwise).  Repeat with the left leg.

b.      Breath:  BOF

c.      Duration:  Takes about 1 minute / leg

d.      Benefits:  This fundamental exercise starts to build you naval center which is the seat of your physical energy.  Developing your naval center also builds your willpower and character.  The exercise also works very effectively to loosen the hips.

e.      Notes:  To modify the exercise bend you knees or do fewer rotations at a stretch.  You can also take more rest if needed. 

9.     Double Leg Rotations:

a.      Description:  Staying in the same position, now lift both legs to 45 degrees and rotate them in a big circle clockwise 10 times.  Then, without taking a break rotate them counter-clockwise 10 times.

b.      Breath:  BOF

c.      Duration:  About 1 minute

d.      Benefits:  Same as #8 above.

e.      Notes:  Same as #8 above  

10.     Relax in Shav Asan [Appendix 1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #2] for 1 minute. 

11.  Ring the Bell: (Similar to Rajju Karshanasana)

a.       Description:  Sit up in Sukh Asan and lean back slightly. Now reach up and pull down with alternating hands each time pretending you are pulling a bell rope to make it ring.  As you reach up make a fist around the rope and pull down so your fist ends by your waist.  When you reach up straighten you arm.  Remember you are reaching up grasping pulling down with one hand, as one hand is coming down you should be reaching up with the other.

b.      Breath: BOF

c.      Duration:  5 minutes

d.      Benefits:  This exercise is absolutely an energy building exercise.  It works on your shoulder and chest area and dissipates blockages in this region to facilitate the flow of energy.  It also builds your respiratory and circulatory systems.

e.      Notes:  Take a break as required but try to see if you impose your spirit on your mind, which is eager to give up on the first sign of discomfort.  As your meridians and energy pathways open up this exercise will get easier.  You just have to have the willpower to get through the initial points of resistance.  This holds true for all the exercises that you will be practicing in the SM program as well. 

12.     Boat Pose: (Naukasana)

a.      Description: Have your arms straight out to the sides and your legs together and straight out as well with your toes pointing forward.  Now bring your legs and torso up such that you are balancing on your sacrum.  Keep your eyes focused on your toes, this will help you keep your balance.

b.      Breathing:  BOF

c.      Duration:  2 minutes

d.      Benefits:  This posture improves your mental focus, naval center, digestive system and willpower.

e.      Notes:  You can bend your knees and/or hold onto your upper thighs to modify the exercise. 

13.      Archer’s Pose:

a.      Description:  Stand up like an archer about to release an arrow.  Take a wide stand; have your left foot pointing straight and your left leg bent at the knee.  Your right leg will be straight with your right foot angled inward.  Your left arm will be straight out with your hand in a fist.  Your right hand will be bent as if pulling back the strings of a bow.  You will stare over your left fist at a fixed point.  Your torso should be erect and 70% of your weight should be on your front leg.  If you look down your left knee should obscure your foot.  Do the reverse side after 1 minute.

b.      Breathing: LDB (Powerfully done)

c.      Duration: 1 minute / side

d.      Benefits:  This is a energy expanding exercise.  It helps open up all your energy pathways.  It will help you break through and overcome your obstacles.

e.      Note:  When doing this exercise keep a strong and positive frame of mind.  Feel like you are expanding and you will. 

14.     Relax in Shav Asan [Appendix 1: Yoga for Meditation Set: Exercise #2] for 1 minute.

a.      Description:  As you relax, with every inhalation feel yourself being filled with energy and awareness and with exhalation feel lethargy and ignorance leaving your system.

b.     Breath: Silk Thread Breath [STB: Described in Chapter 4: SM Basic Meditations]

c.     Duration: 1 minute

d.     Benefits: Relaxes your mind and body and gets you ready for meditation.

e.  Notes:  You are now ready to being your meditation practice for Phase 2.

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  1. JC Whitely
    JC Whitely says:

    I’ve had some internet issues the past several weeks, but I’ve been continuing my progression and am now working on Phase 2 – Week 5 of the Silent Mind Meditations.

  2. Almir
    Almir says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I have some problems with the second exercise (Yoga Jogging). I do not understand well what to do with my arms and in which position they should be (straight over me or how?). I’ve tried everything, and I still do not know what to do.

    Thank you for everything!

  3. Noah
    Noah says:

    I’m not a comments type of guy. I owe you an appreciative word though, Mr. Mehta. Thank you for this. You have a wonderful spirit, and I truely respect your works. Bless you, brother.

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Nikki,

    You are certainly doing one of the tougher sets here on Mastery of Meditation. Not too many dig out the Silent Mind Meditation program… which is the hidden jewel of this website.

    Let me know if you run into any issues. Also, once you start the Silent Mind Meditations, you are doing what I believe to be the heart of meditation practice. Do let me know if you run into any issues or have any question.

    Thanks also for the feedback, I really do look forward to connecting with my readers.

    Keep going!


  5. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    For some readers who were particularly interested in working on the Nabhi Chakra (Naval Center). The yoga asanas 8, 9 and 12 above focus on that area, to help build willpower and strength of character.


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