The Secret to Enlightenment

Summary:  The mind is a shopping mall.  For the mind, it is always Black Friday.  There is always a great sale on within us and we are constantly buying into what is being offered.  You may be able to get out of the machinery of consumerism, but can you get out of the machinery of the mind and find enlightenment?  I will show you how. 

Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice


Continuing with the insights that explode during advanced meditation practice, today’s entry is about how the mind is a shopping mall, and it is an apt entry given we are entering the heart of the holiday shopping season.  These insights are those which take place during deep stages of meditation, and occur as a direct result of seeing the mind in action.

The meditation technique I employ is my own.  I have described it in great detail in the Silent Mind Meditation Program – The Silent Mind Meditation Technique.  It is an extension of the work of J. Krishnamurti, and belongs in the category of insight meditation, advanced zen meditation, advaita vedanta and Jyana Yoga.  If you are drawn to any of these schools of meditation, then you will want to apply yourself to this technique.

In my opinion the Silent Mind Meditation Technique is one of the most powerful forms of insight meditation. 

Here is the quote that I noted after such a session of deep meditation:

The Secret to Enlightenment – Quote

The key, the secret is not to set any goals.  Goals lead to effort.  The mind is very suggestive and extremely seductive.  It will constantly present juicy goals and one must remain very alert to this and Not Buy In!  This has to be done moment to moment.

The thoughts can lose their potency and become impotent.  Then they are just flying around, but are unable to draw you in.  You will have peace.

Our prison is unfortunately of our own making.  We are asleep to this fact.  We attach to our goals and thus, are endlessly lost in struggle and misery.  The way out is the pathway of awareness.

The Secret to Enlightenment – Analysis

This is possible.  At first when you sit and begin to watch the mind, it has great speed.  It will not be easily examined, specially not in the capacity that is required to break through.  But persist.  If you persist, then during any elongated session, there will come opportunities when thoughts start of lose their momentum and become available for digestion.  This is your chance.

In observing carefully the movement of the mind and thoughts, you will start to see facts, such as the one above, clearly, through and through.  Such acute perception from moment to moment, brings about the necessary transformation in consciousness, as the need for negation becomes apparent.  Let me explain.

In this excerpt, as I see without a shadow of a doubt that engaging a presented goal implies struggle, the seeing brings about a state of being “de-clutched”.  In other words, the mind continues to try and seduce, but being keenly aware of the danger of “buying in”, only observation is adhered to and the suggested goal is spontaneously negated.  Thus, on the onset of any goal oriented thought, negation takes place and just witnessing continues.

What is being given away here, is the secret to meditation.  It is the secret on how to get out of the mess.  It is the secret to enlightenment.  If you want it, it is there for you, if you don’t, it does not matter.

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5 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Vern,

    Your words resound with the wisdom of the Buddha himself. When Buddha was asked, if there was only one teaching he could give, what would it be. The Buddha said, “Don’t attach to anything.” Just as you have said!

    Your presence and insights raise the entire vibration of the blog. Thank you for your contribution.


  2. Vern at Seemlessness
    Vern at Seemlessness says:

    That about sums it up… attaching to nothing. Not what your teacher tells you. Not what you’re asking. Not what you’re thinking. Not what you like about your absorptive experiences. Not the nimitta, not the bliss… not the equanimity, not the jhana… let it go. Dont’ have any idea about what you need to do to get there. Nobody can tell you that. Who is to say it isn’t different for everyone? Letting go of everything seems to be the one key that facilitates the fast-track to whatever it is… Nice post…

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Andrea,

    In Zen, one starts to understand that there are always 2 levels to speak in. Essentially, the best way to understand effortless effort is to think of making the one final effort that will then end all efforts.

    So sit with one desire of tsunamic proportions, to end all desires, and it will give you the energy needed to watch and digest each thought as it occurs and negate the desire inherent in it.

    Understanding this deeply and being able to apply it is the key to enlightenment.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful contributions.

    All Good Wishes,

  4. Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul
    Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul says:

    Great article, Anmol! I agree with you that it is there for us, but not for the grasping … because we cannot even set enlightenment as a goal! Our mind will try to seduce us with this, also.

    You write “If you want it, it is there for you” but I think it is more accessible still when we let even the goal of enlightenment go. What do you think? How do we strive and not strive? It’s like a catch-22!



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