Group Yoga Practice

Top 5 Benefits of Group Yoga Practice

Group Yoga Benefits

The Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes have been rocking along and, in fact, I am trying to squeeze out some more time in the week to add more classes if possible.  These classes have been running now since April and over the past 4 months I have observed the evolution of the Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center.  Over this time I have also received a lot of feedback and seen the positive progress the students have been making.  From these observations and feedback, I have compiled below the top 5 benefits I see from doing group Yoga Practice.  This is by no means disparaging a home practice.  I am, as everyone knows, a huge fan of having a daily personal practice.  In fact, for serious practitioners a daily home meditation and yoga practice is a must.  In this article I am simply pointing out the best of what I find in doing a group yoga practice. 

Group Yoga Practice


1. ENERGY!!:

Without a doubt a group kundalini yoga class a has different level of Energy.  It is palpable and easily noticeable.  This energy serves to uplift and inspire all that are participating.  This is most common feedback I get from students after a class.  This energy not only helps all the yogis during the class, but, persists even after the class to keep your level of being raised.  In fact, there are some classes where this energy is so high and so good that afterwards I can feel the after glow that it creates in everyone present.  It is quite common that you enter the class feeling lethargic and down and leave the class fully charged and vitalized.

Interestingly, after this weekend’s Gentle Yoga and Meditation class, a new student approached me and confessed that during the period of meditation, which we do after finishing our Kundalini Yoga practice, he saw fields of blue energy approaching him from all directions.  If you have not participated in a group Kundalini Yoga class, I suggest you find one in your area and get ready for a memorable experience.

2. More Consistency & Intensity:

As I have said many times, one of the hardest things about a yoga and meditation practice is consistency.  Many people know the well documented benefits of these giants of spiritual sciences, but, still not a significant percentage establish a strong regular practice.  This is where group yoga practice can be especially helpful.  Just get your butt to class.  That’s all.  Don’t allow the mind to deter you with its endless excuses.  The mind and body are probably going to resist your practice, becuase they are loosing their grip over you as a consequence of it.  By practicing Yoga and Meditation you are allowing your spirit to emerge, which will then govern your life and usurp the strangle hold that the mind and body have been asserting on you.  So just make it to class.  Once you are there, you will be surprised how much you will be able to do.  In a class atmosphere you will not only do your practice, but, you will do it with greater intensity.  This will go a long way in helping you integrate yoga and meditation into your lifestyle and helping you to create a consistent deep daily spiritual practice.

3. Learn for Each Other’s Experiences:

After each Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class we have a question answer period.  During this time students get to ask and discuss common issues and problems they are running into.  In addition to this, the students also often discuss amongst themselves their experiences and thoughts on Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Living a spiritual life etc.  This is a great way to make progress on the spiritual path.  One can learn much from the knowledge another has acquired and a group class really facilitates this.

4. Share Resources:

Music, books, DVDs etc. are all valuable components for your yoga and meditation practice and practicing in a group allows you share these resources with each other.  Give, give and then give some more.  That should be your attitude in life and you tend to find more of that in those who have discovered their spiritual dimension.  Thus, I find a group yoga class a great collection of fantastic people always willing to give and share their resources with others.

5. Make Friends With Like Minded People:

As described in the article Top 5 Changes Meditation Demands From You, yoga and meditation practice not only give you great benefits, but, in exchange require that you live up to a higher standard.  This often means making changes to your social life and people you associate it.  It all happens quite naturally actually.  In the extreme case it can even lead to changes to your life partner or just changes to your friends and acquaintances.  What a group yoga class provides is an opportunity to befriend and share your life with those who are living at a similar wave length as you.  Generally, you and your fellow yogis will have a similar high value system and will gravitate towards wholesome, holistic living.  These important commonalities often lay down the foundation for great friendships to emerge.


So there it is, my view of the top 5 benefits that group yoga practice bestows.  I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think are the benefits of group yoga practice and how it might have helped you in your own spiritual journey.

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  1. Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia says:

    Group yoga has helped immensely. I learn not only from the teacher, but the students as well. Group yoga also enables me to gauge my progress in various asanas and kriyas. My entire outlook on life has changed as a result of Yoga in general. I look forward to group classes as I always learn something new.


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