Kundalini Rising

The Source of Yoga for Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

Yoga for Kundalini Rising

Source of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

If you have been practicing Kundalini Yoga Kriyas or other Yoga for Kundalini awakening, you will know that some of the movements and techniques can be pretty unusual, and you might also be wondering in general where do these exercises, poses and sets come from? The answer might surprise you.

Sure there are sets created by masters with great awareness and intelligence who can sense, see and feel the effect of the poses, exercises and kriyas (sets).  There are also sets and poses that come from intuitive knowledge or other mysterious transmissions, but there is another interesting source of these kundalini yoga techniques and that is the topic of this article.

Kundalini Rising

This other fascinating source of yoga of all kinds for kundalini activation, is from the observation and notes of the spontaneous poses and movements that those undergoing kundalini awakening sometimes perform.

This spontaneous yoga during kundalini awakening is a very intriguing topic.  What this means is that kundalini energy is moving the body and breath in various ways in order to clear the pathways, purge the blockages and evolve the person.  And it is often the documentation of these movements, breaths and hand gestures (mudras) that are the seeds for future yoga poses and kundalini yoga kriyas.

Recently, a reader who has been undergoing such a kundalini awakening wrote to me about his kundalini and meditation experiences, and to give you a sense of what I am talking about with regard to spontaneous kriyas, I am sharing his email with you below.

In addition to shedding light on this fascinating subject, I hope you will find his email as inspiring and encouraging as I did as well.

My friend Ranganatha Rao writes:

I have been reading your articles with much interest, explaining the various types of experiences due to the rising of Kundalini Power (Kundalini Awakening Symptoms). I am extremely happy to read the same. You have categorised three types of experiences. By God’s grace I have experienced several types of what you have mentioned.

To begin with, first time I meditated sometime in 1973-74 when I was a college student. ‘How to Meditate’ was taught to a few students who showed some interest in meditation by our college Principal. In the very first day of the lesson I went into deep meditation and my Principal had to wake me up.

After this, I felt some heat at the base of my spine. I was unable to stand straight, and felt a vertigo. For several days this continued and I was confused. After a few days, I met the Principal and told him my problem. He just touched the spine at the back and the vertigo stopped.

After this I got Initiation from a Great Spiritual Master with a Manthra. Since then there was great spiritual up-liftment in me. After a few months of initiation and one day during festival days of Navarathri while I was meditating, suddenly I heard a great hissing sound; my breathing rose and rose and rose for some time and suddenly I was immersed in the Highest Bliss which I hadn’t experienced till then. And I felt I spread the whole COSMOS and I heard sound very clearly vibrating/ telling many many times, ”Everywhere God, Everywhere Ananda (Bliss); Everywhere God, Everywhere Ananda (Bliss); Everywhere God, Everywhere Ananda (Bliss)———.”

I was in that Bliss for a long time when I had forgotten this world. After that I came down from that Blissful experience. And since then the life was not the same for me. I became very very calm and peaceful. Next when I met my Sadguru, He told me that that Ananda or Bliss was due to the arrival of God to me. But at that time I knew nothing about Kundalini.

I am giving here below some of my experiences due to the Kundalini. In fact when I had the first experience of Kundalini, I knew nothing about Kundalini Power. Later I got a few books on it and started reading them with interest and co-related with my experiences. I am here below giving some of my experiences due to the Grace of Kundalini, for the benefit of those who are practicing Kundalini Meditation.

When I meditate or sometimes even when I am not meditating but in the happening of meditation, the following takes place.

  1. My whole body trembles slowly and sometimes violently for a long time.
  2. My head with neck rotates slowly. Sometimes violently such that I fear whether my head & neck will fall off from my body.
  3. Both my hands automatically lift up towards the sky and rotate speedily and gives the pose of a dancer.  My wrist and fingers also rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. sometimes both my legs lift up and rotate slowly or vigorously.
  4. When I am sitting cross legged, my stomach only rotates and churns violently, generally in clockwise direction. And along with stomach my whole upper body, from stomach onward, rotates violently. When I am unable to keep the sitting position, then I lie down. Now the rotation of body suddenly stops, but my whole inner mechanism or inner being rotates violently and I become as if unconscious, but with Awareness of the same. For a long time I lay down just witnessing it.
  5. Automatically my stomach goes in and comes out synchronising with the exhalation and inhalation of breathing. It is like the pranayama method taught by Sri RamDev in the TV Astha Channel.
  6. Various yoga poses happen to me automatically very easily and without any pain and these poses I had never done in this life nor seen anywhere.
  7. Various strange sounds come out of my tongue and mouth. This makes me fear sometimes, but knowing that these are happening as per the Divine Will and are auspicious in nature I gather courage. The voice may be of some animals or chirping of birds.
  8. Sometimes I cry, tears will simply flow down from my eyes continuously, such that whole pillow cover gets drenched with tears. Sometimes I laugh melodiously, sometime vigorously.
  9. Various types of pranayama happen automatically. The duration of Puraka, Rechaka and Kumbhaka (Inhalation, exhalation and Retention of breath) becomes very long. It may be one breath a minute or one breath in two minutes or more also, I can not fully know or count it.
  10. Some Mudras happen, especially the Kechari Mudra and Ashwini Mudra.  The sound OM, OM, OM — automatically comes out of my mouth for long period.
  11. Many times I am fully immersed in the BLISS or ANANDA for very long time.

    I am giving the above experiences so that others may core-relate with these and get encouraged in their spiritual practice and not fear.

Summary for Yoga for Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas:

If you are a Kundalini Yogi or practice other yoga techniques to raise kundalini, you will see many poses, kriyas and exercises reflecting what Ranganatha is experiencing.  Some of the movements you will notice are quite extraordinary and you can see how many of these movements inspired some of the yoga kriyas that you are probably practicing.  Thus, the source of yoga is something beyond simple intellect and logic, it comes from kundalini herself, as she teaches us what we need to do to awaken and handle her power.

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations Reflecting Movements Above:

Here are 2 examples of yoga meditations and kriyas for kundalini, which are similar to the spontaneous movements and breathing described by Ranganatha above.  There are many more on the website and I am sure you are seeing many correlations.

Potent Serpent Meditation for Awakening Kundalini (It even has the hissing sound in it :-)

Breath of Fire Yoga Pranayama

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3 replies
  1. tom
    tom says:

    Since receiving shaktipat I sometimes experience spontaneous kriyas. During the day they are mostly limited to a strong straightening of my spine, but at night I will wake to held stretches and more involved poses. Several things can be going on at once, for example legs raised in the air in full lotus, one hand tracing nadis in the body and the other massaging head parts, all at the same time. Alternatively my hands will shake vigorously or dance around each other in the air in an intricate high speed ballet in the dark. These spontaneous sessions can last seconds or hours.

  2. peddakotlaramesh@gmail.com
    peddakotlaramesh@gmail.com says:

    when practicing kundalini yoga, the feeling something like ants running on the body, something like ants biting, suddenly in some parts of the nerves give jerking, while doing yoga some pressure coming on forehead . further can i continue


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