Best Morning Meditation and It’s Secret Power

Wonderful Morning Meditation Technique As you must have heard many times already, the best time to meditate is during the early morning hours, but you may often wonder what is the best morning meditation to practice during this auspicious time?  In the article and video below we will explore a wonderful morning meditation, that has a

Strengthen Lower Back with Side Plank Pose

If you are keen on strengthening your lower back, toning your abdominals and developing core energy, then Side Plank Pose is an exercise that must be part of your yoga routine.  To learn this very helpful pose watch the video below. Recently I uploaded a video for Yoga Plank Pose, which challenged you to do

Why Meditate? The Only Reason to Meditate

Why Meditate?  There are undoubtedly enormous benefits to meditation and all these are of course reasons for taking up the practice, but meditation is far more important than you realize, and the real reason for meditating is something that may not have occurred to you yet. In the video below we will explore this most

Best Kids Meditation for Peace and Concentration

Teaching your kids to meditate is one of greatest gifts you can give to them.  The mountain of benefits that meditation bestows is only growing each day, but research is showing that not just adults, but children also benefit in many ways from meditation.  Below you will find a guided kids meditation video which will