Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Practical Tips for Enlightenment Experiences

Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The vast majority of humans go through life without ever experiencing Reality beyond what the ordinary dualistic mind projects.  Bound tightly by the ego-centric mind, they live their entire life stuck in mediocrity, mostly struggling for this or that, while experiencing a few fleeting joys.  One of the things that I hope to accomplish on this website, is awaken in you a passion for the Supreme, for the highest, and to that end, I think having an enlightenment experience or two can go a long way.

Enlightenment experiences are glimpses of that aspect of life and your being, which are beyond time, space and self.  These enlightenment experiences come in infinite variety, and in addition to giving you deep insight into the True Nature of Reality, they also inspire you to live life at your highest potential. 

Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

Seeing the Truth of Singularity makes you question the nature of duality and thought, while experiencing the utter freedom of these states, makes you question the value of your attachments.  So how can we go about facilitating these experiences?

Enlightenment experiences are not subject to your will.  In the article Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism & Enlightenment, we went into how enlightenment experiences occur when there is a shift of awareness beyond the ego-centric mind, and defined life as an opportunity for setting the stage for such shifts to take place.  In this article I want to explore this idea further.

Mastery of Meditation is of course full of tools, techniques and tips to help you create a vessel into which infinity can descend.  Some of the best tools for creating such a vessel are without a doubt, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga.  But, in this article I want to share with you some simple everyday tips, which I have noticed through personal experience help create situations that are conducive to enlightenment experiences occurring.

3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment Experiences:

1. Napping:

Yup that is correct, you read it fine – napping.  I have noticed time and again, that when I end up napping during the day, the phase between wakefulness and sleep invariably opens the doors to infinity.

It does not matter where I nap.  On the bus to New York, on the sofa, in bed, does not matter.  This has been true for a very long time for me.  I actually don’t chase enlightenment experiences, so I have not used napping consciously to help bring them about, therfore these naps are always due to a lack of sleep for whatever reason.  Having said that, I am well aware that as I drift off, if I maintain my awareness, I am in for a treat.  So usually when I nap, I remain alert as sleep comes and see what magic takes place.

I want to mention here that I have had the same experience with simple nighttime sleep as well.  Although, the probability of a shift in awareness is less than napping, I have noticed that the phase when the ordinary wakeful mind is diminished and sleep is yet to come, is a very conducive time to penetrate veil of the dualistic mind. 

In addition, if you can develop a habit of meditating prior to sleep, this transitory phase and overnight sleep itself can become a very spiritual, precious and cherished time for you.

2. Long Nature Walks:

In the article 10 Things to do Everyday for Enlightened Living, item number 4 was “Spend Time in Nature”.  Taking long walks in natural surroundings, or spending time in the beauty of nature, I have also found to be very helpful in developing and finding spirituality.

These walks, if possible, should be taken alone and if they are taken with company, then should not be full of conversation and chatter.  Instead, just walk with simple awareness of the surroundings.  Take in everything and be sensitive to the moment.  Just watching life and being with life.  You will find enumerable emotional, mental and physical benefits from this simple activity, and of course, if you are lucky, you will be showered with blessings from beyond.

3. Read Enlightened Material:

I have found the direct words from enlightened masters to be automatic triggers for uplifting your awareness and giving you direct insight.  Here one has to be a little careful though, as reading endlessly can also just be an escape from life and also, it can be hard to be sure, if the author is really an evolved being or not.  Having said that, good books certainly carry spiritual vibrations and their content is without a doubt, one of the most inspiring sources for spiritual growth.

Authors whose work I have read and subsequentially found myself immersed in the boundless are masters such as J. Krishnamurti, Osho and Nisargadatta Maharaj, to name a few.  At the very minimum, such books I have found to be very helpful in “keeping my eye on the ball” so to speak.   There can be times when I don’t read for many many months, but then, if I find I am in need for spiritual realignment, I will pick up a good book and use it give me the right perspective again.

Of course, in today’s day and age, perhaps good spiritual blogs also carry high vibrations and can be helpful to inspire and uplift you ;-).


So there you have it.  For enlightenment, take a long walk, sit under a big tree and fall asleep reading a good book :-D.  Well not quite, but I couldn’t resist.  I hope the above practical tips give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ultimate Reality and are useful to you in your journey back to the Source. 

If you have some tips for inviting the Wonder and penetrating the mundane, please share them with us as well.  I am sure it will be beneficial to all.

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