Enlightenment To Die For

Spiritual Story – Enlightenment To Die For

Zen Meditation Stories: Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism) 

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Since Shamin had heard that the great master Ponchie would be passing close to his village he had lost his peace.  This was fate he told himself and it was about time too.  He had waited patiently for many years, almost 6 now… a third of his life, for the chance to meet the legendary Ponchie and now finally luck had shinned on him.  Of course he would have hunted down the master ever since his thirst for the truth had materialized but as everyone knew Ponchie had disappeared to the mountains for the last 9 years and had only recently resurfaced.


Ponchie was now wandering the foothills collecting suitable disciples and Shamin could think of no better way to spend his life other than the pursuit of the hidden truth.  As Shamin lay on the courtyard cot staring up at the sparkling night sky he thought back to the fateful day when at the tender age of 12 he had that remarkable experience which had ignited his desire to explore the unknown.

He remembered that hot summer’s day when while sitting on the rocks on the edge of the river doing nothing more than watching the bobbing ducks he had noticed the distant figure of a man leisurely strolling along the banks.  He was observing the figure casually, without much interest when suddenly he was propelled into a state of mind in which he felt that he was the man walking.   There was no denying the reality of it, there was no effort, no inclination, just the state of reality in which he and the man were one and the same.

After that there was no doubt in Shamin’s mind that the commonly observed reality was deeply misleading and that there was a truth beyond it.  He had tried of course many times to recreate the experience but it never happened again.   He had also discussed with others, who he felt would not dismiss him, that experience of his and from what he had gathered from those conversations was that Pochie was the man to turn to for the answers to his questions.

Chapter 2: The Ending

Shamin sat among the gathering looking up towards the smiling figure sitting poignantly under the cool shade of the sprawling banyan.  Ponchie was speaking on the topic of Karma.  He was explaining that it was the emotional memory left behind by an experience that was the fuel that drove the system forward.

“It is because we remember our pains and pleasures and build conclusions from them that we have karma,” he said.  “If no conclusion was drawn, there would be no formula to apply and therefore no end to reach.  When this process, action spurred by a conclusion, ceases, there is movement in life which is not based on securing the psychological self.”

Shamin was starting to feel a little dizzy.  The strong afternoon sun was blazing down and he was no longer in the shade.  He was starting to get quite a headache and was starting to feel a little uneasy about his predicament.  He did not want to get up and leave for he was afraid that might be insulting to the great master, but at the same time, he was starting to feel more and more ill.  Shamin heard Ponchie go on.  

“…one should not be scared.  One should fearlessly face one’s demons.”

This encouraged Shamin to continue sitting in place.  He decided that he would not be beaten by his fear of falling ill.  He listened on…

“…enter the belly of the beast.  Observe the creature that is moving inside of you.  Be still…. don’t fidget… just watch, become one with that which you are observing.”

Shamin’s muscles were starting to protest and the air he was breathing was getting quite hot.  Shamin though stayed very still and tried to watch the panic that was beginning to rise within him.

“…you have to encounter the phenomenon itself.  Discover this art.  In order to do this you have to be in a very serious state of mind, and your being must be integrated and full of passion.”

Shamin was beginning to feel quite faint and his vision was getting blurrier and blurrier.  He was quite determined though and applied himself with the full gambit of his energies.

“…and then you will die to the past and stand at the gates of the eternal present.”

Shamin died of a heat stoke there and then… and so did 3 of his determined neighbors.

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