Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

3 Practical Tips for Enlightenment Experiences

Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The vast majority of humans go through life without ever experiencing Reality beyond what the ordinary dualistic mind projects.  Bound tightly by the ego-centric mind, they live their entire life stuck in mediocrity, mostly struggling for this or that, while experiencing a few fleeting joys.  One of the things that I hope to accomplish on this website, is awaken in you a passion for the Supreme, for the highest, and to that end, I think having an enlightenment experience or two can go a long way.

Enlightenment experiences are glimpses of that aspect of life and your being, which are beyond time, space and self.  These enlightenment experiences come in infinite variety, and in addition to giving you deep insight into the True Nature of Reality, they also inspire you to live life at your highest potential. 

Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment

Seeing the Truth of Singularity makes you question the nature of duality and thought, while experiencing the utter freedom of these states, makes you question the value of your attachments.  So how can we go about facilitating these experiences?

Enlightenment experiences are not subject to your will.  In the article Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism & Enlightenment, we went into how enlightenment experiences occur when there is a shift of awareness beyond the ego-centric mind, and defined life as an opportunity for setting the stage for such shifts to take place.  In this article I want to explore this idea further.

Mastery of Meditation is of course full of tools, techniques and tips to help you create a vessel into which infinity can descend.  Some of the best tools for creating such a vessel are without a doubt, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga.  But, in this article I want to share with you some simple everyday tips, which I have noticed through personal experience help create situations that are conducive to enlightenment experiences occurring.

3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment Experiences:

1. Napping:

Yup that is correct, you read it fine – napping.  I have noticed time and again, that when I end up napping during the day, the phase between wakefulness and sleep invariably opens the doors to infinity.

It does not matter where I nap.  On the bus to New York, on the sofa, in bed, does not matter.  This has been true for a very long time for me.  I actually don’t chase enlightenment experiences, so I have not used napping consciously to help bring them about, therfore these naps are always due to a lack of sleep for whatever reason.  Having said that, I am well aware that as I drift off, if I maintain my awareness, I am in for a treat.  So usually when I nap, I remain alert as sleep comes and see what magic takes place.

I want to mention here that I have had the same experience with simple nighttime sleep as well.  Although, the probability of a shift in awareness is less than napping, I have noticed that the phase when the ordinary wakeful mind is diminished and sleep is yet to come, is a very conducive time to penetrate veil of the dualistic mind. 

In addition, if you can develop a habit of meditating prior to sleep, this transitory phase and overnight sleep itself can become a very spiritual, precious and cherished time for you.

2. Long Nature Walks:

In the article 10 Things to do Everyday for Enlightened Living, item number 4 was “Spend Time in Nature”.  Taking long walks in natural surroundings, or spending time in the beauty of nature, I have also found to be very helpful in developing and finding spirituality.

These walks, if possible, should be taken alone and if they are taken with company, then should not be full of conversation and chatter.  Instead, just walk with simple awareness of the surroundings.  Take in everything and be sensitive to the moment.  Just watching life and being with life.  You will find enumerable emotional, mental and physical benefits from this simple activity, and of course, if you are lucky, you will be showered with blessings from beyond.

3. Read Enlightened Material:

I have found the direct words from enlightened masters to be automatic triggers for uplifting your awareness and giving you direct insight.  Here one has to be a little careful though, as reading endlessly can also just be an escape from life and also, it can be hard to be sure, if the author is really an evolved being or not.  Having said that, good books certainly carry spiritual vibrations and their content is without a doubt, one of the most inspiring sources for spiritual growth.

Authors whose work I have read and subsequentially found myself immersed in the boundless are masters such as J. Krishnamurti, Osho and Nisargadatta Maharaj, to name a few.  At the very minimum, such books I have found to be very helpful in “keeping my eye on the ball” so to speak.   There can be times when I don’t read for many many months, but then, if I find I am in need for spiritual realignment, I will pick up a good book and use it give me the right perspective again.

Of course, in today’s day and age, perhaps good spiritual blogs also carry high vibrations and can be helpful to inspire and uplift you ;-).


So there you have it.  For enlightenment, take a long walk, sit under a big tree and fall asleep reading a good book :-D.  Well not quite, but I couldn’t resist.  I hope the above practical tips give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ultimate Reality and are useful to you in your journey back to the Source. 

If you have some tips for inviting the Wonder and penetrating the mundane, please share them with us as well.  I am sure it will be beneficial to all.

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  1. Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington says:

    I had no idea that taking long nature walks may lead to realizations like being mindful of the present and attentive to your surroundings. I’d like to give it a go in the future, starting with spending time in nature. Just watching and being with life, like you stated. I’ll research this further because I think it could be really helpful.

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  5. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Look up at the stars at night. You will realise that even though they are so far away, after a while you will relaise that they are not separate from who you are, in which case you will realise that you are everything

  6. Aishwarya
    Aishwarya says:

    Dear Anmol,
    I mentioned about getting paralysed in dream earlier. For last one year i used to hear wind like sound in my ears during such happening. Yesterday I heard OM ringing in my eats loudly as if millions of people were saying it at the same time. Later on I heard Om Namah Shivaya. What should I do?

  7. william clapp
    william clapp says:

    These fleeting joys of which you speak, are better than the near deprivation I have incurred since my pursuit of meditation began… the problem is, I have stopped smoking herb in this pursuit and, at this moment, I am going to fire up the pipe with some goodies and play my piano, guitar and ukulele and sing and screech my heart and lungs out… I am unhappy, unfulfilled and always in a bad mood and never play and sing because I’m not stoned!!! I will however, continue my meditation practice and routine! I would be quite interested in your response to this!!??

  8. Anna
    Anna says:

    Dear Anmol,
    Thank You so much for all the work you put into this website! I just cant get enough of your articles, useful tips and of course yoga sets! And for those who are so afraid of this beautiful resource, who think might hurt others should probably just stick to the basics! But on behalf of all others with common sense and a thirst for Higher Knowledge I will say again a deep and gracious THANK YOU! :D You are a wonderful man that I feel so blessed to have met! You are such an inspiration to me and many others! Keep shining Your Light on the World!

    Blessings, Love & Light

  9. sagar
    sagar says:

    hi anmol….i just have one question…..
    i’ve been reading books of osho, krishnamurti…and other enlightened people for quite a long time…and somehow i can feel…what they r saying…..i’m managing to control my thoughts and m getting that glimpse…for few seconds, minutes….just forgetting past,thinking nth….but there is another being inside…which watches all these thoughts but again with this awareness i again keep on thinking that this is the very moment where i always should be…rather thinking of past or future and now again it keeps on making story of being in present…so wat is happening with me..this is just another duplicate mind which is thinking and m considering it as my inner soul ??m just so tired of all this….i hope u understood what m saying….it is very difficult to express with words….words are limited…

  10. Leilah
    Leilah says:


    Hi. I noticed you said you were afraid when your body becomes paralyzed. This is something that happens everynight – sleep paralysis. So we do not act out our dreams. In your case, and in a lot of other peoples cases – sometimes what happens is you become aware and conscious during this process or state. Do not be afraid!! This is actually something that happens often before I go “out of body”. I am not sure if you have read much about out of body experiences. Anyway, I wish you could see this is not a disorder but a gift in my opinion. The best thing you can do when this happens is to just let go and sink into the feeling. You may experience vibrations going through your body, or strange sounds of sensations, but go with it. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you and just observe what is happening with a sort of, nonchalant attitude. Trust me it will be worth it in the end! I know this was kind of off base but I just happened to read your comment and I had to respond. Goodluck and take care!

  11. Aishwarya
    Aishwarya says:

    Dear Anmol,
    I am so glad to hear that the plane between awareness and sleep is a sign of spiritual awareness. I have been experiencing this ever since childhood. My family is god fearing and we have our family dieties, whom I have been worshiping since childhood.So, now I know that it is all because of the Supreme Power. Also, I was very eager to experience the Almighty though out my life. I thank my good luck to have bumped into your website and get to know about this.

    I have been believing that I might have some problem with my nervous system. I have went to doctor treating my sleep disorder. Also, I still am so afraid to sleep because I am afraid to get into that plane where I am paralysed and no one sleeping beside me could know it. Only my conscious is awake there.

    But I dont meditate daily. I just talk to god in my mind. Can this also bring enlightment?



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  1. […] (I strongly recommend using the time before sleep for spiritual practice and have written about this often.  You can read about this in the following articles, 3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment and Item #7 in the 10 Things You Should Daily for a Happy and Meaningful Life). I came across your website around 15 days back and if I start telling you the changes that have occurred in my daily routine and in my life since then, that email will be too long to read :). Anyways, thanks a lot for your website. Now lets come to the point. I have been doing Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Sudarshan Kriya and Breath of fire among other pranayams. Now, I do all these sitting down in lotus position. Nowadays when I go to bed, I tend to concentrate on my breathing just to calm down my thoughts and eventually go to sleep. But I tend to go in to a deep meditation state. I am calling it deep because the feeling that I get from that, I have never experienced before. Now I remember the first night I was doing the concentration on breathing I got a sort of current flowing in my body in the lower back and coming out of anus. I was frightened and immediately came out. Then I decided not be afraid and carry on. So now I have been enjoying this mediation a lot. While in meditation, I feel a sort of fluid flowing near the muladhara and swadhisthana area of spinal cord. And, my body is filled with immense vibrations and frankly I enjoy it a lot. […]

  2. […] So now I am a master at meditating horizontally .  In the past I have indicated the value of napping to facilitate enlightenment experiences (3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment), and my stop start sleep pattern essentially created this type of scenario for me naturally.  So for the past few weeks I have been having a torrid affair with Infinity.  I have visited the endless space from where all thoughts originate, enjoyed bliss beyond description and last night experienced the incredible power of pure energy coursing through my various chakras and brain centers.  So now, I again look forward to the end of the day and happily invite Mr. Insomnia to come and plague me, so I can respond like a Master and enjoy some more escapades with Infinity. […]

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