How Does Enlightenment Happen?

Jean Klein on Enlightenment

Advaita Vedanta on Enlightenment

The weekend is a great time to deepen and expand your practice, as you have a chance to explore the inner recesses of the mind with greater awareness and freedom.  Our normal life is sometimes so filled with activity that there is no space left for us to reside in our vast inner silence and Witnessing Consciousness.  So, to inspire you all to further your spiritual progress, let’s point out what needs to be done in order for spiritual enlightenment to happen.


Here is a wonderful explanation from the profound Master of Advaita Vedanta and Non-Duality Jean Klein.  The excerpt is from his book The Ease of Being and this guidance will certainly help point you straight towards enlightenment and your true Self.

Author: Jean Klein

Book: The Ease of Being

Page 28

Question:  Then how does this transformation, this integration happen?

Answer By Jean:

The mind must come to a state of silence, completely empty of fear, longing and all images.  This cannot be brought about by suppression, but by observing every feeling and though without qualification, condemnation, judgment, or comparison.  If unmotivated alertness is to operate the censor must disappear.  There must simply be a quiet looking at what composes the mind.  In discovering the facts just as they are, agitation is eliminated, the movement of thoughts becomes slow and we can watch each thought, its cause and content as it occurs.  We become aware of every thought in its completeness and in this totality there can be no conflict.  Then only alertness remains, only silence in which there is neither observer nor observed.  So do not force your mind.  Just watch its various movements as you would look at flying birds.  In this uncluttered looking all your experiences surface and unfold.  For unmotivated seeing not only generates tremendous energy but frees all tension, all the various layers of inhibitions.  You see the whole of yourself.

Observing everything with full attention becomes a way of life, a return to your original and natural meditative being.

Advaita View on How to Bring about Enlightenment:

So this weekend make some time to try this for yourself.  Try to remain as a simple innocent witness to all that is happening in your mind and life.  Surrender to just this watching/listening aspect of yourself.  Understand the limitations of what the mind can do and don’t try to force situations.  Stop running and chasing after things and instead just look at things just the way they are and understand them quietly.  Watch all feelings and thoughts, as best as you can, as they arise and let them run their course.  Enlightenment, your true non-dual nature, is only a silent whisper away.

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4 replies
  1. Marco Lee
    Marco Lee says:

    Enlightenment comes in simple and non complicated ways.

    Doing our own little simple tasks, will give us that.

    This might be funny but, I discovered it when I was washing the dishes. My full self on it. No Cluttering of any sort.

    Peaceful, Enlightening. :)

  2. Rich
    Rich says:

    Somewhere on this site I read an article about going thru a black hole, but that was the end of it, it said further details when they happen. Here is what happened to me, I went a couple of weeks with no TV or radio, and even silence in the car. While do an apple detox. The synchronicity events were insane all over the place. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing on my mind would be a message, the phone would ring and the person would be talking about, THAT 1ST thing message. While meditating that point of light I was seeing turned into a STAR which went thru a black hole and I would be in different locations hearing people talking, things going on etc, but with no vision, this went on for about a week. Then I was in a cave and J.C. appeared, I was stunned because I was not looking for him. The next day, I started in meditation at the cave with J.C. there and pointing to an exit into the light. I have researched this and the experience is called the “Crystal Cave” for Taoists the “Cave of Brahma for Hindus”…etc it’s a marked place in the third ventricle or center of the brain. Here is what is said about it.–>”The brain becomes like a temple where the Enlightenment consciousness awakens. This awakening of Enlightenment is seated in the pineal gland, the Cave of Brahma, the House of God, where the Enlightened state is activated and anchored. That means that this state of Enlightenment now becomes permanent, and you can begin to experience God as both form and formless. You may also realize that you have never been separate from
    the Great Mahavakya, I AM THAT I AM. Even though your mind and emotions may
    appear separate, you begin to realize that no one can ever really separate themselves from Spirit.”

  3. Saaleha
    Saaleha says:

    Thank you Anmol,for that lovely weelend tip. Read it only today though, but just to let you know that my favourite pastime before sunset is to sit quietly in my garden and watch the birds flying around and gathering before they settle for the night. Why not watch my thoughts in a similar manner?
    Bless you for your constant reminders.Peace and blessings to you ad your family


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