Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation for March | Detox Your Body and Mind

Yoga Moves for Detoxification

Yoga and Meditation to Detox Mind and Body

Each month we have been practicing together a particular yoga move, pranayama technique and meditation, in order to enhance our skills and learn from each other.  It is time now for the yoga posture for March, as well as the pranayama and meditation for this month.  These moves and techniques will concentrate on helping us detox our entire body and mind. 

As you will recall, we started this series with just doing yoga moves, but as this caught on, we added yoga breathing exercises and meditations to this concept.  Below you will find all the techniques that we have practiced so far.  Following that are the techniques I suggest to add to your practice for March, or if you are starting out, they are great techniques to help you establish a daily yoga and meditation routine.


Yoga Poses for Each Month




August:        Learn Yoga | Nauk Asana for the Month (Abs)

September:  Yoga Pose for Thighs – Frog Pose (Thighs/Butt)

October:      Important Hatha Yoga Posture for Healing – Forward Bend (Thighs/Buttocks)

November:   Yoga to Work on Your Aura (Aura and Magnetic Field)

December:   Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Emotional Health – Cat-Cow  (Back and Emotional Balance)

February:    Daily Yoga Cobra Pose for Healthy Back




Pranayama for Each Month



February:   Kapalbhati Yoga Video for Daily Practice



Meditation for Each Month

  So Hum Mantra Meditation for Joy and Peace



Yoga Move to Detox Your Body:

For the month of March I think the following Kundalini Yoga Exercise will be excellent to do.  You may have put on some extra pounds over the long winter months and the following exercise will help you get your abs back into share.  It will also help you detox your body and give your digestive system a much needed boost.

This set is called Pavan Sodhung Kriya and you will find the full details in the following article: Natural Liver Detox – Pavan Sodhung Kriya.

All the details in that article and please do read it before starting this practice, but here is a quick easy for how to do this practice this yoga sequence to help you detoxify your system.

  • Start as illustrated in Picture #1, flat on your back with your hands underneath your buttocks to support your lower back.
  • Inhale deeply, hold your breath in for 15 seconds and come into Illustration #2, with legs raised 60 degrees from the ground and knees straight.
  • Exhale as you bend them and bring your knees towards your chest (Illustration #3).  Hold your breath out now for 15 seconds.
  • Inhale again, hold your breath in for 15 seconds and come back into Illustration #2 position, with legs raised 60 degrees.
  • Finally exhale and return to the starting position, and hold your breath out of 15 seconds.  Inhale, hold breath in for 15 seconds as you raise your legs back up to 60 degrees and continue.
  • Continue with this pattern for the remainder of the exercise.  Start with 1-3 minutes and build up from there. 
  • Very important, please do not try 15 seconds right off the bat, start with 5 seconds or less and make gentle progress as you develop your capacity.

Yoga for Detox Illustrations


Yoga for Detox Illustration #1


Yoga for Detox Illustration #2


Yoga for Detox Illustration #3

Yoga Pranayama for Daily Practice:

For the yoga breathing exercise for March, I suggest we all practice the following deep breathing exercise.  This exercise is great for improving your lung capacity and getting your energy going.  It will also help detoxify your system and get rid of deep seated toxins. Here is the link to the article with all the details, which also has a video demonstration of this terrific exercise.

Meditation for March Practice:

As I mentioned last month I was going to start with my favorite meditation Zen Meditation Technique, but because I was getting so much positive feedback with So Hum Mantra Meditation, I had decided to go with that instead.  So for this month, let us do Zen Meditation Technique together and enjoy it’s enormous benefits.  This is perhaps the best meditation to detoxify your mind .

Here is the article with a video demonstration and details for this technique:

Zen Meditation Technique

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13 replies
  1. Gloria Edwards
    Gloria Edwards says:

    eating vegetables and fruits could help detox your body as well. mix it up with yoga, water therapy would be totally a success!

  2. Ron Loves Detox
    Ron Loves Detox says:

    I’ve been practicing Kryia Yoga and deep meditation for 2 years. All I can say in terms of detox is wow.

    The first few months I started, I was sweating while barely doing some simple breathing exercises.

    (Being on a raw sattvic diet also helped the detox :) )

    BUt the sweating during the breathing was more than enough to confirm that my body (and mind) was detoxing. My guru also confirmed that this would happen. Great post!

  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    I couldn’t agree more about yoga for detox being excellent, I would just like to add though that rather than a quick fix – I would see colonic irrigation or colon cleanse as an essential first step because trying to remove pounds and pounds of clogged up old waste from your colon via yoga detox would take an uneccessarily long time for something that could be achieved over one or two hour long colonic treatments.

  4. Tracy "Whole Body Cleanse" Coach
    Tracy "Whole Body Cleanse" Coach says:

    Interesting! Do you find it easy to do this and was it effective for you and for most of the people you taught this to?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Colonic Irrigation
    Colonic Irrigation says:

    Although therapies such as colonic irrigation are great for a ‘quick fix’, all forms of health, including detox should be considered from a longer term perspective, which is why yoga is so good.

  6. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Cleansing your body of toxins is important to maintain optimal health and vibrant energy. Yoga on its own is a great tool and when combined with other methods of detoxification, the two work together and are very powerful..

  7. Willie
    Willie says:

    This is great. I am sure it’s works. See what I’ve recently found about this that can help everyone to cleans and detox bodies. It’s really incredible resource. Magnum Detox

  8. Kate from Detox For Life
    Kate from Detox For Life says:

    What I find most beneficial about yoga is that it creates such an awareness of my body’s functions and needs. I now am less likely to eat food that is unhealthy and I’ve been more successful in changing to healthier eating habits and sticking with it.

  9. Mark
    Mark says:

    Given the unique health benefits of yoga and a yogic lifestyle, and particularly the need to detox, I’ve been horrified to discover the damaging health and environmental effects of choosing the wrong yoga mat. If you’re still using a PVC mat you really should research PVC, phthalates and dioxins (if you want a shortcut to some of the information I have a couple of articles on my blog Buying Yoga Mats. I know we all have a choice to buy eco yoga mats but I’m really surprised that there isn’t more discussion about this within the yoga community.


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