Advanced Yoga Technique

Advanced Yoga Technique for Total Body Workout

Advanced Yoga Technique – Chakra Asana

Advanced Kundalini Yoga Exercise – Wheel Pose

Wheel pose is a fairly advanced yoga technique that should only be tried after perfecting some of the preliminary postures for building the flexibility of the spine.  It is not recommended you do this posture if you find it strenuous on your wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine or knees.  So in other words, this is a great yoga technique, but don’t do it till you are good and ready.

Wheel Pose or Chakra Asana is common to both hatha yoga and kundalini yoga, so you will find it as part of both the following e-books on Mastery of Meditation:  Free Illustrated Hatha Yoga Postures and Free Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-Book.

This advanced yoga technique though, if you can do it, is very good for toning your entire body and is beneficial to multiple internal systems simultaneously.  More details on the benefits of this pose can be found in the practice section below the illustration.

Advanced Yoga Technique

Advanced Yoga Technique for Total Body Workout

Picture of Hatha Yoga Wheel Pose

Hatha Yoga Wheel Pose Practice Details:

a. Step-by-Step Instructions for Hatha Yoga Wheel Technique:

  • Lie on your back and bring your feet very close to your buttocks.
  • Place your hands near your shoulders, with your fingers facing in.
  • Raise yourself up, so you are resting on the crown of your head.
  • From here, press upwards, such that you come into the position as illustrated by the picture above.  You should try to get a good arch in your back by pressing up with your hips and let your head hang down between your arms.

b. Duration for Hatha Yoga Wheel Technique:

  • 15 seconds – 3 minutes.

c. Benefits of Hatha Yoga Wheel Technique:

  • Excellent yoga technique to tone your respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system and your nervous system.  Great for a total body workout.
  • This yoga pose also builds arm strength and leg strength.
  • It promotes flexibility in the spine and shoulders.


d. Practice Tips for Hatha Yoga Wheel Technique:

  • Practice partial wheel pose, with your head resting on the ground first, and then move into the full posture when you feel ready.
  • Do other simpler backward bending exercises first, to build up the flexibility of your spine, before attempting Chakra Asana.
  • Make sure you are properly warmed up before doing this advanced pose to help prevent injury.

Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas Using Wheel Pose:

(Coming Soon).

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