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Prosperity Mantra Mudra Meditation Technique Video

Mantra Mudra Meditation for Wealth

Meditation Video to Bestow Prosperity & Energy

The powerful Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation Technique is the next entry in our Guided Meditation Practice Video Series.  This meditation technique is of course well known for it’s ability to bestow wealth, gifts and blessings, but, it’s other abilities to expand our energetic body, fight deep seated fears, improve our nervous system and build our abdominal systems should not be overlooked either.

You can find lots of details about this multi purpose meditation in the article indicated above from the Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book (chapter 5), but I will also provide some highlights in this article, along with the guided meditation video of course.

Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation technique hails from the school of Kundalini Yoga and exploits 3 important aspects of yoga in order to accomplish it’s many objectives.  These are yoga mudras, mantas and yoga pranayama (breathing techniques).  This technique puts together these three mechanisms to form the potent meditation that it is.  Here is a quick look at these components.

Prosperity Mantra Mudra

Weath Meditation Yoga Mudras:

Mudras are essentially hand positions which complete certain circuits in the body to create a particular flow of energy.  By creating these flows, particular states of consciousness are invoked.  For this meditation, Gyan Mudra and Surya Mudra are employed.

Wealth Meditation Mantra:

For this meditation the science of Naad Yoga or Mantra Yoga is exploited as well.  Naad Yoga is the science of thought and sound vibrations, which when repeated create a connection with the Universal Field to bestow certain results.  This is the essence of the Law of Attraction and this meditation utilities the potent sound HAR to bring forth it’s results.  HAR is a variation of the Lord’s name.

Wealth Meditation Pranayama:

Herein is probably the most important aspect of this meditation.  It uses the advanced form of pranayama, which is exhaling and holding the breath out.  This is a technique for building the nervous system, expanding the energetic body and fighting deep fears.

Prosperity Meditation Integration:

As if the above were not enough, this meditation then goes on to use other Kundalini Yoga techniques as well to further increase it’s potency.  This includes the pumping of the abdomen and placing the arms at particular angles.  These angels channel the energy along certain pathways, and in combination with the other components dramatically increases the velocity of the energy flow.


Prosperity Meditation Technique Video Details:

  • The video gives a brief overview of Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation Technique.
  • It gives a step-by-step demonstration of the yoga mudras, pranayama and mantra to be used for this meditation.
  • Guides you through practicing the technique.
  • Discusses how to use this meditation to fight deep seated fears and also the ultimate fear.  The fear of death.

Energy & Prosperity Meditation Video

Guided Meditation Video #4


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    Hello Anmol,
    I would like to know how many times one should perform the Prosperity Meditation Technique per session?



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