Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Techniques – Your True Stories

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Free Yoga Benefiting You

Needless to say I love hearing back from all of you about how you are benefiting from the Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga techniques that are freely available on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  It is the core objective of this website to be exactly such a resource.  A free repository of meditation techniques, Kundalini Yoga exercises, Hatha Yoga poses and of course online classes designed to help you extract maximum benefits from these profound spiritual sciences.  I am happy to see this work achieving it’s mission.

Kundalini Yoga TechniquesThere is of course much more to be done and many more people to reach and help, and for that I turn to all of you to help spread the word

From time to time I like to share with you the real life testimonials from the readers, as to what yoga techniques they are practicing and how these techniques are helping them.  I think this helps to inspire others, as well as give more intimate knowledge about the benefits of the techniques and exercises.  So here is some of the amazing feedback I have received about how fellow online yogis are benefiting from the free yoga that is available here…

Kundalini Yoga Technique – Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Benefits:

This Kundalini Yoga Technique, which I indicated as one of the Most Powerful Yoga Exercises, has proven to be of enormous benefit to many, including your’s truly.  With this technique though, I do suggest to be careful about over heating the system as it can generate a lot of internal heat if done for long periods of time.  Here is what one yogi had to say about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in a recent email:

It’s a great relief that you have posted such a powerful meditation (sodarshan chakra kriya), because I am a very depressed person and with very weak character.

Since one week I am doing the Advanced Sodarshan Chakra Kriya everyday for 93 minutes and since I am doing this meditation I am feeling very strong physically and my character is changing.  I am gaining more self confidence, willpower and control over my emotions.

Normally I do this meditation in the afternoon for 62 minutes continuously and 31 minutes in the evening.

Of course you can see the great level of dedication he has, but that is also a point I want to make.  If you want these techniques to work, you do need to discipline yourself to do them regularly.  Of course, the above is an example of tremendous devotion, and although that level is not required in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga, some degree of consistent practice is certainly needed.

Free Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class Benefits (Course #101):

Here is the feedback from a student who is taking the Free Introduction to Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class.  This class is a great place to start for those looking for an integrated practice, which incorporates techniques from all three great spiritual sciences: Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises).

It’s been several days in the program, and already I’ve noticed that I have greater energy during the day (I used to be chronically fatigued, so this is very encouraging), and greater ease in maintaining the poses. Bridge pose was particularly difficult for me (was only able to maintain for very short periods before needing rest) as I have weak arms, but now am able to hold the pose with breath of fire for two minutes. I just wanted to post in the hopes of offering encouragement to others, since the increase in stamina was surprisingly fast.

Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes Benefiting Many:

One of the frequent comments I get is related to the fact that the techniques and classes are both free and online.  Many who cannot afford to go regularly to a Yoga Class (which can cost upwards of $20 / class these days), and others who don’t have access to a Yoga Studio near their home, really love the online classes offered here.  Here is a typical email I receive regarding these benefits

I was lucky enough to come across the practice of Kundalini Yoga a few years ago and was amazed with the experience of opening up to the source.

Like most of us humans, after a while I allowed myself to get caught up with more and more of my own reality, subsequently not leaving any time for practice….

But then I found your web site!

Now I don’t have to be concerned with booking a babysitter or juggling work so that I can get to a class.

Although I truly do recommend taking part in a class as the collective energy that is created is mind blowing, your web site has enabled me and so may others to stay connected.

So you have no excuses now .  The classes are online, they are free and full of great meditation and yoga techniques which benefit your mind, body and soul.  Thanks to all of you who send me feedback and please keep it coming.  The feedback not only helps me improve the website and the classes, but as you can see, it is also a great source of inspiration to others looking to improve their lives as well with meditation and yoga.

If you still need more motivation, here are 2 articles about the benefits of meditation and yoga .

Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

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7 replies
  1. anna
    anna says:

    I had an argument w my husband and my back started hurting me, like i’ve slept wrong and neck was stiff! its been for about 5-7 days and I fgured out that its just a negative emotion stuck there, so I looked up some exercises and found the anger release exercise, so I figured -where u upset u become angry as well and I did it! it blew my mind, I still cannot believe it! I did it as it said 3 times and the pain was GONE!!! The pain tthat really bothered me for almost a week!!!! Thank You thank you thank you for this wonderfull web site and that we can have solutions for our problems at the tips of our fingers and computer! (cause its hard to get for me to the class since I have 2 kids!)

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Monika,

    Great to hear you are planning to practice yoga and meditation. Am sure you will reap the benefits as well. Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions.


  3. Monika Molnar
    Monika Molnar says:

    I’m very pleased that I came across this site, and cannot wait to try out the meditation and yoga and see how my life will improve by using these techniques.Thanks in advance.

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Anthony,

    1. I practice Zen Meditation w/ eyes closed as well, so I would not worry about that too much.

    2. Headaches can be complex to diagnose and treat. If you can find a good Ayurvedic doctor near you, it may be worth a trip. Else, give me more information about the headaches (location, feeling, triggers, etc) and I can make some recommendations.


  5. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    anmol, i consequently have suffered almost 2 years of migraine headaches and doctors havent been able to figure out the reason for these headaches.
    pls help me, for it is troublesome in my zen meditation
    i have to keep my eyes closed to relieve some of the pain
    much thanks

  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Dear Susana,

    Great to hear of how yoga is benefiting and improving you life.

    There are many stories of yogis (and non-yogis) spontaneously doing yoga postures and yoga kriyas, yours could be similar, whereby the body is being drawn towards certain postures to help it in ways perhaps you are as of yet unaware.

    I would go with it, but perhaps not while in the bank :-D.

    Thanks for you encouraging words and inspiring feedback.


  7. susana
    susana says:

    Starting yoga has had some huge implications.
    My body now knows how to stretch and how to
    utilise strength.
    So gardening which used to be backbreaking is now an absolute pleasure.
    A full body awareness has occurred. So standing in front of the stove and cooking, awareness notices that I am not standing correctly but am buckled onto one knee with my hip jutting. Immediate correction.
    Body feels strong and resilient.

    As a matter of interest I did wonder if you could share some light on this:
    Several times every day I am drawn into a standing forward bend, a sitting forward bend and the plough.
    I can be in the bank and the urge to roll forward will happen.
    Any idea why?

    Thanks again for this site. It has been a gift beyond measure for me.


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