Best Spiritual Candidate Obama or McCain? Election Results

Obama or McCain Better for Spirituality

Last week we ran the fun survey, which candidate would be most qualified to uplift the world spiritually, Barack Obama or John McCain.  Well, the votes have been counted and pretty much, like the general election, this was not very close either.  Barack Obama won comfortably and here are those results.

Value Count Percent %
Barack Obama 43 91.49%
John McCain 4 8.51%

You can see that Obama received 91% of the votes, with only a handful feeling that McCain would be the better choice from a spiritual perspective.  Let us hope President Elect Obama, lives up to these hopes and expectations, and becomes a catalyst for peace and brotherhood in the world.

Interestingly, several readers felt that besides Obama and McCain, there were other candidates on the ballot who were a better choice than either, so for the next time we run this poll (2012 ), I will make sure to do a more thorough job (and yes I will include "none" as a choice as well ).

From a yoga and meditation perspective, the solution of course is that you must, as Gandhiji put it, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  This is the central approach of any real spiritual practice, that if you wish for a world full of love, peace and freedom, you must first have love, peace and freedom in your heart and mind.  That awakening yourself is your first and primary responsibility.

The path to peace and true freedom finally, does not go through the White House, it goes through your house!  So it’s up to us to uplift ourselves and thus, uplift this wonderful world we have been blessed to live in.  Let us spread as much love and light as we can during our time here and see each day as an opportunity to Do Good and Be Good.

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  1. shobha
    shobha says:

    I just love your inspiring, encouraging, writings. It keeps me focused, the moment I miss a day of Yoga/Meditation, there comes your article to say, do not give up ,stay engaged, Thanks a million. God bless you.


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