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AnmolMehta.Com is now a HUGE meditation and yoga website and blog.  Just to give you an indication of how big it is, even I have to use the search function to find what I am looking for, despite the fact that I was the one who created all the content .  Thanks to all of you, Mastery of Meditation and Yoga is now considered one of the best yoga sites on the web, and is certainly amongst the fastest growing.  For those who know the ins and outs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERPs, the site just had it’s 3 year anniversary and thus, received some generous love from Mr. Google, due to the domain age function in it’s search algorithm.  Anyway, enough about this super geeky tech mumbo jumbo, let’s get down to discussing what is really meaningful in life, yoga and meditation of course .

Mastery of Meditation

There are now almost 500 yoga and meditation techniques, along with highly acclaimed personal and spiritual development articles on the website.  There are free online classes, yoga and meditation videos, mantra MP3s, and many online e-books and resources, all geared towards helping you achieve your highest human potential.  Even though I have worked very hard to organize all this material in an intuitive and clear way, the sheer volume can sometimes be overwhelming to the new readers.  So what I want to do today is point out the best ways to use and navigate this site, so that you can maximize the benefits you receive.

Since there is quite a bit of information to share with you regarding this, I have broken up this article into a mini series, and in part 1 of this series, I will share with you the best ways to stay updated with the blog, how search for information you are looking for and how to participate in the free online yoga and mediation classes.

How to Stay Updated with Mastery of Meditation and Yoga

Since I am constantly adding more articles, techniques, classes and resources to the website, below are the best ways to stay updated with the new content.  Please note the important difference between the Monthly Newsletter and the Get Posts by E-mail broadcasts, as this tends to cause reader’s some confusion.  You can, of course, sign up for all three of the delivery systems below.  At minimum, I do suggest signing up for the Monthly Meditation Newsletter, as then you will always be updated with the best yoga and meditation information available.

  1. Mastery of Meditation Monthly Newsletter: This is the very popular free monthly newsletter that I send.  It is sent 1 time per month, sometimes 2 times a month.  There are currently over 20,000+ subscribers, and about 3,000 more join every month.  This is a great way to keep up with the website and get free yoga and meditation information and gifts.  Here is the sign-up box for you, just enter your email address, hit subscribe and you are done.  If the form below does not work for any reason, this sign-up is on the TOP LEFT SIDEBAR of every page on the website as well. 




    Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter


    Please Enter Email:


















  2. Get Every Posts by E-mail (Full Post Not Just Summary): This sign-up in on the TOP RIGHT SIDEBAR of every page, and is great for anyone who wants to keep up with all the new content I add to the website and blog.  I don’t just send a summary of the article, but I send the full article to you via email as soon as it is written.  You get embedded videos and illustrations as well.  Here is the sign-up form for that, if it does not work please use the form in the top right sidebar. 



    Get Posts Via Email:



















  3. FULL RSS Feed, Not Just Summary:Feed readers are a great way to keep up with a blog, and Mastery of Meditation Yoga currently has 7,000+ feed readers.  That is the counter you see on the right sidebar, that keeps growing daily Like the posts via email, I offer a full feed, meaning the full article is published via the RSS feed, not just a summary.  Many bloggers don’t provide full articles via email or RSS, as they want you to visit their website, to generate traffic statistics and Ad revenues, but I would rather MAXIMIZE spreading the wisdom of yoga and meditation, than maximize revenues .  To sign-up for the RSS feed simple click the RSS feed button, or select your favorite feed reader, on the RIGHT SIDEBAR, or here is a RSS link for you, which you can also use… 

How to Search Mastery of Meditation and Yoga

Like I mentioned above, due to the sheer site of the website, the search box is one of the most helpful ways to find the information you are looking for on the blog.  The search box is on the TOP RIGHT SIDEBAR of every page, and gives you the option to search just AnmolMehta.Com or the WWW.  Just enter what you are looking for and hit Search.  It is powered by Google.


Best Free Yoga and Meditation Classes:

One of the most popular services offered on the site, are the Free Online Yoga and Meditation Classes.  Here are some important aspects of the classes which should answer the most common questions I get.  Also, please check out the following FAQ, which does the same as well: FAQ for Online Yoga and Meditation Classes.

  •  Where to Begin:The link to the starting page is the FREE ONLINE CLASSES link on the TOP MENU OF EVERY page.  To choose the class of your interest Select The Class LINK (in green) on this page, and it will take you to the Syllabus and Feedback Page for that particular class (see item #2 below). 
  •  How to Take a Class:
    Currently, for each class there is a “Syllabus and Feedback Page“.  This page has all the details for that particular class.  All the material required to participate in the class is available via LINKS on this page.  The links are in “green“, and they point to the articles which have the meditations techniques and yoga exercises you need to do that class.  So all you do is read this page carefully and then follow the links to the other material required and BEGIN anytime you want.  Here are the links to the 6 Class Syllabus and Feedback Pages that are currently available, there are many more classes offered so check out the ONLINE CLASSES page to find more.

    Course #99: Beginner’s Yoga Class

    Course #101: Introduction to Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Class

    Course #102: Heart Chakra Meditation, Balancing & Healing Class

    Course #103: Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) Opening & Balancing Class

    Course #104: Healthy Weight Loss via Yoga, Breathing & Meditation Class


  • How to Register:
    Registration is just a courtesy to help me gauge the interest and popularity of each class, as everything you need in order to participate in the class in already on the website (you don’t really need me anymore :-).  To “register” you can simply send me an email at or you can leave a comment on the Syllabus & Feedback post for that particular class.  Please do register it makes me feel good :-P.
  • How to ask questions, raise issues, provide feedback or say thank-you :The best way for class related discussions is to post a comment on the Syllabus & Feedback post for that class.  If you need it to be private you can always email me at  Please don’t hesitate to send me feedback, as I am always looking to improve these classes.  Also, for 2010 I am planning to add a Forum to the website, and once that is online, it will be the best place to ask and discuss issues.  

Coming Up in Part 2 of this Series:

In the next part of this series on how to best use this meditation and yoga site, I will go over many more important ways in which to navigate the site.  I will discuss how best to access all the free yoga, meditation and pranayama videos, how to access the online e-books, the best ways to find articles of your interest, the free advanced programs and a lot more good stuff.  If you are really eager to find out the above, the pages below have some of this information already.  Hope you enjoy your time here and thank you for being a part of us .

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Mastery of Meditation and Yoga Home Page

Tips to Navigate this Site

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